The Band of Light UFO 2

A Forensic Comparative Analysis of a Large Beam of Light in the atmosphere

The Basis of Analysis:

Grumman 1960 B.jpg

Grumman Ground Satellite Tracking technology 3-08-1960. Grumman tracked and documented the anomaly using advanced film

technology in the 1960's. However; their interpretation of the data is incorrect:

The strange object was reported as result of a news story in the Argus-Leader saying a vapor trail or what resembled a large beam

of light in the atmosphere was reported over Sioux Falls and later much of the nation. There is no scientific explanation, as yet for

the object, which was reported traveling cast to west rather than on the west to east trajectory common to man-made satellites.

This Grumman example serves as the basis of analysis to this study. What's imaged is not a vapor trail, however; an extraterrestrial

craft, imaged below at 60 frames per second. The multiple examples ranging from 500nm-950nm IR, through Full Color Night Vision

at 60 fps. The multiple samples are comparative forensically. This also serves as an example of an erroneous analysis. What was

seen was not a vapor trail. A vapor trail does not have prolonged longevity, just as these samples cannot be meteors upon entry

into Earths atmosphere.

Solar Band of Light imaged by the Sun_000181

NASA Solar Observatory image sample. The Red anomaly mentioned in Grumman's report is this object with a red energy field*.

The purpose of this page is to analyze the evidence as presented by my imaging systems and other sources of evidence such

as the NASA Solar Observatory image above. My image frame samples are from video (4K). This study is a comparative forensic

examination based on empirical evidence HD.

6-08-2018 and my first Hyperstar capture of the Red Band of Light UFO.

The strange object was reported as result of a news story in the Argus-Leader saying a vapor trail or what resembled a large beam

of light in the atmosphere was reported over Sioux Falls and later much of the nation.

My sample shows a needle like object enshroud in a Red Energy Field.

Using Solarization, I am able to separate the object component form the objects energy field. The sample suggests

several components of energy associated with this object. The variations in energy more apparent in the green render



Green render showing objective energy levels(Blue/Green/Yellow/Red in this extraordinary Full Spectrum IR capture.

Upon applying Solarization to the samples, we are able to see the energy potentials in color (FLIR). However with a new

kind of IR: Full Color Infrared verses monochromatic Infrared green (Night Vision).

Space as imaged using Hyperstar Celestron EdgeHD 1100 (Inverted-Hyperstar mode). I'm using a Full Spectrum Infrared D5


Frame analysis of a UFO flyby. First frame of object upon entry into the image frame area. It is not known if this object entered

the airspace through a Spatial Portal. However; the pathway in which these objects enter our airspace is unconventional. They

do not fly into the airspace as one would expect a meteor to do, instead these objects appear incrementally (materializing) into

the airspace. NASA contends that these Portals (Pathways) only exist in the Bermuda/Alaska Triangles where Earths magnetic

fields are either converging or diverging based on magnetic polar position, and positioning within the magnetic fields..

Each frame gives us a look @ this specific anomaly. For my analysis, I will use this frame as a comparative in this study of RED

UFO's. The specifics of the object in Red light and the same kind of anomaly in White light (exterior presentation: Band of Light).

As the anomaly passes, we see its propulsion contrail. though translucent green, compared to this object in White and its solid

green laser like contrail.

The anomaly affected the air around it, as it passed through it. This is consistent with a similar event involving the Band of Light

UFO in White Light mode.

My analysis frame with Solarization applied.


My analysis frame in a vertical perspective. The sample with Solarization applied, shows that this object and its energy fields are

100% consistent with the sample below from 6-08-2018. The energy fields on this anomaly are most spectacular! Though similar

to the sample below, it indicates that there perhaps is a variation of energy output from within this anomalies propulsion matrix.

I will defer to Dr. Bruce Maccabee (TBA) on the analysis of these samples. However; based on the evidence presented we can

conclude that these are not conventional Earthly aircraft. The variation in colors though profound, is somewhat different.than the

sample above it. However; let us continue with additional frames form other events and the comparative analysis associated with

it. However, based on the examples the overall craft is uniform throughout the samples.

Whatever these objects are, they're photographing Red in Full Spectrum Infrared Super Blue. I had to defer to LifePixel, the

innovators in IR optical technology, for my answers .We're looking @ Full Color Infrared, and examples which there are no

others in which to analyze. This frame however; will be my analysis frame, however the example file has documented what

no other has documented before.

"The strange object was reported as result of a news story in the Argus-Leader saying a vapor trail or what resembled a large

beam of light in the atmosphere was reported over Sioux Falls and later much of the nation". Using the 1960's Grumman analysis ,

it is safe to conclude we're looking at one and the same thing as the Grumman 1960 samples. However; Grumman in its analysis

concluded that these were byproducts associated with an extended exposure, but if this was the case, all the dots in the Grumman

sample with have had signs of the extended exposure, rendering lines (dashes) not solid dots as the Grumman samples show.

This object entered the image frame from a Spatial Portal which I now know exists within my Fixed Pool of Analysis. It was pointed

out that the one common element throughout this entire UFO presentation is me. I am the one factor that stayed consistent

throughout.. The motion picture representation is most exceptional.. For the motion picture examples please run your mouse

over any image that's linked for the associated videos.

Analysis frame enhanced shows a somewhat thicker energy field around this Band of Light object, Upon adding Solarization,

I am able to see the object within the energy field.

Whatever this is, its energy field had to be off the charts. The field variances in colors, especially within the object and within its

contrail (propulsion matrix).