Missing in Alaska:Alaska's Body Snatchers

Mount Hayes: Extraterrestrial Base/Wormhole-Portal

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The page and examples are all hot ..click to enter. The samples presented are

Forensic. Where possible, actual examples are used to illustrate events referenced

in this study. This material may not be suitable for children.

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Body Snatcher 17

Where applicable, actual forensic examples are used to illustrate the CGI used on the show*

This material is not suitable for children.

This page is under development*"Missing in Alaska"

Mount Hayes Alaska

Mount Hayes Alaska has a very unusual history. Known for disruptions to all satellites that pass over it, this barren

location is indeed an Extraterrestrial Base. For my mission, I looked @ the technology used by NASA in Space. Under

current conditions onboard the ISS, NASA is ISO 51200 (or less). Imaging Mount Hayes under nocturnal conditions

required extreme technology (ISO 204800-409600) D4S Nikon. My mobile AVID Technology workstation:

HP ZBook G2* which supported camera telemetry on site. My systems are wireless, computer controlled

terrestrial scan imaging systems. Not recommended for those that are not familiar with Motion Picture

Systems or concepts. I am a National Geographic Creative Director of Photography.

The trek to Mount Hayes in -43 below zero temperatures was most extraordinary. I went in with advanced technology ,

and got advanced results.

Avid Media Composer 6.5

AVID Media Composer 8 64 Bit Digital Editing

Thank you Avid (M. M)


Boris FX BCC 9

HP ZBook G2 supports AVID-Boris Fx Media Composer 7-8 Motion Picture Editing Technology.

This page is constructed exclusively on AVID DNxHD 145 workflow.

My crew and I worked under extreme conditions.

National Geographic Creative: Photographer Wilbur Allen

Photographer/Explorer: Wilbur Allen

Wilbur Allen, Engineering: Air Force One/The White House

D4S with wireless telemetry

Nikon Cameras USA


body snatcher 3

Body snatcher 4

Body Snatcher 18

Missing person event date 2005

Body Snatcher 19

Mount Hayes geographic location in Alaska has it in a very remote part of the state.

Body Snatcher 20

Body Snatcher 21

Area of Unusual occurrences within Alaska, known as the Alaskan Bermuda Triangle.

Glacier trek


However; its the UFO's of November 17, 1986 that should be mentioned in relationship too Mount Hayes, all

Extraterrestrial events associated to it, the mysterious disappearance of people that go, and are never found...

Our explorations are based on actual events and locations.

Body Snatcher 46

Alaskan UFO


Objects that mysteriously disappear, reappear, years later, untouched and minus the crews..

Body Snatcher 22

Ancient Aliens are without doubt, a developmental factor of your lives. Extraterrestrials are a sustaining factor in

my research. I will not over rule Extraterrestrials from this investigation.

Body Snatcher 23

Ancient indicators of an ET presence are represented in early ancient art forms

Body Snatcher 24

Ancient astronomers viewed airborne anomalies not knowing what UFO's were?

Body Snatcher 40

Depictions of comets (meteors) in the 1500's

Body Snatcher 42

A comet (NASA) sample

Aliens on Earth in the 1500's

Early depictions of UFO's and particle beam technology in the 1500's

Carl Sagan believed it was unlikely there was not life on other planets. My data suggests ET life has come to Earth

and is here, now.

UFO templates

Analysis by Paul Hill and Luke Ford. However; what's not discussed are the random differences in color generated

by each specific object.

UFO Chart.jpg

This chart is a well illustrated sampling of UFOs. However; what I'm showing you may not be represented on these

charts. Of those excluded: Lightships

Cylinder 11-23-2013

Band of Light UFO, Japan flight 1628  November 17, 1986. The anomaly I reference is "The Third Object"

(click on image). Dr. Bruce Maccabee.

Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident

Japan Airlines flight 1628

Third Object: Band of light UFO

Where the first objects disappeared, Captain Terauchi now noticed a pale band of light that mirrored their altitude,

speed and direction. Setting their onboard radar scope to a 25 nautical miles (46 km) range, he confirmed an object in the

expected 10 o'clock direction at about 7.5 nmi (13.9 km) distance, and informed ATC of its presence. Anchorage found

nothing on their radar, but Elmendorf ROCC, directly in his flight path, reported a "surge primary return" after some minutes.

As the city lights of Fairbanks began to illuminate the object, captain Terauchi believed to perceive the outline of a gigantic

spaceship on his  portside that was "twice the size of an aircraft carrier". It was however outside first officer Tamefuji's field of

view. Terauchi immediately requested a change of course to avoid it. The object however followed him "in formation", or in

the same relative position throughout the 45 degree turn, a descent from 35,000 to 31,000 ft, and a 360 degree turn. 

The short-range radar at Fairbanks airport however failed to register the object

Sudden manifestation of UFO in real time. Sedona 4-08-2013

Sudden Manifestation of an UFO Anomaly (Band of Light UFO).

Sedona Arizona 4-08-2013

Sedona Arizona 4-08-2013 matching objects and events to 5-04-2014 Washington DC. This is not a

"shooting star"! Taken using Nikon D4 and 20 mm f/2.8 wide angle lens. The sample indicates this object

is 5 aircraft carriers in length. It also materializes into and then out of the image frame, which is 100% the

description of UFO objects as they suddenly materialize (appear).

I'm constantly updating this page with current events relative to what's being reported.

5-04-2014 UFO Portal 1 WARP Flyby Analysis

5-04-2014 UFO Portal 1 WARP Flyby Analysis

Sedona Wormhole Portal UFO Entry

Documented evidence showing Spatial Wormhole (Portal) in Sedona AZ 2013. Click on image sample to reference

video associated to image.

UFO at Warp

Cylinder Light Ships, also referenced to as "Band of Light UFOs"

Band of Light UFO

We have examples of this anomaly entering and exiting our airspace.

Shreveport, Louisiana 11-01-2012

NGM reference file (Click on image). Please note Metadata section of page.

Shreveport, Louisiana 11-01-2012. In a 550 frame sequence taken at 00:41:45 AM, we have 1 frame which shows a

luminous object and contrail, as it ascends into Shreveport. Atmospheric conditions in Shreveport are poor. There is

excessive light and air pollution in this immediate area. I matched this frame sample to video footage taken in

Japan 11-15-2012.

A 100% match to the anomaly I imaged in Shreveport LA

Note: The images look 100% alike, however mine is in Shreveport, not Japan. What are the odds that an image taken

in one part of the world, be taken again, almost 100% exactly the same, however 15 days and thousands of miles

apart? 2 exact physical samples showing exactly the same thing..

Japan UFO December 2012

The data is factual and based on extraordinary physical documentation.

8-14-2015 UFO Green Beam WARP SDM Analysis

8-14-2015 UFO Green Beam WARP SDM Analysis

8-03-2015 UFO Cylinder Green Beam WARP Sound Analysis

8-03-2015 UFO Cylinder Green Beam WARP Sound Analysis. The frequency of events suggests there is an ET Base,

Cloaked Mothership, or Stargate Wormhole Portal in my immediate vicinity. This is a 100% match to the very next

sample* 8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder Green tail WARP Sound Analysis. They're 1 year apart, however; both show the

exact same thing and sounds associated to this anomaly UFO.

8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder Green tail WARP Sound Analysis

8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder Green tail WARP Sound Analysis. There were sounds associated to this event, and the

camera recorded them. Sound generated by anomaly is 100% consistent with sounds generated by a similar object

recorded 5-04-2014 in the same airspace

Comparative Analysis Mount Vernon NY/Baltimore Maryland 2008

Forensic examples of Orange Spheres taken 30 days apart, in different parts of the country. Top sample taken in

Mount Vernon New York by photographer: Melvin Harris, who' m also provided extraordinary video samples of the

Orange Spheres in flight.

Nearing the top of glacier

Summit Mount Hayes Alaska

Body Snatcher 5.jpg


Green ET Sphere

Green Fireball UFO (Click to enter) Initial documentation of anomaly was in 1946. It is a known Extraterrestrial Object.

We are dealing with a known anomaly, that has extraordinary flight capabilities. Forensic example.

Body Snatcher 6

6-07-2014 UFO Portal 3 SM Crazy WARP Analysis

Transient WARP f Green Fireball UFO

Body Snatcher 7.jpg

The Green Fireball UFO, have been recorded by military professionals as early as 1942, and

scientifically evaluated in 1946 by US scientist.

Body Snatcher 8.jpg

Body Snatcher 9

5-31-2015 UFO Green Sphere SM SDM WARP Analysis

Green Sphere Fireballs are not of this World. Our samples clearly illustrate the extraordinary qualities of this Green

UFO Anomaly.If this anomaly is involved in the disappearance of climbers at Mount Hayes, then there is a strong

possibility that they have left our realm, and are indeed off world.

Body Snatcher 10

Finding an empty base camp is indeed unnerving!

Body Snatcher 11

To find a base camp deserted is a most ominous feeling.

Body Snatcher 12

An empty tent, and no footprints leading out, the only place the missing climber could go...... is in an ET spacecraft.

A close flyby, suggests a possibility of abduction.

An empty tent, and no foot prints leading away from the camp.

Body Snatcher 13

Did aliens take the climbers companion?

Body Snatcher 14

A missing climber and a Green Sphere in transient WARP

7-18-2014 UFO GREEN Sphere SM SDM Analysis

7-18-2014 UFO GREEN Sphere SM SDM Analysis. How ironic, an anomaly imaged July 16, 2002, would appear again

July 18, 2014, however; this time on 60 FPS HD video.

Green Sphere formation

Click to enter NASA Green Fireball UFO Analysis chapter

Green Fireball UFO. Initial documentation 1946. Additional documentation onboard Apollo 7 and 11

Apollo 11 and US Capitol 2002 Green UFO Analysis

Green Fireball UFO, Forensic comparative analysis, using HD film sample (2002) and anomalies imaged by the crew

of Apollo 11. Buzz Aldrin


NASA JPL sample taken December 25th 1999 23.03GMT during deployment of X-Ray Sat. Note the 2 luminous Green

anomalies match that which I imaged in 2002*. Additional NASA video ..click to enter

Green Fireball UFO formation

Green Sphere formation and the Negation to the Laws of Light in Motion. Additional NASA video ..click to enter

Army Reserve Helicopter flight UFO Encounter

Case 2: Army Reserve Helicopter flight, UFO Encounter-White Luminous Sphere

helicopter flight ufo encounter, US Army

A routine US Army Reserve helicopter flight

That flight isn't so routine when the helicopter encounters anomalous bumps and lights in the air?

Sargent see's a bal of light port side

Sergeant see's a ball of light port side

Ball of light port side

A ball of light port side the helicopter has the crew alerted..

Sgt..points to UFO

Sgt points to UFO, as it maneuvers around the chopper

5-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Flyby SOUND analysis Complete

5-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Flyby SOUND analysis Complete. I've never heard anything quite like this? My only

description is "Terminator Time Sphere" meets "Ultraviolet Bug Zapper", when insects fry upon contact with

electrodes. (Forensic sample)

Face to face with a UFO

Face to face with a UFO

7-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Proximity Flyby Analysis

White luminous Sphere UFO in a close proximity forensic flyby. (Forensic sample)

UFO moves around chopper in flight

UFO moves around chopper in flight

UFO moves around the Army Reserve helicopter..

A luminous White Sphere flies very close to the Army helicopter

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres-Pairs SM Event 6 Analysis

How the UFO's (Spheres) appear (materialize) into our airspace. I have established that those that go Missing, may

have been taken by an advanced presence. My forensic examples clearly show the realities of Extraterrestrial technology.

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres-Pairs SM Event 6 Analysis. Unlike my many other examples of this paired UFO tandem

flight anomaly, this is the first in which these objects materialize into the image frame*.

Body Snatcher 38

Out of the light, a UFO appears (morphs)

5-04-2014 UFO Portal 2 WARP Flyby Analysis

How UFO enter our realm: 5-04-2014 UFO Portal 2 WARP Flyby Entry Analysis (Sounds associated to file)

How they enter and exit our realm is based on Quantum technology. Knowing this to be a reality based on

this forensic sample, we can conclude that people and aircraft that go missing, may have entered or been

taken into a spatial vortex (Wormhole Portal). These portals (Wormholes) were discovered onboard MIR in

the 1990's by US and Russian scientist (Dr Kip Thorne)

Body Snatcher 39

The Mount Hayes exploration scientific crew: Tommy, Ken, Jax, and Wilbur

Body snatchers 16

Ken, Tommy, Jax

Body Snatcher 44

The crew head back to home, and seek additional assistance in UFO investigations.

Body Snatcher 45

MUFON Alaska suggests finding an expert on Extraterrestrial abductions

Body Snatcher 47

1960's Remote Viewing experiments

Body Snatcher 48

Ancient depictions of possible alien abductions

Body Snatcher 49

Cave drawings depicting extraterrestrials

Body Snatcher 50

Earlier Cave drawings depicting extraterrestrials

Body Snatcher 51

Ken and Tommy contact me via Skype

Body Snatcher 52

Tommy and Ken contact me to follow lead on UFO investigations of Mount Hayes. To

do so, I used advanced High Speed Imaging technology to search for ET in Alaska. My

research facilities are based out of Washington DC.

Body Snatcher 53

Wilbur: UFOdc.com uses scientific research technology (NASA grade) to search airborne UFO's.

My name is Wilbur Allen, and I am an UFO Researcher. (click to image enter), abducted. I was "taken"

as a child, in the UK.

Body Snatcher 54

Childhood extraterrestrial encounters are uncommon events. However; some are taken as

imagination, while discounting reality to what's being said by the child abductee.

Body Snatcher 55

I was 5 when the small ET came upon me.

Body Snatcher 56

They wore silver spacesuits, I could hear their thoughts!

Body Snatcher 57

I looked at most data associated to this area, however 1986*, the crew looked @ 2005 events.

Alaska is in my opinion, has an ongoing operational UFO ET Base.

Nikon Professional Services USA

Thank you Nikon NPS for your excellent support.

Body Snatcher 58

Ken and Tommy enlist my services in the search for extraterrestrials in and around Mount Hayes.

7-19-2015 UFO Band of Light SM WARP SDM Analysis 2

7-19-2015 UFO Band of Light SM WARP SDM Analysis 2

5-04-2014 UFO Portal 1 WARP Flyby Analysis

5-04-2014 UFO Portal 1 WARP Flyby Analysis

There are several objects in this report, that are prevalent throughout UFO reports, the Spheres and the large

"Band of Light UFO". My samples show this object has extraordinary capabilities. My research in Alaska is to locate

a "Wormhole" Portal, which I have located. Nikon D4S, 60 fps using 1/60th of a second shutter speed. this UFO

is 1/2 the size of the object in the sky of Sedona. Its moving at extreme speed. The conditions in which this file

is captured confirms its not a result of slow shutter speed. (24 fps/ always generates echoes/frame blurring. In

some cases, where indicated **, SOUNDS were recorded in surround sound, rendering acoustically, the spatial

coordinates of the anomaly as it passes through the image frame.

7-30-2014 UFO SM WARP SDM Portal 2 Analysis

7-30-2014 UFO SM WARP SDM Portal 2 Analysis. 50 mm f/1.4 @ 60 fps. In this full flyby sample, we see there are

no echoes associated to slow shutter speeds (24 fps). The object passes fully intact, and maintains visual consistency

throughout this sample. However, I do have 2 samples which show it out of phase, though imaged @ 60 fps. Those

files can be referenced in the Washington DC chapter of this research study.

12-12-2014 UFO Green Beam SM WARP SDM Analysis

12-12-2014 UFO Green Beam SM WARP SDM Analysis. In some of the more elaborate examples, the contrail of

these objects is generally "nuclear green". This propulsion matrix byproduct can be seen as they accelerate to

WARP. (As in Star Trek, going to WARP). I will use Star Trek terminology to describe events presented in each file

and that which we uncovered in our Mount Hayes expedition.

12-13-2014 UFO 9 SM SDM Analysis

12-13-2014 UFO 9 SM SDM Analysis. Note all the fast few samples all originate in the same region of space.

This "Band of Light" has the ability to "Fold Space", however; we do know there exists Wormholes and Wormhole

extensions, which are essentially the same as Wireless networks, such as Verizon 4G, in a comparative manner.

The discovery of 2 substantive Wormholes in Space above the North and South Polar caps onboard MIR in 1990

sheds light on the possibility those Wormholes may have existed long before they were discovered. Events of

Operation Highjump (Admiral Richard E. Byrd) in 1946 suggests what destroyed the Naval Fleet entered the

field of combat through a Wormhole portal.

12-13-2014 UFO 7 SM SDM Analysis

12-13-2014 UFO 7 SM SDM Analysis. This capture showing the portal within the clouds suggests it is unaffected

by the environments in which it manifests. These portals, though in the sky, may be geographically positioned,

as entry and exit points. That which we think as theoretical, is a reality in the extraterrestrials world. We are at

best, extremely primitive.

12-13-2014 UFO 8 SM WARP SDM Analysis

12-13-2014 UFO 8 SM WARP SDM Analysis. I'm shooting 90 degree straight up, so what we're looking at is the

bottom of the anomalies. The objects have uniform shape associated to the cylindrical structure associated to this


Initially documented in Space in 1990, now on Earth. (Band of Light UFO)

Click on image to see slow motion video. The issues associated to this extraordinary example, are specific to Time Lapse

imagery. Several examples had to be made to show the events which the camera captured, at a 1 frame per second time

interval. 1 frame per second verses 24/30/50/60/120 frames per second. The missing frames (time) between images,

which at 30 FPS, is missing 29 frames of action in representing 1 second of motion. (D4)

The events had to be recaptured using a more advanced level of imaging technology. (D4S). In Space, during the

1990's, neither the US or Russian governments had the technology to document Quantum teleportation. However;

on Wormholes, my discussion started July 16, 2002 at the US Capitol Building. These are 12 years

after the discovery of ET wormholes at the polar caps.



Russian Spacestation UFOs

Russian scientist first observed and documented anomalies appearing, when entering our atmosphere and then vanishing

when exiting the atmosphere. Footage was imaged onboard the Russian Space Station with US astronauts as crew. We

have state of the art examples of this type of event, imaged in Space, by the Russians, however; now on Earth.

Russian Spacestation UFOs 2

Supporting footage based on Russian Cosmonauts recordings in Space. Click to see footage*

My examples are extreme. The motion picture representations are presented unmodified (RAW), and with

variations in granular quality and enhancements in areas of interest within the motion picture file(s).

Ken and UFO field propulsion

Ken and his UFO magnetic field propulsion may be indeed correct. Scientist have concluded that spatial anomalies (Wormholes)

are in direct correlation to the magnetic fields associated to the planet Earth.

Earth Mag Field_000000.jpg

The Wormholes discovered onboard MIR by US and Russian scientist, were located at the Geographic North

and South Poles. My research focused on events located near the North Pole Wormhole. Understanding Earths

magnetic fields, we can illustrate field variance associated to each magnetic pole. Though discovered in 1990, it

is my belief that these Wormholes existed far longer than we can imagine. Research regarding unusual events

in the Polar Ice Caps. Of those unusual events, "Operation Highjump" and the destruction of the US Naval Fleet

in 1946, Antarctica.

Russian Wormholes in Space

"At this time, without a doubt, the Americans already knew very well, the way in which the appearance and

disappearance of the UFOs taking place in the atmosphere of our planet" (1990). What NASA/Russia documented

in Space, using limited technology, is shown here, using state of the art motion picture, full color night vision

technology. The data from MIR is 100% consistent with these findings. I can match with certainty, objects imaged

in Space by NASA to objects now on Earth. These are facts as presented, undiluted-RAW.

7-02-2015 UFO SM WARP Analysis

7-02-2015 UFO SM WARP Analysis

The Russians are specific in stating both US and Russian Space Agencies had full knowledge

of the existence of 2 polar (North and South) Wormholes. Dr. Ken Thorne lead the US research.

This adds further fuel to the fire regarding Admiral Richard E Byrd and Operation Highjump.

Body Snatcher 25

Alien spacecraft using Earth's magnetic fields to propel themselves., may not be theoretical to ET's.

Body Snatcher 26

By redirecting the magnetic fields of the planet, using opposing fields generated by the ET propulsion matrix.

The ET craft is able to travel within our planet, using its magnetic fields.

UFO Wormhole entry.jpg

"At this time, without a doubt, the Americans already knew very well, the way in which the appearance and

disappearance of the UFOs taking place in the atmosphere of our planet" (1990).

23 ET Wormhole

Understanding the termination point of the Wormholes discovered, is the Star Vega.

How ET Enters Our Realm, and the sounds associated to entry of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. What destroyed

the Naval Fleet in 1946, came at them in this manner. Entering the airspace from another dimension associated to

a Wormhole. The development of HAARP was to facilitated the manifestations of spatial portals.

Russian FLIR Thermal Imaging Supportive UFO File

Russian FLIR Thermal Imaging Supportive UFO File From "Men in Black" Russian Documentary.

5-04-2014 UFO Portal 2 WARP Flyby Analysis

** 5-04-2014 UFO Portal 2 WARP Flyby Analysis. Prior to Mount Hayes, my initial documentation of UFO Sudden

Manifestation was in AREA 51 Nevada. My systems upgrades lead to this extraordinary documentation. As this

objects materializes and passes through the view frame, the sound** of an object rumbling (manifestation) is

heard. Its propulsion matrix (engine sounds) are most unique. **=Sound

5-04-2014 UFO Beam of Light Entry Analysis

5-04-2014 UFO Beam of Light Entry Analysis** The re-analysis of this footage using AVID Frame Flex and Boris Fx

Time Warp/Video Noise Reduction. Documented Quantum teleportation has never been like this. Inclusive of the

visual elements associated to this event, are the sounds upon entering our realm, and the UFOs propulsion

matrix. At times, I create variations in analysis to study each specific object and event.

4-13-2015 UFO Beam of Light Flyby Analysis

4-13-2015 UFO Beam of Light Flyby Analysis. This anomaly is usually captured materializing into this realm, and

this is a first Flyby of this object captured. Its a match to 5-04-2014** (above). With multiple captures, I am able

to show with 100% certainty, the similarities associated to both objects represented within these clips. Matching

objects in a comparative manner, makes forming a conclusion a bit more simple: ET is here.

8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder Green tail WARP Sound Analysis

8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder Green tail WARP Sound Analysis. There is SOUND associated to this event, and the

camera recorded them. The fixed positioning and autonomous control associated to the imaging technology

allowed for a Surround Sound (7.1 DTS) image audio file to be created with spatial coordinates of the object

as it passes, recorded. Sound generated by anomaly is 100% consistent with sounds generated by a similar

UFO object recorded 5-04-2014 in the same airspace

8-03-2015 UFO Cylinder Green Beam WARP Sound Analysis

8-03-2015 UFO Cylinder Green Beam WARP Sound Analysis

1-20-2015 UFO 6 SM WARP SDM Analysis

1-20-2015 UFO 6 SM WARP SDM Analysis. Keeping all samples with like characteristics in one folder, an analysis

based on a collection of like events and objects, makes the study more applicable and scientifically sound.

1-20-2015 UFO 5 SM WARP SDM Analysis

1-20-2015 UFO 5 SM WARP SDM Analysis. We know the green associated to this objects contrail is ion based

propulsion technology, currently under development (back engineered) in Russia. I'm showing them enter, now lets

take a look at how the exit, very much so, like the enter.

Exiting perspective:

1-21-2015 UFO WARP SDM Analysis

1-21-2015 UFO WARP SDM Analysis. The sample is obtained within a cloud overcast layer. The objects propulsion

matrix affects the cloud layer, rendering diffusion. As the object passes through and then suddenly vanishes,

its propulsion contrail is still in motion? (60 fps sample)

NASA Alien Anomalies caught on film A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives

NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives. Mount Hayes

has had multiple sightings of Luminous White Spheres such as the sample in space above, and the anomaly filmed

below: (Taking existing footage captured by NASA, I can match the anomalies to those that I captured using more

advanced technology.

5-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Flyby SOUND analysis Complete

5-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Flyby SOUND analysis Complete. I've never heard anything quite like this? My only

description is "Terminator Time Sphere" meets "Ultraviolet Bug Zapper", when insects fry upon contact with

electrodes. The front element microphone recorded 7.1 DST surround sound as the object flew by. Not only

visually extraordinary, the audio attributes of this file plots the positioning of this object as it passes through

the image frame. Few examples demonstrate the spatial coordinates of UFO objects in demonstration. Even

fewer with refined audio associated to documentation of an event. This is scientific grade data. All images are

rendered in AVID Media Composer. This sample is reflective of those reported @ Mount Hayes.

5-24-2015 UFO White Sphere 2 Flyby Analysis

5-24-2014 UFO Sphere Flyby Analysis, captured @ 60 FPS

5-24-2015 UFO White Sphere 2 FB 2 Return

5-24-2015 UFO White Sphere 2 FB 2 Return flight, however; at a much lower altitude.

1 UFO White Sphere Analysis 3

1 UFO White Sphere Analysis. The post illustrates how it is impossible for this to be a satellite.

Red and White modulating sphere

The actions associated to this fluctuating red and white sphere are unlike that of a conventional craft.

Aliens in the NASA Archives

We have NASA footage supportive of all data on this page. Mount Hayes is geographically within the North Pole

Wormhole, discovered in 1990 onboard MIR Space Station. Establishing consistency with anomalies in Space and

those documented/reported on Earth and in the geographic area around Mount Hayes. There is a HAARP installation

in this area. NASA footage is key to this Alaskan study.

Mount Hayes Alaska

Alaska 3-01-2015. Center image, just above the tree line and over the mountains, is the Mount Hayes Portal.

D4S 24 mm f/1.4 Nano. The Wormhole Portal over Mount Hayes is documented below. The evidence shows

obvious action, and an objects which appears and then vanishes in the same manner as NASA footage. My

expertise in Nocturnal imaging and advanced technology, made this most spectacular, visually. No light (flash/

external powered light source) is used in any of this material. It's all existing (low Ev) light.

3-01-2015 UFO SM SDM Analysis .jpg

The Mount Hayes Portal. Imaged 60 FPS at 1/60th of a second shutter speed, using 24 mm f/1.4 Nano Lens. Filming

in absolute darkness @ -30 below zero. Abstract anomalies were imaged.

The Wormholes are location specific. Each located at the North and South Poles. My data

identified a location, specific to an event imaged 3-01-2015 (Mount Hayes) The event required an extensive search.

To enhance the area of the event, AVID Frame Flex along with Boris Fx BCC Image Restoration, to illustrate

this event. AVID Media Composer/Boris Fx, D4S 24 mm f/1.4 Nano ISO 102400

6-16-2015 UFO Portal SM Flyby Analysis 2

6-16-2015 UFO Portal SM Flyby Analysis 2. Objects which manifest small initially, and then morph into something

much larger.. What are we looking at? Did this anomaly expand..

Body Snatcher 59

Tommy and Jax plant special motion activated cameras in positions around Mount Hayes. I planted a drop camera

outside the perimeter of our location covering all the glacier and sky above it, using time lapse and 60 fps cameras.

Body Snatcher 60

The crew plants cameras around Mount Hayes.. It's a glacier, and very dangerous! Falling through ice, you'll never

be found again!

Body Snatcher 61

The crew plants motion activated cameras around Mount Hayes

Body Snatcher 62

Jax, Tommy, and Ken meet me at my drop off point. From here, we walk into darkness, to get to the camp site . Its cold,

and getting colder. Temperature at this point 10 degrees.

Body Snatcher 63

It's a 6.5 mile hike from this point to our location at Mount Hayes.

Trek to Mt Hayes

The Trek to Mt Hayes. -43 below zero, my crew and I trekked miles of ice and snow to reach our location. When

there, I had to strip. I was drenched in sweat, though it was well below hospitable temperatures for humans?

Body Snatcher 64

The crew and I trek to our next location, Mount Hayes base camp where the climber went missing. It's cold, and

getting colder. I did not anticipate heat buildup+103 degrees inside my improvised NASA based Arctic "Spacesuit".

Glacier trek

My systems saw things differently. I'm using D4S with 24 mm Nano Lens (Nikon) technology along with

AVID/Boris Fx, the basis of my workflow technology.

Body Snatcher 65

Its cold, and dark. My hike on top of an ice lake, was a bit unnerving. The sounds of shifting ice, does make you

wonder if the ice will give way from beneath you? I stopped worrying, and kept moving...

Body Snatcher 66

In the dark and extreme cold, we trekked to our base camp at Mount Hayes

Body Snatcher 67

I planted my drop camera on route to our base location. Out here, I did not worry about my equipment being

tampered with, unless its a polar bear or alien?

Body Snatcher 68

After a few miles, up hill on ice, I understood the difficulties involved in making this most unusual climb.

Trek to glacier

Do not be mislead, this is taken in absolute darkness, and that is the Moon. On ice, the reflective properties of the

moon are enhanced. The overall blue in the image is associated to color temperature reflected from blue ice. (pure

water) This affected the overall color temperature which is controllable within the camera technology. (2500-10000K)

My systems saw things differently.

Body Snatcher 69

The cold required that we all tether ourselves together. It's in the -30 below mark, and getting colder, the

higher we go up Mount Hayes. My improvised Arctic Spacesuit design was a bit "toasty", and generated a

problem with sweat. I was drenched in body preparations. In my next venture, I will add fans to the suit

to provide controlled ventilation. My camera technology operated flawlessly in -43 below zero temperatures.

Body Snatcher 70

I filmed in darkness. Understanding, there is no ambient light within human vision range, I used full nocturnal

imaging technology Nikon D4S and 24 mm f/1.4 NANO.

Darkness on top Mount Hayes

It's not daylight, and that's not the Sun. From this point forwards, all my data turned "green", and my eyes were

literally cooked! I became engulfed inside Aurora Borealis.

Body Snatcher 71

I filmed extensively, documenting our trail, in case anything should possibly go wrong, the images would serve

as my passage.

Body Snatcher 72

At this point, I felt something was not correct.. My eyes were on fire and its -43 below zero!.. I didn't say that

on camera... I felt watched 1 week later, I was legally blind for 9 weeks.

Body Snatcher 73

Ken was having the same feelings..

Body Snatcher 74

Jax was not sure what to make of things.. he needed more factual data, which came a short time later..

Body Snatcher 75

Jax and Tommy will soon witness what I felt, as a reality.

Body Snatcher 76

The documented data would soon change the perceptions of my associates..

Body Snatcher 77

At the top, you can feel the presence of something outside of the crew?

Body Snatcher 78

The Alaskan Triangle and cases of Missing persons and UFOs.

Body Snatcher 79

The data suggests this is not so coincidental.

Body Snatcher 80

We continued towards the top and the base camp: Mount Hayes ..that's me at the end.

Body Snatcher 81

There was only one word, that sums up Mount Hayes: Cold!


My crew risked their lives to film this expedition. The lights should be an indicator of the visual conditions. Lights

were required. It was dark, however; these samples do not reflect that. This is an ice lake. You fall through, you

die in under 1 minute from hypothermia. It -40 below zero.


My History Channel film crew and I trekked miles of snow and ice, in subzero weather conditions, on an ice glacier.

Tommy, Ken, Wilbur and Jacks.

It was a long and cold trek ...however, with heat packs and my over designed, improvised spacesuit, I and my crew mates

made it to the top of the plato, were we camped for several nights. I found it necessary to document my steps, in case

of any mishaps, which fortunately, did not happen. filmed in darkness using D4S 24 mm f/1.4 Nano


My crew and I worked in subzero temperatures. (-43 below zero)

Jax Night Vision image-Missing in Alaska


Nearing the top of glacier

The closer we got to the top, towards the shadow, the darker it became. Understanding, it's 11:43 PM, should help.

What I saw at the top, was totally unexpected. A Sphere jetted by and left a tube contrail in the sky, similar to those


Being monitored by aliens is an unpleasant experience


I felt we were being watched, it was most unpleasant

Wilbur Allen, Missing in Alaska

My research has just begun, stay tuned to: Missing in Alaska for further details as they develop.


An example of the change in visual temperature, nearing the top of one glacier. The layer cloud associated to the

extreme cold environment. of an ice glacier; Mount Hayes. Though ice, there are images which show light sources,

within the ice, however, did not have time to explore. We had to move fast to setup camp at the top.

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres-Pairs SM Event 6 Analysis

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres-Pairs SM Event 6 Analysis. Unlike my many other examples of this paired UFO tandem

flight anomaly, this is the first in which these objects materialize into the image frame*.

"At this time, without a doubt, the Americans already knew very well, the way in which the appearance and

disappearance of the UFOs taking place in the atmosphere of our planet" (1990).

Based on present evidence, the conditions in which the UFOs appear has indeed been met in these extraordinary

UFO samples captured by my cameras. With existing reports, I attempt to match the conditions and objects reported.

These are HD motion picture captures, using NASA grade technology.


If you die here, you die un noticed, and very alone until you are found (frozen). To have a base within a glacier

is no new concept, one which the Germans created U-Boat (ET) bases at the South Pole. A base obscured by ice

and extreme cold? If these do exist, then there is the possibility that those that vanished may be contained within

one of them (ET Base). Our research takes place in extreme darkness and cold. Visibility is minimal... that's the

Moon. We're looking for Spheres, and I have quite a sampling to form a comparative analysis upon.

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres Pairs event 5 Analysis

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres Pairs event 5 Analysis. Using my comparative sampling, I know exactly what to look for...

Matching events and anomalies, is not a problem in a UFO Hotspot...

4-27-2015 UFO Pairs Flyby Analysis

4-27-2015 UFO Pairs Flyby Analysis... repeating events suggests there is a base*.

4-02-2015 UFO Pair Flyby Analysis

4-02-2015 UFO Pair Flyby Analysis .

9-24-2014 UFO 5 SM WARP SDM Pairs Portal Analysis

9-24-2014 UFO 5 SM WARP SDM Pairs Portal Analysis. The return of 2 paired Spheres which are spaced however

move at tandem in formation. We can conclude the aliens are here. You'll have to watch the show.. for the full


 Missing in Alaska Wilbur Allen

My analysis clearly showed Portal activity over Mount Hayes.

Missing in Alaska A UFO Over Mount Hayes-History

Missing in Alaska A UFO Over Mount Hayes-History

Missing in Alaska Wilbur Allen 2.jpg


Ice mountains everywhere... I'm not sure what are stars and what are UFO's.. they all look the same in extreme

cold. The night time conditions imaged are enhanced by the extraordinary camera used on this expedition- Nikon

D4S. My HP systems are operating fine in subzero weather conditions, as we push forwards higher towards the

top. I've exceed the manufactures specifications on operational conditions in this extreme environment.


The conditions were extreme, and if anyplace ET would exist, it would be here. Based on my evidence, ET has the

ability to pass through solid matter. An Ice mountain would pose less of a problem, ice has less density than stone.


Ice packs cutting through the surface, were pure water. We stumbled upon a scatter field of a crashed meteor.

Something else very strange happened here, I was engulfed by Aurora Borealis, which "burned my eyes". 3 days

upon returning from this expedition in DC, I went blind for 8 weeks. As the show airs, I'll be updating this page.

You'll want to refresh your browser periodically.

Scott Sandman

Director of Photography: Scott Sandman. Scott, thank you for the excellent cinematography.

I retrieved a sample, it was 3 times heavier than a rock its size, normally.

My assistant: John Patras

My assistant: John Patras, thank you John, your help and services were greatly appreciated!

Body Snatcher 17