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Tornado Alley-Twisted Believers Wilbur Allen UFO

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Wilbur Allen and John B. Wells on Imaginative Worlds


I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/

Discovery Science/American Heroes

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC (National Geographic)

UFOdc and The Weather Channel. The analysis of Tornado related UFO phenomenon captured by

local resident during storm. A regular person, a video camera in a storm (Tornado) and a UFO flying

against the wind. A balloon would be affected in totality by the elements around it, however; this

sphere object defied the forces and flew against the currents of the Tornado.

Indianapolis skyline

In my search for UFO's, my crew and I took our cameras to the streets of Indianapolis in search of UFOs.

Avid Media Composer 6.5

This analysis is built on HD Video Technology : AVID Media Composer 7.0.2, using Boris Fx BCC 8.2



Nikon in Space: Our systems are based on D4 technology

Indianapolis downtown nocturnal scan

I was taken away by this very tall building and its impressive architecture. Indianapolis is indeed a beautiful city! Those I met randomly

on the street, treated me kindly and with respect. I can't wait to go back! However; our search for ET generated most spectacular

imagery! Please note absolutely zero grain in these video stills reference frames. These are video motion files, however; singular

reference frames generated on site, in all our analysis. I maintain NASA standards in all visual scans! Our crews strive for visual

excellence in all our productions.

Indianapolis downtown

My studies of Indianapolis required I film in an Anamorphic format. I chose 10 mm for my initial scan of the main circle. Its lighting

is most unique. Based on this sample, imaged at 2500 K, that the color temperature of these florescent based lights. At 0 correction

in color, based on this sample, I would have added a level of yellow to correct for the cold blue generated by these politically

correct lights (energy conservation technology). Though very attractive to the eye, not so kind photographically.

It also created a very abstract filming lighting environment:

Abstract lighting and imaging environment in Indianapolis

The D4 Nikon imaging technology refined with Avid/Boris Fx VNR.

Building scan analysis Indianapolis

Scanning the skies around the tallest building in the city, was an idea based on a hunch: UFOs might check out such structures?

I make endeavors to examine the surroundings for abstract or anomalous conditions, that could possibly arise.. On this expedition

my hunch became a reality!

Downtown Indianapolis

Modulating building lights made this sample most exceptional!

Modulating building lights made this sample most exceptional!

The modulating light pattern of this building was awesome!

Nocturnal scans of downtown Indianapolis

This building from all my possible perspectives, held my attention. The cameras onboard sensors worked exceptionally well in a very

abstract lighting environment: Indianapolis Though I filmed primarily video format, the limited number of still frames I did take are

as this sample taken from street level using a 20 mm F 2.8 lens on a Nikon D4 @ 102400 ISO. The object is to capture the

environment, not light it. All scan analysis is based on ambient existing light

Nocturnal scan Indianapolis

Scanning the skies for airborne objects (UFOs) in Indianapolis Indiana

Sky clouds and Moonlight Indianapolis

My hunt begins in search of UFO activity in the skies of Indianapolis, my crew and I head to Noblesville Indiana to meet Brandon Billeisen

Noblesville Indiana

Noblesville Indiana , UFO documentation site. Brandon's video, filmed during a tornado, shows a sphere object flying against the

flow of the tornados winds. Described as a balloon by those that are unfamiliar with Sphere UFO's or UFO's in general, fall prey to

unfamiliarity. High definition documentation of Luminous Spheres started in 2008, at the dawn of HD Full frame Digital Imagery.

The sample below is an excellent representation and analysis by Paul Hill and Luke Ford. Based on my personal documentation

this sample is accurate and well represented by the authors. I will include my analysis and samples within this study.

UFO Variations

Analysis by Paul Hill and Luke Ford. However; what's not discussed are the random differences in color generated

by these highly unusual spacecraft.

Featured UFO file, Twisted Believers, NBCUniversal, the Weather Channel

Featured UFO files: What we capture is truly spectacular! This is not make believe!

UFO Flyby POV Washington DC 4-26-2013 AVID Boris FX BCC Vr2

UFO Flyby POV Washington DC 4-26-2013 AVID Boris FX BCC Vr2. A more extensive analysis of this extraordinary

Luminous Orange anomaly (UFO)

UFO Analysis UFOdc UFOs (Partial listing-2008

Partial UFO definitions captured by UFOdc cameras. D700-D7000 Nikon at 20000 ISO. Advanced conventional

camera technology capturing UFO anomalies. The times have changed, and imaged events, especially at much

higher ISO's (102400-204800 ISO), are far more difficult to debunk by the "so called experts"`, that called my

samples lens flares? To make a lens flare call, make sure you understand what a lens flare is, and the

differences generated by refraction which tends to reflections in a lens.

Saucer Materialization: The Weather Channel UFO

The absorption of energy from Storm events

Faraday's law of induction is a basic law of electromagnetism predicting how a magnetic field will interact with

an electric circuit to produce anelectromotive force (EMF). It is the fundamental operating principle of

 transformersinductors, and many types of electrical motorsgenerators andsolenoids.[4][5]

Twisted BelieversTornado Alley UFO Refueling Theory

UFO's draw energy from organic sources, much like an induction charge. A refueling station of organic origins on our

planet. This is an animation using 3dsmax technology, along with UFO Colors: Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps.

Sphere landing 8-03-2008 Baltimore Maryland

Orange and Blue Spheres landing in Baltimore Maryland 8-03-2008

Sphere: Baltimore Maryland

Sphere takeoff, Baltimore Maryland 8-03-2008. Spheres are not uncommon, however; their origins are? Brandon's

sample, showed much more than meets the eye. I examined his footage; and from my analysis, deemed his footage

extraordinary! I was immediately sold not just at the UFO that is clearly imaged, however by the Tornado in the

background. Plasma projection UFO.

Brandon Billeisen UFO documentation in a storm is proof positive of UFO activity.

Brandon Billeisen Producer Jon Levy, Director of Photography: James Mann, Sound Director: Breadan Herrera,

Camera B: Gaven Brennan: Production : David Mickler. Segment Producer: Bryce Bretlinger., Producer Nichole Millikan

Indianapolis Production Assistant: Chris Harris

Brandon UFO Indianapolis

Published on Nov 18, 2013 Brandon Billeisen

November 17, 2013 Crazy UFO over Noblesville Indiana! It was EXTREMELY windy (tornados about 8 or so miles away!)

and this thing was just zipping around like it was nothing! What is it? Brandon's video showed the conditions in which a

conventional object such as a balloon, would not be able to offset the forces of a tornado? His UFO footage shows a

sphere which is unaffected by the forces generated by a tornado in November*. Tornado's in November are an absolute

anomaly. Weather conditions conducive to the events related to tornadoes are way out of season in November! Could

the UFO be the cause of the storm, or is it absorbing energy, inductively (induction)?

We set forth to examine these theories. Spheres and the Challenger Disaster.

Melvin Harris, Mount Vernon New York Spheres flyby, is the basis of analysis in Indianapolis

Spheres: Mount Vernon New York and an extraordinary video by photographer: Melvin Harris. Obviously not a balloon, however

a Sphere in its natural state. I've shown through examples, sphere based UFOs which are exactly the same, however; powered

differently at that moment. This pearl white sphere, can assume many colors, some of which it can randomly modulate. My 2002

US Capitol Close Encounter involved luminous Spheres. The formation of 4 Green luminous spheres, 2 of which modulated

variations of Green, the other 2 modulated Green, Red, Amber, Blue, and Ultraviolet. The abilities of a UFO, to be able to

move in and out of a storm, unaffected by the storms overall energy, is an issue worthy of discussion, however, is exactly

what is shown in Brandon's video.

Noblesville Indiana UFO site

Noblesville later in the evening, UFO documentation site. Like criminals, aliens have a tenancy to return to the scene of the crime.

When your tagged, your a member for life! My encounters have been absolutely extraordinary. This evening was no different! We

set forth to our next location, an area known for Tornado action, and the area of one of my most profound UFO documented


UFO Hunt remote drop location

National Geographic reference file*, please click on image.

UFO Hunt remote drop location. What are the possibilities a UFO will streak by silently? 1 million to 1 that an event would transpire

from such randomness in time and location? If not for the film documented by the camera, this story would be unbelievable!

Kokomo Indiana. Grissom Air Force Base is the red beacon above the trees. The UFO passed at high velocity, this base during

our field investigation.

UFO extreme flyby at remote camera drop location

Composite of random frames (3) of several taken, from this head on UFO flyby! The camera imaged several conventional

commercial and military aircraft, however; none moved at this velocity! Even more abstract was the silence of the object as it

streaked by? Time differential can be calculated by the positioning of the stars.

Enhanced frame of UFO Anomaly at extreme velocity.

I found this single frame quite odd? From the perspective of the craft, the "green side" of an aircraft (right), red side of an aircraft (left).

Yet this sample shows red on the green side of this UFO! Upon closer analysis of the frames imaged of this objects onwards flight

trajectory, that this object zig-zagged in flight, not maintaining an even, straight line flight trajectory. I concluded this based on angular

trajectories of each frame in the imaged sequence. This is the only reference of color (red) in the imaged samples captured of this

UFO. Looking closely at the sample we see the contrail has a jagged edge associated to it. It's zig-zagging in its forwards flight vectoring.

Basing my arguments on this singular frame showing Red light from the Green side of the aircraft, according to law (Aviation lights)

Composite study 2 of Indianapolis Vectoring UFO

I looked further into my documentation, at the imaged frame samples. An UFO that streaks by while in what was thought to be

straight forwards flight, is not. Using the objects contrail as a reference line, I tried to connect the random "dots", however could

not? The angular trajectory of the contrail in each frame, was different? An object moving in a calculated trajectory, would not

deviate from that flight path or do so randomly modulating left and right? Generally, the flight path of an aircraft is a straight line.

Zig-zagging isn't something normally done in flight. I used the objects extended contrail, as it passed the field of focus in the

camera, as a point of analysis in creating the second composite above, and below. The above sample, referenced at its exit

point in the frame, showed the objects oscillation pattern.

UFO Composite 2B

UFO Composite 2B. An object in a straight trajectory, would not be fanning, as this sample clearly indicates. If this object based

while in straight forwards flight, the contrails would line up and match in each individual sample. They would match because the

flight trajectory maintains forwards flight consistency. If it was moving in a straight line, each contrail sample would lineup in sync

however; it does not in this sample. It shows the object constantly deviate zig-zagged throughout its forwards flight trajectory, in

line with the frame of the stationary drop camera in this expedition.(Fanning contrail). Further analysis of this event, rules out

some elements of my theories on the flight trajectory of this UFO. Though its contrail shows what appears to be a jagged tail,

I assumed it was zig-zagging. Looking at the video stream, that is what it "appears" to be doing, however; it is not! I do attempt

to look at all possibilities before saying an object which could be conventional, is a UFO. To make such a claim without looking

further into possibilities, could make an absolute fool or utter idiot out of me? I chose not to open the gates of wrath, by making

claims which cannot be supported by tangible evidence.

UFO Flightn path analysis

Flight path trajectory analysis. Based on crew observations*, this object did not have rocket engine noise associated to it.

*I programmed an autonomous shoot; allowing the camera to document the events as they transpired over the course of

the 50 minutes, this sequence represents. The lack of noise, rules out Scramjet technology. I initially thought the possibilities

would tend towards that which is known, however; this does not conform to the definitions associated to Scramjet. A report

consistent with this, filed on day of this event 1-12-2014. NUFORC. I use NUFORC to reference events, especially

those that my cameras capture

Connecting the dots

I could not connect the dots? This disconnect indicated it was indeed zig-zagging, however; Up and Down.This explains the fanning

which is seen in the objects composite signature, when it passed the cameras field of vision.

Twisted BelieversTornado Alley Wilbur Allen UFO Hunt Time Lapse Analysis

The Time Lapse analysis conducted in Kokomo Indiana, Tornado Alley. We captured many aircraft, all of which moved at

conventional velocity. However; whatever streaked by was moving 10-20 times faster than the jets (conventional) in the air.

We examined several factors in this study. What's captured, moving at extreme velocity, is a Red Pyramid shaped object. As

it passes, were looking at the green navigation light side of any conventional aircraft. What's imaged as it passes on the

green side, is red? An impossibility based on conventional navigational lighting configurations associated to commercial and

military aircraft.

2-11-2014 Unknown Red UFO anomaly

2-11-2014 Red UFO*. I'm unsure of what I'm imaging, in this composite of frames. (Washington DC)

UFO Sedona Arizona 2012

The overall characteristics of this object, captured in Sedona AZ, are the same. Click on image for sequence analysis.

Based on this 2012 Sedona Arizona UFO event, showing an Object (UFO), drop out of warp enshroud in cloud matter, and stop,

while discharging smaller craft into the air. My research includes the exact same UFOs as shown in the Indianapolis example,

and Sedona Arizona. Both examples show Red and White random lights, however; in perspective differences? Both examples

are essentially captured under the same conditions. Both samples are 20 mm, both samples essentially showing the same

star formations, however; under different visual perspectives and locations. Sample: Discovery Science: Uncovering Aliens.

Washington DC UFO

Cylinder UFO Washington DC. Used as a reference regarding the energy contrail associated to UFOs. Initially encountered in

AREA 51 Nevada.

NBC News

History channel