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I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/

Discovery Science/American Heroes

I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet

This version of Uncovering Aliens is enhanced with actual HD digital footage. It may not be advisable for children*


Wilbur Allen and John B. Wells on Imaginative Worlds

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC (National Geographic)

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5-27-2015 UFO Spheres PAIRS Flyby Analysis

5-27-2015 UFO Spheres PAIRS Flyby Analysis

5-26-2015 UFO Sphere and AREA 51 Anomaly SM SDM Analysis complete

5-26-2015 UFO Sphere and AREA 51 Anomaly SM SDM Analysis complete

Frame 1 of 5 taken from gate of AREA 51


This object did not conform too conventional aircraft, and is consistent with what I imaged over Baltimore Maryland 8-03-2008

NASA supportive data associated to this sample, please click on image. What was imaged in space is imaged in the air over

Rachel Nevada. I have samples which shows objects suddenly appear or break formation fly forwards then vanish. With

supportive physical samples to substantiate my claims. I must note that this is not the first time I witnessed the zig-zagging

luminous white anomaly. My first encounter was as a child in 4th grade, leaving Denver Colorado and traveling to Castle AFB

in California (SAC).

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres-Pairs SM Event 6 Analysis

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres-Pairs SM Event 6 Analysis. Unlike my many other examples of this paired UFO tandem

flight anomaly, this is the first in which these objects materialize into the image frame*.

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres Pairs event 5 Analysis

5-24-2015 UFO Spheres Pairs event 5 Analysis

5-24-2015 UFO White Sphere 2 Flyby Analysis

5-24-2014 UFO Sphere Flyby Analysis, captured @ 60 FPS

5-24-2015 UFO White Sphere 2 FB 2 Return

5-24-2015 UFO White Sphere 2 FB 2 Return flight, however; at a much lower altitude.

The return of an anomaly imaged July 20, 2010 from exact same POV

The return of an anomaly, initially captured July 20, 2010, from the exact same POV. However; unlike 7-20-2010,

this sample is captured on video, along with a flyby of 3 spheres in wide formation.

Composite frame generated of the 2 UFO's they flew by opposing trajectories from one another.

Click on image sample for video capture . Composite frame generated of the 2 UFO's they flew by opposing

trajectories from one another..

Imaged July 20, 2010, 10 frames in sequence of luminous anomaly in pursuit of "Non Corporeal" anomaly


Witness Account:DC http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/076/S76930.html

A reported UFO and energy beam projection in India 2012:

UFO India a match to 7-20-2010 Washington DC sample

This sample is an esthetic match to the sample in this study


Dr. Maccabee provided me with information in regard too the Gulf Breeze 1990 UFO samples, and

similarities in the Gulf Breeze UFO and this anomaly imaged on July 20, 2010. Both samples show

energy discharge from an unknown airborne object, however the Gulf Breeze anomaly is Red* and

the object I imaged had red associated to it but was luminous white. However; the 2010 sample

has additional airborne objects (Red & Blue) which moved in tandem.


However; one sample shows an energy anomaly with luminous spikes extruding. This sample

has attributes which match another object I encountered along with 5 super models at an

abandoned church in NW DC.

Gulf Breeze anomaly 2 (Red UFO Anomaly)

Gulf Breeze anomaly 2 (Red UFO Anomaly)

(1) when the camera shutter opened the object was stationary (makes sense: the cameraman

waited until the object was stationary before taking the picture)  (2) the camera shutter stayed

open for several seconds (set on automatic exposure and was looking into the dark sky so the

camera automatically extended the shutter time).  (3) for most of the shutter time the object was

stationary but just before the shutter close the object zipped to the right and out of the field of view

leaving a "streak" image on the film.  In other words, I interpret the red line at the right as the image of

the object as it moved rapidly.  In fact, close observation of the streak to the right even shows evidence

of the acceleration of the object.  Interested readers can see the history and analysis of this sighting at


Gulf Breeze Anomaly

6-10-2010 anomaly in its initial manifestation, showed an luminous object with energy spike


Micro/Macro Anomaly

Occurred : 7/20/2010 03:10 (Entered as : 07/20/2010 3:10)
Reported: 8/1/2010 9:37:49 AM 09:37
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Washington, DC, DC
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes

Moving star with beam of light

My wife and I went out to walk the dog. While out we all saw a slow moving bright star! I thought

it was strange, the dog would not look away, and became agitated afterwards? But what we think

we saw, left us floored! The damn thing emitted a tube of light.. I think Z saw red lights around it

or moving away from it. My wife does not want to talk or have me make this report, so please do not

post my name! I did not believe in UFO's until I saw this light! Kirk to Enterprise: Beam me up?

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain semi-anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

Witness Account:DC http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/076/S76932.html

Occurred : 7/20/2010 03:00 (Entered as : 07/20/2010 3:00)
Reported: 8/1/2010 10:44:35 AM 10:44
Posted: 8/24/2010
Location: Washington, D.C., DC
Shape: Light

I live in Wash., D.C.

For weeks, I had observed a bright luminous celestial body in the sky I couldn't’ identify.

The object would rise in the east and proceed in a westerly direction. I was pretty certain

that it was not Sirius and it shown so brightly that it had me captivated and perplexed.

I mentioned it to an acquaintance who happens to be a professional photographer and "UFO Hunter."

On the morning of July 20, 2010, I called him at 3:00 am and asked him to go outside and

take photos of the "star" so that we could figure out what it was. It was larger and brighter

than any star I’ve ever seen; even Venus.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))


A Correction: Bruce Maccabee

W: You have written "from left to right the object was decelerating."

Actually the (nearly) straight line graph I made shows that both the horizontal and vertical

components of the motion are constant; no deceleration (or acceleration). If the "streak" in

the last photo is a result of high speed motion, then there would have been a huge

acceleration during the 1/5 sec of the last exposure.

Bruce wrote:
"Note:  there are many reports of "light beams" coming from UFOs and even a picture from Gulf Breeze

obtained in Dec. 1987.  However, those beams are straight.  They do usually end in mid-air, earning them

the descriptive name, "solid light""


From left too right, in frame one, the object is elongated, as per analysis by Dr. Bruce Maccabee*

In order of event, frames 1-10 are composite to ascertain specific data on this objects velocity and course of travel,

However, frame 10 is most extraordinary, it shows what appears to be a plasma protrusion from the luminous anomaly?

Enhanced analysis shows this object was enshroud in blue energy. It is consistent with an anomaly

imaged in August 2008*

Frame 1

Frame 1 anomaly: Possibly the second documentation of this anomaly, first imaged 08-17-08 in DC*

*(See Below)

Frame 2

Frame 2 Anomaly

Frame 3

Frame 3 Anomaly

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

I am skipping 6-8 and resuming with frame 9* (Object is consistent in each of these excluded frames)

Frame 7

Frame 8

Frame 9

Frame 9 Anomaly

Frame 10 & Frame 10 Anomaly

In the composite sample are Blue and Red spheres which moved in tandem*

How odd, the pattern generated by the Blue objects is exactly the same as the Red ones.


The Blue objects matched exactly, the movement of the Red objects*. Moving in tandem, in what seems to be the pursuit

of a Non Corporeal* http://www.facebook.com/UFOdc?v=app_2392950137#!/video/video.php?v=411603524194

Tandem analysis: http://www.facebook.com/UFOdc?v=app_2392950137#!/video/video.php?v=415237774194

Other than plasma, there is no known light with flexible properties? This light bends and is not straight?

It is only speculation that lends to conclude this to be a plasma beam*


Enhanced analysis: Note the very end of the energy extension

2 days later, July 22, 2010: Blue anomaly landing somewhere in NE DC

BBC Composite taken from White House News cast of UFOs (3) in the background. They matched this object 100%

BBC Composite taken from White House News cast of UFOs (3) in the background. They matched this object 100%

The similarities in this sample and that which follows is astounding! Taken August 17, 2002, 14 days

after my "Baltimore Maryland Close Encounter"* http://www.ufodc.com/page%205.html

8-17-2008 NW DC

8-17-2008 NW DC. UFO and energy beam/propulsion trail? (Speculation/conjecture)

The anomaly in this sample has the same characteristics as the object imaged 7-20-2010*. However;

This anomaly is enshroud in the blue energy which is being projected? The anomaly is pure energy as

is the object imaged 7-20-2010*

This object was enshroud in blue light, which is projected from the anomaly


Occurred : 8/17/2008 16:20 (Entered as : 08/17/08 16:20)
Reported: 8/21/2008 7:42:31 PM 19:42
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Philadelphia Airport (near), PA
Shape: Other
Duration:approx. 10 secs.

Small UFO seen close to PHL

It the landing approach to PHL airport, I saw an oblong disc shape unknown object ,

it was static, metallic, maybe of car size, at the right wing of the airplane, approx.

at 10,000' altitude, the pilots should saw it and maybe was detected by the airplanes's

radar and airport's radar, I'm not sure if the others airplane's right side passengers saw it.


I noticed that the airplane made several not planned landing maneuvers.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact

information. PD))


Close up analysis of energy anomaly 2008 is most spectacular

This anomaly is most spectacular and imaged ironically in the same area as 7-20-2010!

7-20-2010 frame 1 enhanced.

7-20-2010 frame 1 enhanced.

The characteristics are visually the same. The anomalies are enshroud on blue, there is an

area with red associated . The characteristics essentially match, however the difference is

they are taken 2 years apart.


Melvin Harris samples from Mount Vernon New York match descriptions of objects in Easton Pennsylvania

Analysis Dr. Bruce Maccabee

Analysis: Dr. Bruce Maccabee:

Dr. Bruce Maccabee


I graphed the motion photo by photo. The stationary star was indeed stationary. Therefore all motion
of the moving light was due to its own motion.
The attached graph shows that most of the movement was in the horizontal direction to the right,
with some motion downward. The graph of the horizontal motion is nearly a perfect straight line.
Errors in measurement of the position could account for slight non-linearity (where data points don't lie exactly on a straight line.

The point is that the moving light was moving at a constant velocity starting at the first photo and ending during the last photo.

You have suggested that if the light moved downward suddenly making the "trail" that the trail would be the same width as the object/light...that is,the width of the trail would equal the width of the "dot" image which I claim is overexposed. My analysis suggests that the "dot" image is larger than it should be, that is, the brightness has increased the size of the image. In this case, the width of the trail would be closer to the actual width of the image if underexposed. (I have experimented with the effect of brightness on image size using light sources of certain sizes that can be adjusted to various brightness levels. Invariably the size at "good" exposure is the "geometric size" that is given by S = (O/D) x F where S if the size (width) of the image, O is the size of the object/light (as measured perpendicular to the line of sight/lens axis), D is the distance from the camera to the object/light and F is the focal length.) As the brightness increases the
image size grows larger than the geometric size. Thus a "point source" light like a distant
star makes an image size that depends upon the brightness of the star. The fact that image
size is related to star brightness was used by astronomers to measure the relative brightness’s
of stars.

Regarding the moving light of July 20:

FROM analysis of the movement photo by photo (10 photos; 9 intervals of about 1/5 sec) it
appears that it moved at a constant or nearly constant rate and traveled
(in pixel measure on the focal plane) about 355 pix horizontally in 10 x 1/5 = 2 sec or about
355/2 = 177 pix/sec. From the camera angle calibration, 0.1 radians corresponds to 526 pixels.
Hence 0.1 rad/526 pix x 177 pix/sec = .0337 rad/sec.

In the last frame the "tail" or "Trail" is from pixel location (X1,Y1) = ( 2940,1546) to (X2,Y2) = (2964,1716).

Using the rule of Pythagoras this corresponds to a pixel distance of about 172 pix which corresponds to
0.0326 radians. IF this occurred in, for example, 1/10th
of a frame time, that is .02 sec, the angular rate would be 1.6 rad/sec.

Radians are a "nice" angle measure to use because one only has to multiply the angle in
radians times the ASSUMED (or known) distance to an object (or a moving object) to determine
its size (or how far it moved).
At a distance of 5000 ft (about a mile) this corresponds to 5000 x ,0326 rad/sec = 163 ft/sec or
about 2 mph during the slow travel (the initial ten frames)
then, IF it were 5000 ft away, AND IF the streak were created in .02 sec as suggested above,
then it moved at a rate 1.6 rad/sec x 5000 = 9000 ft/sec =
102 mph during the last 1/10 of a frame time (.2/10 = .02 sec).

Could this be true, that it accelerated from 2 mph to about 100 mph in
.02 sec? or some such fraction of a second?
The problem is we have to make 3 guesses: a) is the "trail" a result of the light
moving, b) what is the time duration of the trail, and c) what was the distance?
If the trail was not the result of the light moving then what caused it?
Can we rule out a vibration of the camera during the last photo?

The bright "dot" from which the trail emanates seems to be the same size as
the bright dot in the preceding photo. This implies little change in the
exposure time of the light dot image. This in turn sets a "upper bound"
on the amount of time during the trail. In other words, for example. the
light did not start moving halfway through the exposure time or at any time
before halfway because if it did the size (which grows with exposure)
would be smaller than the previous image.

Bruce Maccabee

You think the blue line is light created within a plasma beam. I think it could be a result of the light suddenly

zipping away, perhaps downward or perhaps horizontally away from the camera. As you have said, these are,

at best, guesses as to what this whole series of photos have recorded

Thank you Dr. Bruce Maccabee*


My Big Redneck Vacation  UFOdc.com

My Big Redneck Vacation UFOdc.com

Second or same anomaly imaged 1 hour later from same POV, another luminous object flies through however; in another trajectory

Imaged 2-05-2013. A luminous ball of light moving in a very slow trajectory, slightly higher than

rooftop level of homes in Washington DC (Logan Circle). The same white luminous anomaly imaged

again, from rooftop POV 2-10-2013 at 3-4 AM.

UFO Anomaly 2-10-2013 imaged over Logan Circle in Washington DC

Imaged using interval timer function, 1 frame per second, every second for 5 hours. The anomaly

flies through the image area POV several times in my continuous scan 2-10-2013. Video to post

on UFOdc Youtube Video channel

12-11-2011 stream sample of unknown luminous anomaly

12-11-2011 stream sample of unknown luminous anomaly

12-11-2011 stream sample of unknown luminous anomaly

Enhanced stream analysis showed this object, though in a forward trajectory, was moving in a

sweeping manner*

Enhanced analysis

Composite sample showing sweeping motion initiated by airborne anomaly*

1-03-2012 UFO anomaly

1-03-2012 UFO anomaly maintained constant velocity, then accelerated, and maintained constant velocity?

Object samples are all consistent

Left to right directional travel, and each frame showing the same thing or effect* A 47 frame composite of

events* in a video analysis. Please play in full screen 1080 mode*

Anomaly 2 same trajectory*

Anomaly 2 same trajectory*

Object analysis shows this to be the same object*

Object analysis shows this to be the same object*

Third anomaly imaged during meteor showever event

Third anomaly imaged during meteor shower event. 3 like objects imaged during what was billed as

"A Meteor" shower by the news media.

In loving memory of my Father: Senior Master Sergeant Thomas L. Allen, USAF on his
Birthday (July 20, 1932) July 20, 2010 UFO

Senior Master Sergeant Thomas L. Allen, USAF

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