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Missing in Alaska:Alaska's Body Snatchers

Mount Hayes Alaska: Extraterrestrial Wormhole-Portal

Body Snatcher 17

Missing in Alaska; Friday July 24, 2015 on the History Channel

Mount Hayes Alaska: Alaska's Body Snatchers

"Missing in Alaska"

Missing in Alaska A UFO Over Mount Hayes-History

Missing in Alaska A UFO Over Mount Hayes-History

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Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/Discovery Science/American Heroes Channels


I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/Discovery Science/American Heroes

This version of Uncovering Aliens is enhanced with actual HD digital footage. It may not be advisable for children*

UFOdc on the Weather Channel (TBA)

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley-Twisted Believers Wilbur Allen UFO

NBCUniversal is a Professional Research and Production organization.

Our associates include esteemed Astronauts, NASA Scientist, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and others. Using Nikon advanced terrestrial

scan technology to analyze the skies, I am able to see what the human eye does not. Capturing a fraction of a second sequentially,

in a series of frames, using high definition optical technology to forensically show the validity of each documented sample. YouTube channel, has video analysis and supportive data relative to each sample, if applicable. If there are UFO's, I

will find them. We will come too You. Let us capture your UFOs! Contact us:

Wilbur Allen and John B. Wells on Imaginative Worlds

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC (National Geographic)

My Big Redneck Vacation

My Big Redneck Vacation

Origins of the anomalies, unknown however; this should give you a general idea? HUBBLE
Extracted Color Texture Bitmap Applications Includes newly developed PLASMOID Colors 2009*

© VAu000621288

UFO Color Gradients : Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps

Color Texture Bitmap samples extracted from HD UFO image files*

CMT Country Music Television

My Big Redneck Vacation

Motion Pictures Special Effects and 3D Game Development


Painted in UFO Colors ETCTBmp (Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps) J-4 Pulse*. HD Environment

UFO Colors are the products of image analysis, on each of the anomalies I captured
over the years. In the analysis, I created a gradient library of color textures all extracted
from exceptional image files (the best). Used in place of conventional Swatch color
technology, UFO Colors ETCTBmp, Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps, apply to
all image rendering software (3dsmax, Maya, Z-Brush, Combustion), and any and all programs
which use color Swatch technology for the creative color palate. There are no colors like this
on Earth, and because of their unusual color spectral characteristics, they are copy protected by
design. If you use them, I will know. My legal department will be glad to assist
in Licensing the applications too you. US Copyright/Patent: Wilbur G. Allen. A link too
© US Copyright office is provided below (Legal notice) The overall translation of these

colors, varies with media* (Film/Digital)

© VAu000621288 WG Allen 2004/2009 The basis of UFO Color Technology
UFO Extraction Color Texture Bitmaps (Static and Motion Applications Textures). All texture applications apply too
3D objects in place of conventional Swatch colors. Sampled UFO extracted color bitmaps, generated in RGBCMY color



3D Starship Voyager* with Plasmoid and J-4 Colors applied, for Demonstration purposes only in applications
of ETCTBmp UFO Colors © WG Allen 2004/2011 :NGM UFO ETCTBmp. Using sampled bitmaps from UFO objects

imaged to film and digital, these sampled RGBCMY color texture applications are applied in place of standard color

swatches. Generally, virtual lighting is applied to each area requiring highlighting. The visual effects are hinged upon

supplemental program additives. (Virtual lighting and particle effects)*

Painted in UFO Colors ETCTBmp (Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps)

Voyager with UFO Colors Applied

Replacing the conventional Swatch colors with ETCTBmp UFO color extracts, Voyager has now an electrified look.

With elements of all UFOs captured by, the color texture palette for 3D has taken a new turn in the applications

of assimilated alien technology (UFO COlors). I am a Master Scale RC Builder & Pilot

Voyager ETCTBmp applied

Voyager Class M Planet

Enterprise NG with UFO Plasmoid Extraction colors

Enterprise NG with UFO Plasmoid Extraction colors

Painted in UFO Colors ETCTBmp (Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps)

Replacing the conventional Swatch colors with ETCTBmp UFO color extracts, Enterprise NG has now an electrified look.

Enterprise NG 3D application

Plasmoid Colors © WGA 2004-2009
* Voyager is Trademark Paramount Pictures

Enterprise painted in Digital UFO  J-4 Red

Enterprise (model with electrical system: LED lighting 1990*) I am a Master Scale RC Builder & Pilot

Autodesk HD Digital Compositing Technology used in creating environment for physical model starship, too film.

However; I'm looking at newer 3D compositing technology called Motion Artist 4. Due to changes in OS technology

and resolution (64 Bit), 3D rendering technologies have made significant progress in creating more realistic 3D visual

applications. Before 3D compositing were film effects created onto existing film footage, to simulate visual effects. i.e.:

Matte Photography. For composite technology I now use AVID Media Composer with Boris FX BCC

i am a Master scale RC model maker

A newer form of Matte Photography, now called 3D Compositing. Visual effects rendered in HD Digital, however;

introduced into a high definition "film" environments, have different visual effects as those rendered in HD Digital

environments. Visual effects in HD digital using high resolution film technology verses HD digital. Though the 3D

object is digitally generated, it translates extremely well in an analog environment . I'm now using Motion Pictures

Standards HD Video at a NASA level. My current level of technology allows for the creation of imagery in extreme

lighting environments. (204800 ISO or Full Color Night Vision). The technology exceeds these samples

UFO Sedona 4-07-2013

UFO Sedona Arizona 4-07-2013 102400 ISO video. Though the sample looks daylight, its 04:30 AM. Video frame

extractions in HD, are used in 70% of the samples in this study. I have converted to video exclusively, in the

documentation of UFO events. My video documentation setting the standards in UFO Research. We have upgraded

our imaging technology to 409600 ISO (Nikon D4/D4S). Full Color Night Vision @ 24/30/50/60 FPS.

The Worlds First UFO Extracted Colors Applications (Static/Motion) for
Motion Pictures Special Effects and 3D Game Development
US Copyright/Patent Registered Intellectual Properties*
(Limited animation using extracted UFO Bitmaps to 3-D)

Saucer i Nebula painted with UFO Colors

Merging HD 3D objects into HD digital (Hubble image sample/NASA), 3D visual effects have evolved considerably

with higher resolution 64 bit operating systems, currently used. The luminous qualities are generally associated to

virtual lighting, geographically placed within the scene. The basis of authenticity within a 3D animation is predicated

on lighting. In this sample, the upper half the saucer is lighted from above it. The lighting variables in the 3D

environment are visually consistent with the bitmap generated from Hubble (digital environment)

UFO Colors J-4 Applied to HD 3D in HD digital environment. HD video is animated with a matched resolution 3D

object. The effects based on color (bitmaps) and lighting, in this sample, the sauce is painted with sampled UFO

bitmaps and a RMOS 3D film texture. 3D objects require swatch bitmap colors. In this case the bitmaps are

sampled UFOs.

UFO Extraction colors ETCTBmp applied

The creation of UFO Extraction Bitmap colors which maintain the spectral luminosity of the UFO they were

extracted from. There are no colors like this on Earth, by design (UFO Extraction Colors). The samples are extracted

and saved in static (non motion) and Motion HD Modulator Color* Bitmaps designed for 3D Motion Pictures Special Effects

and 3D Game Development. is the only source for these Registered Intellectual Properties Colors.

© VAu000621288 WG Allen 2004. Though breached by a "stolen" Getty Images Portfolio,

tracking the effects of my colors is No Problem. Each color has a specific Identifying signature*, you cannot steal

or augment these samples. You will be caught, and I will prosecute you. You have been warned* on My Big Redneck Vacation on CMT My Big Redneck Vacation on CMT

CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation

CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation: "Shootin' Yur Aylien Frenz Wellber?" (Click on image)

My Big Redneck Vacation Welber the UFO expert.

My Big Redneck Vacation Welber the UFO expert.

Low light HD imagery:

Advanced imaging and editing systems, motion pictures standards video/film production. A Nikon/AVID based production

in HD standards based on Feature Motion Pictures. We use Nikon D4/D4S imaging technology. My operational ranges are

100-409600 ISO. 204800 ISO Full Color Night Vision, processed in AVID/Boris technology. Moving away from limited field

imagery (Stills/Time Lapse) and into High Speed 24-60 FPS cinematography. With or without light, I can get the image.

Shreveport LA 11-02-2012

High quality feature films under minimalist operating conditions. We use minimal lighting, reducing heat and energy

by 90%, while capturing true to life visual conditions in our films using Nikon Video/AVID-Boris BCC technology. CMT


Imaging in native conditions, without supplemental lighting, footage for films (102400-204800 ISO) Using D4/D4S Nikon

for CMT


Nocturnal Steadicam technology (D4-D4S*) D4S applications are more extreme than imaging city structures at night,

using available light sources enhanced through higher ISO sensitivities. CMT

70% of the area I scanned in Shreveport was abandoned.

70% of the area I scanned in Shreveport was abandoned. It was reminiscent of Chicago which is also in despair.

A very unusual sample, an abandoned building, yet in one apartment, a TV set is on? I have 5 frames all showing

the same anomaly in each frame. Understanding Shreveport has a history of mass deaths and paranormal activities.


Those that I encountered were consummately kind, though surrounded in despair. God Bless You All! CMT


Shreveport LA 2012. We can film under any and all conditions, from the harsh deserts of AREA 51 too Sedona AZ,

in absolute darkness. Our imaging technology can facilitate perfect results under any lighting conditions and

circumstances. High Definition Motion Pictures Production in existing light. CMT, "My Big Redneck Vacation"

Indianapolis back alley 2014

Indianapolis back alley perspective of city moonlight (D4 @ 51200 ISO) The Weather Channel

Indianapolis Indiana 2014 for the Weather Channel (NBCUniversal)

Examples of excellence in nocturnal cinematography, each frame taken from motion files.

Indianapolis 2014 The Weather Channel

Indianapolis, The Weather Channel

Moon lighted terrestrial scan Sedona

Moon lighted terrestrial scan Sedona 102400 ISO

Terrestrial scan Sedona 2

Terrestrial scan Sedona 2

Terrestrial scans Sedona 2012 3

Moon lighted scan in Sedona, at about 04:30 AM.

4th of July, 2014 at the Washington Monument (Silent)

July 4, 2014 at the Washington Monument is a silent film. Lady Gaga was playing and the camera recorded her music.

It created copyright problems when trying to Monetization my video. 60 FPS Full Color Night Vision. The audio is

stripped from the video due to copyright issues on music that was recorded during the event.* D4S Nikon

15th St NW Time Lapse

15th St NW Time Lapse, D4 Nikon, file time lapse loop on first segment. Client: W Hotel

FIR_4174 c.jpg

Hyper Full Spectrum Infrared 760nm (UV glass in widows generated the extreme mirror effect)

FLIR UFM_4166b.jpg

Hyper FLIR

FIR_5440b3 HU.jpg

Hyper IR

FIR_5440b2 LR.jpg

Hyper IR Super Blue


Erie Pennsylvania, History Channel shoot, Full Color Night Vision ISO 102400. This is a singular frame from a motion picture file.


Full Color Night Vision ISO 102400. This is a singular frame from a motion picture file.


IR Super Blue @ ISO 102400, motion picture file*. The effect is absolutely breadth taking.


Super Blue IR in the analysis of a haunted (mansion) house, Erie Pennsylvania.

Tony Angiola-Hangar 1

Tony Angiola (Hangar 1) and RIP Team UFO/Paranormal investigator...


WUSA CBS News 9 and

CBS News Washington, News anchor Derek McGinty and Reporter Ko Im, on's assessment of a FBI document

released on a 1950 UFO crash involving 3 flying saucers.

UFO Colors

Continue to UFO Colors

© VAu000621288 WG Allen 2004.

Texture maps consist of multiple gradient samples RGBCMY (Static and Motion) applications files*

HD Visual Effects (Film)/HD Digital

PT Boat: WG Allen 1990

Scale PT Boat with 4 stroke engine, scale exhaust, and an innovation in naval technology: "Water Brakes"

Dear God

Concept: Good & Evil, 2D applied too 3D composites

3D Composite technology (Autodesk Combustion HD)

3D Composite technology (Autodesk Combustion HD) Bryce environmental effects

35 mm film images rendered in HD 1080, High Definition Visual Effects (Analog bank) 35 mm film is a thing of the Past.

HD ProTools 64 Bit Digital Editing -AVID Technology

HD 64 Bit Digital Audio Engineering & Production. HD ProTools 2019 64 Bit/Avid Technology

Avid HD Technology

NIKON Motion PIcture Quality HD Video/7.1 DTS Surround Sound Processing/Avid Technology

Avid Media Composer 6.5

We have upgraded the facilities within the Avid family. is now Avid Media Composer 2019


From HD Nikon Film to HD Nikon Digital: We specialize in all aspects of imagery. This 1993 Nikon

World Magazine sample was the first of its kind, to use 25 ISO film in extreme darkness. The film processed

in irradiated chemistry, allowed for full color night vision imagery, with granular resolution comparable to the

finest HD digital files of today. However; Today we have 204800 ISO with AVID/Boris BCC

technology applied to the imaged (still/video) product.


Please be considerate when posting mindless comments: I am contracted too National Geographic

QuickExplore Wilbur Allen To have your work sold by NGM, you must have a contract. The NGM

MyShot pages are inclusive to my contract. The MyShot galleries are professional

platforms. Yes anybody can have one, however; not everybody gets a contract. My work is contracted*. Please

spare me the mindless BS and truly negative comments which are posted due too ignorance.

Those that post comments related to photography, are clueless how its done.

AREA 51 Bee

A Bee in AREA 51, while filming close ups on flowers in Rachel, a bee flies into the image frame. I fired 23 rapid

frames of this spur of the moment event.

A Bee in AREA 51 2

A Bee in AREA 51 frame 2 of 10 taken suddenly while imaging flowers in Nevada

National Geographic Magazine MyShot: Wilbur Allen 1

HD Digital Photography. These are public NGM pages which "anybody" can join and submit imagery.

Mational Geographic Magazine MyShot: Wilbur Allen 2

Large Format HD Digital. These are public NGM pages which "anybody" can join and submit imagery.

National Geographic Creative

National Geographic Creative: This page is not public, and contracted to National Geographic Photographers

I noticed the negative responses to my work on "Above Top Secrets" website. Most Morons talk before they

"Think" or lack of?

"Its absolutely hilarious to read the stupidity of people that claim to know the answers to that which is unknown"

Dr. Laura and WG Allen

WG Allen: Technical Director of the Dr. Laura Show 1992. I am a Technical and Field Director in Broadcast

Engineering NABET Group 7

35 mm Film to Digital HD (Ultra HD)

Not everybody can have one of these pages! You must be Contracted to National Geographic too obtain one! Try to get

Contracted? I then question the motive behind personal attacks, while overlooking the lack of credibility from those that post

such crap! This is my website and my work. I have materials to post. Those that comment, have none nor do they understand

the concepts and principles of photography. I have work on the market, and have had work on the market in publications,

beginning in 1979 with the recording artists album: Silver Platinum & Gold (Motown Records). My work is out there and so are

my credentials. This is about my work and thoughts. These are my Clients

Miles Davis: Blow 15 Years of Miles Davis Electric

Miles Davis: Blow 15 Years of Miles Davis Electric e-Book


Miles Davis Experience

Miles Profiles 75 Red

miles 90 colorized

Miles 90 colorized blows. Miles Davis was a friend and client (CBS/Warner Brothers Records)

Miles Davis Tutu

Miles Davis TuTu was covered under my Warner Brothers A&R Contract, as a Contractor.

Miles Drummer Ricky Welman

Miles Drummer Ricky Wellman was my personal friend. He was originally drummer to the Chuck Brown Band.

Dizzy and Max Roach

Dizzy and Max Roach

Dizzy copy file

Dizzy Gillespie: DIzzy @ 8 Pm e-Book

Dizzy playing cards backstage 2 Pisssstivity

Cards with Dizzy and he looses.... He was pissed!

Dizzy in concert. 20 new footage

Dizzy was very cool, and extremely kind! Miles & Dizzy were fiends and clients.

Nona gaye

The extremely phine Nona Gaye, daughter of Marvin Gaye

Nona Gaye Marvins daughter

Nona Gaye (Atlantic Records/Warner brothers) WG Allen: Warner Brothers Records A&R

I am an expert in my fields of endeavor. My film samples are the results of film processing inventions,
primarily RMOS (Reversed Microptics) Optical Technology, 1980*. RMOS generated non computer graphics
The registered copyright has been violated in the UK, with an unauthorized reproduction of stolen RMOS
products. materials registered under US Copyright protection. Violation of US Copyright VAu000034841
The link associated to this forgery on the Internet has been removed. They now post infected malicious\
destructive virus data in place of the incriminating evidence, where this crime takes place (Internet). However
The physical evidence just in the creation of this CD, with an embedded profile. Digital usage without
authority, rape at the intellectual level; without regard for US Copyright Registration. For this to happen
in the United Kingdom, an allied country to the United States meant the involvement of International Law
Enforcement: Interpol/and domestic FBI Cybercrimes Agencies.


A poor Xerox copy of my work, made into an illegal production, and sold outside the UK.

The CD is also embedded with my cover image profile on each album track. Violation of

Copyright © extended into the digital domain, with the illegal use of this Xerox copy as

advertisements on the Internet. The 450 site that carried my work, along with this work

and its embedded digital profile, are a direct violation of US Copyright. TKO Licensing has

changed their name to avoid prosecution.

The story of Stanley Bethel, Bridge Records and TKO UK.

While at Warner Brothers Records, Stanley Bethel approached me to do a cover for a

group called: The Valentine Brothers. I created a prototype using RMOS generated

effects. I created the entire board based on the name the Valentine Brothers, around

a Visual effect.


A visual effect specific to the technology in which it was created. You cannot acquire that

which is not for sale by the owner (creator) of that material(s). The results of an invention

which used low voltage radiation as a catalyst in development.


RMOS samples, Cluster Copyright; grouping samples and graphics into one massive Copyright, saves

money and time.

TKO/Expansion Records UK, has failed to capitulate or pay a single dollar for the theft

of my Intellectual Property © VAu000034841 Wilbur G. Allen

My HD revision not only included the re fabrication of the original concept, however; now in

HD 3D. © VAu000034841. Always cover your ass, somebody will steal your work! A US Copyright

cannot be used without permissions from its owner. However; Expansion Records UK, was given

this product by TKO Records UK for reproduction. They never realized it was stolen goods until the

FBI and Interpol Cybercrimes became involved. I used U.S. Government Copyright Enforcement to take

that which is mine, back!

Theft of Registered US Copyright  Intellecual Property is a Crime

Stanley takes my board to LA, where somebody else adds their name as Art Director?

1982.. Diana Nugit adds her name as Art Director and designer and gets a job

in the art department @ Warner Brothers, with the help of Stanley, which takes, but

never pays for the work. He applies for a copyright and receives it on the cover and recordings,

in his name.


CopyrightVerification2008. Was applied to Bridge Records 1983 Copyright, voiding it. My 1982 Copyright came

first, and you cannot copyright, what's already copyright. Law.

I have several certificates associated to elements of my work. I covered my ass

on all my projects. I own now this entire project.\ Government seizure.

The HD Remaster is superior too the Expansion Records Bootleg both acoustically and

in the HD regeneration of the original concept stolen in 1982 by Bridge Records* This

is a prime example of theft of intellectual property. I designed and created this product,

however; its credits do not reflect so? The person that stole the original concept, applied

and received a Copyright on my work in 1983. However; before I released my work for

review, I had it Copyright/Patent in 1982 under RMOS visual effects. My 1982 Copyright

voided Bridge Records copyright. © VAu000034841 . Expansion Records further damaged

the copyright by modifying only one element of my original design: My Name, and using

my work on the Digital Domain..

I am the owner of this product by US Copyright © VAu000034841

My product sounds as great as it looks!

The Valentine Brothers: First Take (HD)

The Valentine Brothers: Just Let Me Be Close Too You  64 Bit HD visual and audio Remaster

The Valentine Brothers: First Take (64 Bit HD) iTunes iTunes Top Albums

Stolen RMOS byproducts, of which I own. © VAu000034841

Expansion Records:UK. I question the validity of this company's actions and suggest avoiding at all cost.

Barcode associated to this unauthorized reproduction has been registered by US Customs/FBI-Interpol Cybercrimes

task force. US Congress is currently revising Legislation on Enforcement of Intellectual Properties in allied countries.

The United Kingdom abides by rules governing Intellectual Property as mandated by Intellectual Property Laws of

the US Congress. © WG Allen 1982 or so I thought?


The Valentine Brothers: First Take (64 Bit Digital Master) on AMAZON Prime and I-Tunes

Andrae Crouch

Andrae Crouch, Rest In Peace, Dear Friend

Andrae' Crouch

Andre Crouch RIP 72

Assimilated Alien Color Technology: UFO Colors

Lunesta 1

The Lunesta Butterfly: Unauthorized usage of Registered Intellectual Property (Color Texture Application)

A Stolen Portfolio of UFO samples submitted to Getty Images 2005* You can't simply take what is not

yours to take!. Case and point; the color associated to the 3D Lunesta Butterfly and the organic

Watermarks associated to the color application.

Lunesta 3c etctbmp carpenters p-51  advanced Ultra

Associated color application Carpenters P-51 UFO Anomaly. The texture application, covered under US Copyright.

The problems associated to tracking stolen color applications was solved within each color texture, naturally.

Because the color application is of a known UFO, based on NASA Apollo footprints, finding unauthorized users is

a matter of applying optical filtration, to expose the pathway watermarks.

© VAu000621288 2013 US Patent Pending

Lunesta 1b

The Identifier filter applied to the Lunesta 3D Butterfly shows with 100% certainty, the usage of US Copyright

Color Texture Applications. US Copyright VAu000621288. 3D objects require Bitmap paints to give them realism.

In most cases conventional swatch technology is used for such applications, however; conventional colors are

not exciting. So 3D animators go for color texture bitmaps as such, assuming it cannot be traced.

Lunesta 2

Lunesta 2. Again the organic watermark indicates the source materials of this 3D object to be Carpenters P-51

UFO Anomaly. Source sample: National Geographic

Lunesta Carpenters Lead Right Orb

The material and associated copyright identifier number VAu000621288 is taken for granted. Click on

this example to go into Carpenters P-51 UFO Analysis.

Lunesta 2d Carpenters Lead Right Orb SOL Core colors Red-Blue

Lunesta 2d Carpenters Lead Right Orb SOL Core colors Red-Blue. The SOL Core colors are

the Unseen footprint of this extraordinary color texture. The Watermark associated to an

Extraterrestrial UFO Anomaly. For he analysis of this extraordinary UFO extraterrestrial anomaly

captured by my cameras, confirmed by my associates @ NASA, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Buzz Aldrin,

Click on sample above.

Further analysis and documentation can be found on National Geographic

Click here for UFO sample(s)

Music-Film Entertainment

The Persuaders Live featuring Big Ron Cartier, Recorded and Produced by WG Allen

The Persuaders Live and More was created using AVID ProTools 5 and Sony Minidisc technology.

During the show, I recorded the board in ProTools, while running a digital recorded placed center

stage. I then mixed the board with the live recording from center stage to create this product.

I wanted to have the live sound you get when listening to Bob Marley Live. Currently only available

on CD.

Ron Cartier, Lead singer of the Persuaders

Ron Cartier & The Persuaders Live produced and recorded by WG Allen using ProTools Technology*

Rest in Peace Dear Friend..The Persuaders Ron Cartier passed away from heart related issues associated

to diabetes.

Persuadersdarksuits edit

The Persuaders are a dynamic group.

Rose Moraes and Roots of Brazil

Brazilian Jazz: Rose Moraes and Roots of Brazil, Digitally recorded and produced by UFO Records: WG Allen. Our

projects on Amazon have been removed, and will will be back on I-Tunes shortly.

Rose Moraes and Roots of Brazil

HD digital live recording: Full digital IMAX format video and camera front element recorder (house feed), mixed with the

stage audio feed, recorded in ProTools 9.5 (64 Bit). The summation of all the HD recorders is mixed in ProTools. The

audio mix is edited back onto the video in Media Composer 6.3.

Rose Moraes and Roots of Brazil Produced by WG Allen

Rose Moraes and Roots of Brazil (Please play in 1080 Mode) Sector recording technology applies the recorded product

of several strategically placed stereo digital recorders, mixed in sync, in 64 Bit HD ProTools. Rose Moraes and Roots of

Brazil Produced Rose Moraes and WG Allen. Full Digital D.D.D (Digital recording/editing/ mastering) in 64 Bit HD. Click

on Image to play video. is a professionally trained (ABC/CNN/CBS News) field production unit. My credits

include: The White House/Air Force One Engineering (Contractor: ABC News) Please see below..

US Capitol 1st Street 10 mm perspective

HD 1080 Nikon Technology

NIKON Digital SLR's Nikon Film samples

Shorty Corleone : The Heat on Amazon and I-Tunes

Shorty Corleone & Rare Essence : THE HEAT (AMAZON/iTunes- iTunes TOP Albums*) This project is currently


WG and the FatBoys (2)

WG and the FatBoyz. I worked in the entertainment industry with industry giants (no pun intended). I had great

friends whom which happened to be great artist.

Layzie Bone Bone Thugs

Layzie Bone and Bone Thugs 9-28-2017. Filmed in Ultra HD at the Baltimore Sound Stage. Using advanced imaging

technology in an Entertainment application.

D5U_9333 BCC_006043.jpg

Frames from Ultra HD video shot during the show @ the Baltimore Sound Stage 9-28-2017

D5U_9333 BCC_000364.jpg

D5U_9333 BCC_003559.jpg

D5U_9333 BCC_003734.jpg

Bone Thugs.jpg

Click on image to access Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on FaceBook

Wilbur Allen: AVID Technology. AVID/ProTools 64 Bit is used in the creation and mastering/remastering of all projects.

TTED Island 4th & Broadway/Island Films Warner Brothers

TTED Allstars 12 inch

TTED Records created by WG Allen~1984-5


CD template TTED Records (obsolete media format). CD's are a thing of the past; HD MP-3 is Today (64 Bit)



These original designs were long before Photoshop*, and hand made. First clue are the stars, which I originally colored in.

Back then it looked awesome... I would not dare go back to this level of Fred Flintstone technology.

Good To Go

Good To Go : Trouble Funk: Drop The Bomb

Good To Go Face cover LP

The Short Fuse/Good To Go Digital Restoration Project. Short Fuse was originally filmed in 35 mm motion picture film

Eastman 5247 Motion Picture Stick. I was the Consultant to the Director of Photography (DP) for this film.

Cover concept, Photography and design WG Allen for TTED Records/Island Records & Films

Good to Go The Wrecking Crew 2 cc (2)

Good to Go The Wrecking Crew 2

My lab processed Micro (Still reference files, using match camera exposure data, to emulate the 35 mm motion picture

camera footage). Maintaining film production control of the motion pictures final takes while filming, as references.

Good to Go The Wrecking Crew evidense of Copyright Violation

This Low cost film daily method, proved instrumental in the overall creation of this Island/Warner Brothers Film.

The Maxx Kidd story, the man who promoted DC Go-Go Music too an International level. Reformatting the film

a restoration process, which required AVID Media Composer 64 Bit editing technology. Using the original 24 track

2" audio masters, which were transferred to ProTools at Omega Studios, in Bethesda Maryland

Good To Go Cover: Unauthorized

Unauthorized reproduction:

Big Al

Big Al Butler in "Good To Go", played himself. In this scene, we see the dark side of Big Al as he enforces his perimeter.

Big Al Butler, played himself in the film: "Good To Go". Big Al was kind and very caring towards his friends. He

worked as a security guard, during a robbery, Big Al apprehended the suspect, which pulled a knife and cut his

juggler vein. Big Al died at the scene.


Redds Leader of Redds and the Boyz was talented, kind, and giving. His skill as a musician unmatched to this day.

(He was a millionaire in Japan and did not know it).

Robert DoQui

Robert DoQui, went on to other films, Robo Cop and a few others, passed away from health

related issues after an excellent career. Robert was an excellent friend.


Robert DoQui, Art Garfunkel, Redds and Redds and the Boys (CJ Jones, Reginald Daltry and other band members).

Good to Go: Director of Location Photography- WG Allen (Island/Warner Brothers)

Good To Go Castandcrew(2)

Good to Go Cast and crew (New York Times) Location Photography (Consultant Director of Photography), Island Films:

WG Allen (Wilbur Allen)

Good to Go, Washington DC's Go-Go movie bombed (literally) at the box office . While filming, writers

of the film took from local news events, and wrote those crimes into the film, in story line reenactments. Done in bad

taste, the opinions of the people shuttered at the box office, on this well funded Island Films venture, designed to be

a music video. It was a film on the War on Drugs and Crime in DC, in very bad taste. Outside of cast and crew, we all

did an excellent job. I further developed film imaging technology I created for Miles Davis, on this film.

I matched the lead cameras filming conditions, with stills, however; I could take my stills home, develop them, and be

back at work the next day, with the last days film results (Daily's). Film technology has come a very long way, and I

enjoy the digital encryptions now associated to all my work. But what of that time before digital, that which this

work represents. Work that "I" created.

Trouble Funk I-Tunes Cover 1600

Trouble Funk traycard outside

I put my name on all my productions. I created in part TTED Records and created all its products/logos/designs.

TROUBLE Funk "Drop The Bomb" Good To Go film sequence (Remaster) Click on rear cover above. This is the only

totally restored (90%) segment of a really bad working copy (680 P).

MaxxKidd TEDD ProTools 5 masters

The source of my masters is a ProTools 5.1 TTED sessions library disc. Omega Studios (Please click on Disc). I helped

create TTED Records and own the entire records library of artist, recorded at OMEGA Studios, in Bethesda Maryland.

Good To Go aka Short Fuse

TROUBLE FUNK from Good To Go: Drop the Bomb, motion picture restoration from 680 video file too HD format.

Restoration applications in Boris FX BCC 8.2 in AVID Media Composer 7. (64 Bit technology)

Major actors and Academy Award winners as crew, Island Films Good To Go. WG Allen, Consultant to Director of

Photography, Director of Photography. My company provided film dailies (images photographed exactly the same as

the main camera and its operating conditions). What the main camera imaged, my cameras replicated and generated

visual results, from based on daily production. Harris Yulin, and Art Garfunkel in a Good Cop gone bad

(Harris Yulin), tries to intimidate Art Garfunkel (drunken out of beat Reporter)

The samples represent footprints to my work as owner and creator. The footprints all point to me, forensically and

in US Copyrights. This clip is restored in Media Composer 7.0.4 with Boris Fx BCC Complete.

Media Composer Color Correction

These clips are non restored, and in RAW (680) format. ( Clip is in sequence of events in the motion picture.

In this scene, a continuation of "TROUBLE Funk: Drop The Bomb", the "Wrecking Crew: bad guys" do a "drive by shooting",

a common event (at times) in DC. The sequence required 3D audio restoration in sound foley. My overlay gunshots

are placed acoustically correct within the clip, meaning if there is gunfire frame left, then the sound will also be frame left.

Segment editing: Taking from the original film transfer (analog), and editing in AVID Media Composer 7 (TBA), each scene

is corrected using Media Composer Color Correction Harris Yulin, and Art Garfunkel in the Wrecking Crew death sequence.

Good To Go

These clips are non restored, and in RAW (680) format. (

Harris Yulin, and Art Garfunkel and Trouble Funk. We initially had lighting issues which resolved in chemical development

at the lab. However; ISO 400 film in a low light environment at 24 FPS did indeed pan out. My recommendation was to

add more light (15%). They did not listen. They listened at the lab. Photography, both still and motion are relative. My

work matching and surpassing the lead camera technologically. 35 mm motion picture cameras did not have the

metering advances my Nikon F3's offered in 1986. With superior film metering technology, I could recreate my sets

without lighting (flash) commonly used by cameras today. Trouble Funk: Drop The Bomb

Restoration of a motion picture requires time and patience. In my initial restorations, I worked with a very bad copy

(original DVD given to Maxx). We now have an Island Films copy which provided a more stable work environment.

Good To Go Metropolitan DC Police in your face 2

These clips are non restored, and in RAW (680) format. (

Good to Go cast member: Director of Location Photography- WG Allen (Wilbur Allen) I achieved the black glare free

imagery using optical polarization. The grainless imagery was archived in theory, the same way stones are polished.

Film development is based on erosion. The film developer, has a chemical reaction to the film emulsion exposed to light.

I controlled that reaction by lowering my development strength, significantly (25% development strength) and increasing

my development time 200%. The film could handle the over development and issues associated to over development such

as reciprocity failure and granular distortions.

HD ProTools 64 Bit Digital Editing -AVID Technology

Taking the Omega Studio transfers from the original 2 inch 24 track, 1 inch 16 track, and 1/4 inch Studio Masters

into ProTools 7 (At time of transfer a few years ago), opening the ProTools 7 files into ProTools 64 Bit 9.5-10, and

11, and processing them in the HD format into AVID Media Composer 2019, with Boris Fx BCC 8.2, 64 Bit video

editing technology

Death of the Wrecking Crew: Good To Go/Short Fuse

These clips are non restored, and in RAW (680) format. (

Using the original film soundtrack, and layering into the audio stream, sound effects from the Electra Sound Effects

Library, Volumes 1-3, and the SONY Films Sound Effects library, sound effects are layered into newly created audio

tracks. The film audio track is mixdown with the newly placed sound effects, into a new 7.1 DTS Digital track.

Good to Go/Short Fuse Restoration

These clips are non restored, and in RAW (680) format. (

Feature Film Restoration and enhancement using AVID Media Composer and Boris Fx BCC 2019 The restoration

requires complete reconstruction and enhancements of the audio tracks. The Media Composer ProTools audio

interface, allows spatial re sequencing of the audio events within the film. 3D sound was not in the original, there

was simple yet effective stereo technology used at this time.. 7.1 DTS was not on the market.

Covers HD 6NET

Covers designed and created by WG Allen (Wilbur Allen). My freelance efforts paved the way for

many artist including Grace Jones.. I created by hand, the boards needed to produced these

products. All photography, logo design and record label concepts: WG Allen

Covers HD 3NET

All creations associated to my work with TTED/Island/4th & Broadway Records. WG Allen: Art Director

Director of Photography (Stills and Motion Pictures), HD Digital Restoration Engineer (AVID/Boris Technology)

Maxx failed to pay for any of this work, after having a stroke in 1993.


Go-Go USA Logo and cover art Copyright violations inclusive of the creation of additional cover art around Logo

creation by WG Allen

Covers HD 2NET

Though glamorous, the dark side is deep within these projects. Remembering that "What you do to others,

will come back upon you. TTED Records, in part, is my creation. My beliefs are Maxx was taken advantage of,

due to his inabilities to communicate and a need for money which had dwindled due to illness.

Covers HD 5NET

Covers HD 3NET. Fortunately along with copyright, are footprints associated to my work. Because I am the creator

I plastered my name and logo designs, liberally on each of my intellectual ventures. These are "old school" projects,

and each cover and letter printed on the boards were placed by hand, not computer. There was no Photoshop,

there were Photo Labs, which I owned and operated using invented chemical and mechanical technology.

EU Rock Yuh Butt Designed by WG Allen

EU Rock Yuh Butt Designed by WG Allen. Working in layers, much like the concept used in

Photoshop, however; these productions are Web Press composites. With 3D glasses you'll

see the layered attributes associated to these productions. My work from the past, can be

acquired on the Internet in their original formats.

EU Rock Yuh Butt Cassette cover master

EU Rock Yuh Butt/Sluggo Live Cassette Designed by WG Allen

EU Rock Yuh Butt Cassette

EU Rock Yuh Butt Cassette

WG Allen and EU at Warner Brothers Records A and R

WG Allen and EU at Warner Brothers Records A & R. Artist would come to me to design their projects, which I did.

These are my creations, friends and clients as an independent superstar Artist, Artist.

EU Rock Yuh Butt

Unauthorized Reproduction of "Discarded materials". During the production of EU: Rock Yuh Butt, I made several

revisions. My Red-Yellow monochromatic concept did not print correctly.

EU  CD front

To compensate for the error at press, I added a Black & White layer, off sync with the red and yellow

original concept. HD 3D Remaster. Creating and owning your products is essential in a most

corrupted Music Industry.

EU traycard outside

EU Rock Yuh Butt: Originally designed and created by: WG Allen . HD Digital Masters rendered from original 24 track

2" masters; transcribed in ProTools 5.1 at Omega Studios.

Sluggo Cover Concept Original enhanced

Slug-go Live Cover concept, Photography and design WG Allen for TTED Records. All of this work

was hand made, inclusive of the text on the rear cover. At that time, Typesetting was very

expensive, and had to be farmed out, printed, cut and pasted onto the boards.

Slug go Backcover

Slug go Back cover Cover concept, Photography and design WG Allen for TTED Records

Slug go proper the band main members

Slug go proper the band main members: Photography WG Allen

Sluggo Live

Unauthorized reproduction:

Slug-Go live flip side UnauthorizedCassette

Slug-Go live flip side Unauthorized Cassette. Back in the day, "Rip off", especially young African American

artists, commonly occurred. TTED Records, Maxx Kidd.

Slug go Label Concept

Slug go Label Concept; Cover concept, Photography and design WG Allen for TTED Records

Slug-go Rear J Card Amazon

Slug-Go Live original cover design and concept WG Allen. HD Digital restoration, AVID ProTools 64 Bit HD from

original studio masters (24 track 2"), converted to ProTools 5.1 @ Omega Studios, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Jesse James 2 CD front for MP-3 Download

Mr. Jesse James: It Takes One to Know One Cover concept, Photography and design WG Allen for TTED Records

Jesse James

Unauthorized Reproduction:

Jesse James Inside outside

Cover concept, Photography and design WG Allen for TTED Records. I had an assistant whom

photographed as I directed this sequence. I used Matt photography, a single exposure (x 2)

metering carefully to create a perfect balance. This is not photoshop, and created in my film

laboratory in Washington DC. I and my technology, were consummately advanced.

Jesse James Front cover

Jesse James Inside outside Cover concept, Photography and design WG Allen for TTED Records. In anything

that you do, it is essential to establish a pathway. All pathways lead or point directly to me, forensically. It is

impossible for someone to prove they are the owner of my creations without my written consent.

Tommy Davidson Take It To The Top

Tommy Davidson "Take It To The Top" featuring Trouble Funk: WG Allen

Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown: WG Allen

Chuck Brown in Concert

Chuck Brown: We Need Some Money; Back It On Up, Sho You Right: WG Allen HD Digital Remaster's* and Photography

MaxxKidd TEDD ProTools 5 masters

The source of my masters is a ProTools 5.1 TTED sessions library disc.

Omega Studios

All 2 inch and 1 inch audio transfers to ProTools 5.1 were performed at Omega Studios. Files mastered in

ProTools 64 Bit 9.5/10/11 audio processing technology, and reintroduced into the the motion picture stream, in

Media Composer 7, 64 Bit video editing technology. (As the technology advanced, so did we). We are operated

on all (Nikon/AVID/Boris) current and state of the art 64 Bit production technology.

Reggae AllStars 2009

Mark Greene 2 Cover

Mark Greene Lead singer of the Moments

Michael mcDonald of the Dooby Brothers

Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers: WG Allen Warner Brothers Records A&R Contractor (Art Director)


WG Allen & Chaka Khan. Warner Brothers Records A&R Contractor

WG & Teddy Riley

WG Allen & Teddy Riley


Silver Platnum and Gold

Silver Platinum and Gold Art Direction, Design and Photography: WG Allen


As the times changed, so did my technology and clients. I no longer work in the Records industry,

beat down by "Bullshit", I jumped ship, and caught a ride on an ET Mothership:

Dehejia Maat

Dehejia Maat: Deep Rooted Soul Sista Poems created and designed by WiG Allen using HD Digital and Autodesk

Technology. You can see a total difference is quality, in this 3D production.



Capelton Live in DC 2009

Beenie Man

Jovi Rockwell is awesome!

The Best of Mr. Flash Gordon

Mr Flash Gordo Duppy Fe Dead Remaster 2022

Mr. Flash Gordon: Duppy Fe Dead Remaster 2022

Diki Spliff and Spliff Productions: UFO Records Premiere  Reggae Artist

Diki Spliff and Spliff Productions: UFO Records Premiere  Reggae Artist


Laura Izibor WG Allen, Warner Brothers Records A&R contractor

Special Effects for Motion Pictures and Game Development

Mike Pataki (My Mentor and friend) Rest in Peace:

Korax Klingon Commander

Korax Klingon Commander (Star Trek with William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy)

"Trouble with Tribbles" I have had some Excellent Friends!

Korax Klingon Commander (Star Trek with William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy)


Karnas (Star Trek Next Generation)

MIke Pataki, was one of Films greatest Vampires

Mike Pataki, Vampire

Seal of the President Air Force 1

Wilbur G. Allen: NABET Group 7 TOC Engineer.
I worked with the following U.S. Presidents for ABC News:

President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan

Image by Harry Langdon

Ronald Reagan: President of the United States

President George H. Bush and Staff @ Air Force One

George H. Bush: President of the United States

President William Clinton for ABC News: Contractor: Wilbur Allen

William Clinton: President of the United States

They also serve as references. Please supply me with yours when posting comments  Number 1 @ most Viewed Videos

AutoDesk 3D and Analysis The first ever UFO documentation on
National Geographic Magazine.

Thank You: Billy Booth:

Popular Mechanics

Budd Hopkins:

Leslie Kean;

Rob Simone:
Rob; Thank You for your friendship and efforts in my cause: Wilbur Allen/*

Major George Filer:

On air: 8 PM Pacific (11 eastern) on Wednesday Nov 11
It was a great show, and I was asked too return.

Mr. Dick Gregory whom is a very well Respected friend and advisor

Dr. Bruce Maccabee

The Face of Agent Orange: SMSGT TL Allen (Vietnam OSI)

My Dad: (In Vietnam) (Agent Orange 2002)

Rest in Peace: Donna Marie Wells HUMSC

SW Hawking

DOD, UFO Films has its establishing roots in the
US Air Force. I lived on Military Bases most of my life*.
These bases were in allied countries.

DOD Wagner HS, Clark AFB, PI.

Merci Bernard..

Steve Bassett

Uplate: Nikon World Magazine* and NV Technology Invented by WG Allen
This is film and HD Digital at its best,
however; chemically engineered
UFO Films, experts in low Ev. HD and creative imagery on film. It is
unfortunate that digital does not have the flexibility in exposure analysis and
image latitude as film under controlled chemical conditions. 6-12,800 ISO (25600 ISO HD 1080 Digital)
are conditions in which usable imagery in extreme low (virtually no) light
environments. If there is a glimmer of light, spectral energy, I can
capture it. All film translated to digital via Nikon Coolscan or Canonscan
FS 4000 at 16 Bit/4000 Dpi. The digital translation of the film from
this direct emulsion scan technology is superb.

UFO Films is not associated with Getty Images. Contract Terminated 2005

Letters from the UK: 11-27-09
At the moment I am just simply beginning to look into the data you have been compiling and I logged onto 
for the first time last night. I know it's a little late to have started my perusal into your work, especially considering that I
first discovered you maybe two or more years ago in the interview you gave to Rob Simone on his revolutionary radio show
(the guy’s a visionary), which I listen to regularly on Resonance FM here in England. That show was repeated again on
Monday night – took me by surprise – and again this morning. I wanted to listen again and record it so I might not miss
any detail, but actually missed it. It was in fact a show that I logged in my mind as being in the top category as I could
tell by the conversation that what you were discussing was uniquely of a very high order; I could tell it was genuine and
full of extremely technical content. Some of this technical aspect I am currently looking at, so it is tremendous that you
are conveying this kind of detail for all to see. (Also referenced: Robert Stanley)
Yours truly,

Please donate to my Research

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