Japan Airlines Flight 1628-The Third Object

Band of Light Lightships and Luminous Cylinder UFO's

The specifics of this research is primarily focused upon "The Third Object"; Pale Band of Light, twice the size

of an aircraft carrier. The following is a quote from the event referencing the Third Object, Band of Light UFO.

This study is built upon empirical evidence, comparative forensic analysis. These are actual samples, no photo

manipulation (Photoshop/CGI) are applies to any of the data presented within this comparative analysis

examples. All imagery, ISO 204800/409600/4 Million imaging technology.

First contact of the Pale Band of Light (for me), was in AREA 51 Nevada.

All examples, with exceptions (Japan Cylinder 2012/Grumman Ground Satellite technology, 1960):

Wilbur Allen. Page also includes extensive research by Dr. Bruce Maccabee PhD.

Avid Media Composer 6.5 BORIS FX

Boris Fx Continuum 2019

Nikon DSLR Autodesk 3dsmax

All video/image files used in this study are built upon AVID/Boris Fx Technology/Nikon HD 35 mm full frame digital

Japan Airlines flight 1628

Analysis Dr. Bruce Maccabee

Captain Terauchi

Captain Kenju Terauchi, Japan Airlines Flight 1628 in 1986.

Little did Captain Terauchi realize, that this event and anomalies described by the crew, would be prevalent

within the course of this research. I'll also mention the Band of Light UFO and its documentation in Space

by Dr. Kip Thorne (How ET Enters Our Airspace) onboard MIR Space Station in the i990's, and by Grumman

Ground Satellite Tracking technology in 1960. The examples are current, rendered with State of The Art imaging

systems (Nikon/AVID/Boris Fx/Autodesk 64)



Original data from Dr. Bruce Maccabee's report. The Band of Light UFOs sampled in this study can possibly match the

information given by Captain Kenju Terauchi. These examples were obtained with extraordinary imaging and image

rendering technologies. All image samples are Forensic and presented in a comparative manner. Did Captain Terauchi

see a dimensionally augmented craft?

UFH_0711 st_000005 B

Sedona Arizona, 4-08-2013. I never realized this Band of Light UFO would be prevalent within the scope of this

research. The Pale Band of Light UFO in Sedona Arizona airspace. The basis for comparative analysis and forensic

interpretations. These are forensic interpretations based on several High Definition video samples. To my surprise;

this anomaly was not 100% straight, it was slightly warped. Using Autodesk 3dsmax2016 and virtual camera tech,

I perform HD analysis on moving objects, tracking their moves throughout the course of action. Events associated

too the Band of Light UFO are updated nightly. Based on my data, this object has the ability to augment its

structure. It is possible that Captain Kenju Terauchi saw one of these objects in its expanded state (full sized),

Pale Band of Light UFO in Sedona Arizona airspace

Nikon D4 using 20 mm f/2.8 lens @ ISO 51200 the UFO Band of Light materialized into the image stream sample.as illustrated

below this Sedona example. Its the first High Definition capture of this anomaly in Sedona Arizona airspace.

(BBC/Discovery Networks)

Uncovering Aliens BLACK OPS CONSPIRACY  UFO Sedona AZ 4 07 2013 Analysis 2 Pt1

Forensic samples obtained by advanced imaging systems. Second Contact: Sedona Arizona. The anomaly communicated

telepathically, instructing me to image these Entry and Exit Portals. The additional materials provided support this video

data. This footage was obtained while filming "Uncovering Aliens", BBC/Discovery Networks. Time laps was the only way

to document long periods of time (5 hours). For the Sedona duration scans, I used 1 frame per second and a 30 fps

frame rate (video encoding for playback). File footage processed in Avid Media Composer 7. (BBC/Discovery Networks)

2-17-2013 UFO Green Beam TL Re-analysis Enhanced  3

The various structural states associated with this Cylinder-Band of Light UFO Anomaly, varies. Such as the example

below showing this anomaly with an extended energy field. Common factors in both samples (above and below) are

the protruding energy tail, a byproduct of the UFO's propulsion matrix.

2-20-2013 UFO SM WARP SDM TL Analysis  D

The anomaly materialized into the sequence, during an extended Time Lapse sequence, designed to capture

UFOs during the filming of Uncovering Aliens. This is the worlds first High Definition sample of this anomaly on

record. Above, the Cylinder UFO with an energy field and tail. It resembles a sperm cell, as does its flight

characteristics. I am unsure if they are generating Portals or if the Portals are fixed Geospatially in position?

The UFO may have the abilities to offset Time and Space. Required energy to do so, would have to be Nuclear.

However; this study is built upon visual evidence in a comparative manner to illustrate points associated to UFOs.

Unaltered data maintains forensic authenticity. There ares no Photoshop or CGI (enhancements) applied here.

The UFO has an extended energy field. This extended field could give you the impression of a much larger object,

however; it is the same object as below. (Comparative Analysis) My initial capture of this anomaly was in

AREA 51 Nevada 2012. (Click on image above to enter Area 51 chapter)

JAL 1628 UFO sketch

(Research by Dr. Bruce Maccabee. Click on image for full report)

JAL 1628 UFO sketch by Captain Kenju Terauchi. Is it possible he saw a Cylinder UFO with an energy barrier like

the example above? Dr. Bruce Maccabee

This evening with Scott Pelley ufodc

Scott Pelley and the CBS Evening News 9-29-2016, had an unannounced visitor while filming the News at the CBS

News, US Capitol studios location, in Washington DC. (Live news cast documentation) Sample image provided by


12-25-2016 UFO Band of Light WARP SDM Analysis

12-25-2016 UFO Band of Light WARP SDM Analysis

11-26-2016 UFO Cylinder Band of Light SM SDM Analysis

Objects which enter into the airspace through Spatial Anomalies (Portals) as demonstrated by this exceptional

example. The object emerges suddenly, however in its initial entrance into the airspace is partial. It suddenly

vanishes after appearance.

7-30-2014 UFO SM WARP SDM Portal 2 Analysis

Nikon D4S @ 60 fps using 24 mm f/1.4 lens @ ISO 102400. A full flyby of the UFO Band of Light @ altitude.

Where the first objects disappeared, Captain Terauchi now noticed a pale band of light that mirrored their altitude,

speed and direction. Setting their onboard radar scope to a 25 nautical miles (46 km) range, he confirmed an object

in the expected 10 o'clock direction at about 7.5 nmi (13.9 km) distance, and informed ATC of its presence. Anchorage

found nothing on their radar, but Elmendorf ROCC, directly in his flight path, reported a "surge primary return" after

some minutes.

DSC_2018 UFO Band of Light closeup WARP SDM Analysis 2_000117

Nikon D5 with 200 mm f/2.8 @ ISO 102400. The basis of comparative analysis is to have exemplary examples in

which to draw an opinion. Here we see the Band of Light UFO WARP by at extreme velocity. Instances as such,

would be defined by the blink of an eye. If you blinked, you missed it. Constants relative to this object are its

luminous qualities (attributes), and the nuclear green propulsion matrix contrail, which is represented within this


Jet comparative

Aircraft-UFO comparative, 2 samples taken from the same night in which the Band of Light UFO appeared. The

commercial aircraft and UFO were imaged along the same plain, assuming they're both within the same altitudes,

dwarfs the Band of Light UFO which may be substantially larger (however smaller) in this comparative. Its (UFO)

substantially larger and faster than the commercial/military aircraft.

11-20-2016 UFO Band of Light SM SDM Analysis

Transient WARP, the object is both here and in another state (that which is not relative to Earth)

UFO Jet perspective b

As the city lights of Fairbanks began to illuminate the object, captain Terauchi believed to perceive the outline

of a gigantic spaceship on his port side that was "twice the size of an aircraft carrier". I asked a friend:

Admiral Roger Gilbertson if a Jumbo jet could land on an aircraft carrier? (Yes and No!) Yes if the carrier tower

was not present, however it would require rigging. But in reality No, it is physically impossible for large aircraft

(Jumbo jets/B-52/C5-A) to make carrier landings*. However; proportionally speaking, the jumbo jet and carrier(s)

in the illustration, are proportionally correct.

11-27-2016 UFO Band of Light SM WARP Analysis

Another clear example of a Spatial Portal in use by the occupants of this large Band of Light UFO anomaly.

D5U_2155 UFO Band of Light FB Analysis_000078

The proportions associated with this object, within this study, varies with magnification (lens) and cameras only. In

most of my captures, lens ranging from 10 mm-200 mm. Each file capture, in most cases, captured sounds

associated with the UFO as it passed through the image area. The sounds recorded 7.1 DTS, tracks the anomaly

within the course of the recorded actions.

D5U_2126 UFO Band of Light SM WARP Analysis_000136

What Captain Terauchi did not have were visual confirmations associated with the "Band of Light UFO". However; He

was not the first to document/encounter this extreme UFO. The abilities of this object transcends all possible levels of

technology at our current level of standards.

10-21-2016 UFO Band of Light 2 Tracker Full Analysis

Presenting the evidence required a plethora of data, each supportive within itself. Extreme captures (D5 Nikon),

processed with extreme technology AVID Media Composer 8.6.3/Boris Fx BCC Complete

UFO Taken by Gruman 3-08-1960 b

Grumman Ground Satellite Technology captured the Band of Light anomaly following a surveillance satellite in 1960.

11-05-2016 UFO Band of Light 4 SM WARP SDM Analysis

With power in numbers, we can safely assume the validity associated with this known (1960) UFO Band of Light

8-17-2016 UFO Band of Light 4 SM SDM Analysis

This study also includes several Hyper-Full Spectrum Infrared samples. These are hybrid samples in IR showing in

Infrared the Band of Light UFO. The specifications of this camera exceed those of HUBBLE along IR/UV/X-ray


8-17-2016 UFO Band of Light- 2 within Seconds Apart IR Analysis

Most samples are imaged within the same event span, usually seconds or moments apart.

7-12-2016 UFO JAL 1628 3rd Object FB SDM Full IR Analysis 2

UFO Band of Light imaged H-FSIR, as recommended by my associates @ NASA Science. A full analysis of this UFO

would require data within non visible thresholds (Infrared). All IR samples are 30 fps at extreme shutter speeds, as

provided by the camera (1920 P HD)

10-26-2016 UFO Band of Light FB Tracker Analysis

Comparative analysis based upon the plethora of matching data, suggests there is an active presence of this object

and its occupants, within our airspace. Understanding the methods in which ET utilizes to gain entry and exit from

any given airspace, with shed light on the ease in which these extraterrestrials travel.

10-26-2016 UFO Band of Light 3 SM WARP SDM Analysis

This example captured the UFO Band of Light at extreme altitude. The small it appears on film, the farther it is from

the camera. Those that appear large, are obviously closer to the camera, and well within our airspace, just above the

rooftops . The sounds and contrails are all essentially the same. Sounds captured are those emitted by the UFOs.

8-17-2016 UFO Band of Light SM SDM IR Analysis

Infrared samples are per NASA recommendations.

12-13-2014 UFO WARP SDM Analysis

The presentation of repeating evidence, all obtained within a fixed pool of analysis. The probabilities of events as

such, repeating in a fixed region of space, art astronomical, next to impossible due to the randomness associated

with naturally occurring phenomena within any fixed airspace. The odds of finding a needle in the haystack.

8-03-2015 UFO Cylinder Green Beam WARP Sound Analysis

Propulsion Matrix sounds and Nuclear Green contrails are all signatures of the particular UFO (Band of Light UFO)

8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder Green tail WARP Sound Analysis

Leading through forensic examples, we can draw upon the samples, information associated with the operations of

these crafts. The sound associations are relative in the presentation of forensic evidence. In most cases, the sound

associations relative to the objects presented are missing, casting doubt on the validity of the samples (old TV


8-14-2014 UFO Green Beam WARP Multiphase Analysis

The point of analysis is to show through a comparative analysis, events which match forensically, based on physical

descriptive attributes associated with what is called the "Band of Light UFO/Cylinder UFO". (below)

11-05-2016 UFO Band of Light 3 SM WARP Analysis

Most examples show what is an obvious yet constant trajectory associated with this Band of Light UFO. The

trajectory is in line with the White House, which believes this activity does not exist in the DC Area?

8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder 2 WARP Analysis

Using Hybrid Hyper-Full Spectrum Infrared technology (FSIR-ISO 204800) we are able to show the Band of Light

UFO in Infrared.

5-12-2014 UFO Portal 1 SM WARP SDM Analysis

All samples matched definitions based on characteristics. These sample illustrate the altitude differentials associated

with each forensic capture. Leading the analysis through definitions associated with each unique yet specific capture.

5-07-2014 UFO Portal 1 SM SDM Flyby Analysis

Explaining how something as random as a shooting star, can be consistent in occurrences, is to state with undue

certainty, the possibilities that these are intelligently guided crafts. The frequency of events clearly indicates a


5-04-2014 UFO Portal 1 WARP Flyby Analysis

In most samples, such as this one, the UFO is the same size. This suggests the object is at a greater altitude

during the capture. (Smaller-higher up, farther from the lens POV/Larger-closer to the lens POV)

4-24-2014 UFO Portal 2b (60 FPS capture) Washington DC

Variations are also attributed to camera lens configuration. Lens Systems range from 10 mm- 200 mm, and frame

rate (30/60 fps)

4-17-2014 UFO Portal 3 Analysis

Certainly, each example (obtained through various cameras) can't be the byproducts of inferior lens/camera

technology? These are superior examples of spatial anomalies (UFOs) generated with extraordinary camera gear!

4-09-2014 UFO Portals 2 and 3, 4 minutes apart

A plethora of never ending examples which all manifest within the fixed pool of analysis indicates extensive Portal

activities and conditions.

11-07-2016 UFO Band of Light SM WARP FB Analysis

Though faint, the Band of Light UFO was neither here nor there, in solid form. Its in a transient state of materialization.

Its detection associated with extreme High ISO sensitivities within the imager used to capture the event (Nikon D5)..

11-10-2016 UFO Cylinder (Band of Light) SM WARP SDM Analysis

The extensive nature of the forensic capture presented in this study, could not possibly be "naturally occurring"

phenomena, however more so associated with Intelligent Control.

11-10-2016 UFO Cylinder (Band of Light) 2 SM Tracker Analysis

UFO Cylinder Objects with spiral forwards trajectories,which don't fly into the airspace, however; "materialize" into it.

wmnight UFOdc b

The Band of Light UFO is no stranger to Washington DC airspace. This is a forensically confirmed UFO based on

this analysis.

The Cylinder UFO (Luminous)

Shreveport LA UFO Cylinder

A National Geographic reference file, this UFO Cylinder was first captured in Shreveport Louisiana 11-01-2012

A 100% match to the anomaly I imaged in Shreveport LA

November 16, 2012, 15 days after my initial capture, this stunning video was filmed in Japan. I never realized this

UFO would also be prevalent within the course of this research. The way in which they enter and exit our airspace,

generally undetected until manifestation into our realm, visible on Radar upon entrance into any given airspace.

11-18-2016 UFO Cylinder Band of Light SM WARP SDM Analysis

The Nuclear Green contrail is associated to this objects propulsion matrix. It usually happens when the object

goes to WARP: Entry into Spatial Portal, or exiting out of a Spatial Portal.

11-03-2016 UFO Cylinder SM WARP SDM WARP Tracker Analysis

Constantly updated materials (11-05-2016), provides a more comprehensive perspective relative to each UFO in this

case study. Each file contains the same kind of anomaly.

1-10-2015 UFO 4 SM WARP Analysis

The smaller the object appears on camera, indicates its altitude from the

5-04-2014 UFO Beam of Light Entry Analysis

Portal Entry into our Airspace: The way in which ET enters our realm, is within the scope of Quantum Physics.

Radar can't detect what's not there, until it is there (physical manifestation). The manner in which this object enters

and exits the airspace, is based on samples captured within this fixed pool of analysis. There are no deviations within

this study other than lens/camera(s) configurations. We now look at the specifics associated with this Cylinder UFO and

the conditions in which it is captured (FPA: Fixed Pool of Analysis)

1-05-2017 UFO Cylinder SM SDM Full Tracker Analysis 1

1-05-2017 UFO Cylinder SM SDM Full Tracker Analysis 1, with constant updates associated with this Cylinder UFO,

establishing forensic consistency in both the UFO object and the area in which these events take place. We see with

certainty, the capsule shaped UFO and its flight capabilities. There are several files which have this object UFO in

various stages of flight and structural development. I can show the way in which these UFO anomalies are Entering

and exiting our realm.

4-13-2015 UFO Beam of Light Flyby Analysis

The Cylinder flyby showed this object was in a curved trajectory (turning). Its a full flyby of the Cylinder UFO,

captured using Nikon D4S @ 60 fps. This is a full flyby of the cylinder anomaly. In this example, the UFO is

maintaining a curved trajectory. (Its not flying straight). This quality is not one of the properties or attributes

of a naturally occurring phenomena such as a meteor.

10-17-2016 UFO Cylinder WARP SDM Analysis

Cylinder exiting the airspace through known Spatial Portal (within the pool of analysis). D5 capture shows the

incremental dematerialization of this object upon entrance of the Portal.

1-03-2016 UFO Sphere SM and Green Beam UFO SM WARP SDM Analysis

Both this and the file above it, are within the same airspace (Pool of Analysis: PoA). We can conclude from the

frequency and types of events, that my PoA is a pathway to and from Portals. Probabilities associated to naturally

occurring events/ phenomena indicate that these samples are not naturally occurring, however; intelligently control

space craft with exceptional capabilities.

12-14-2014 UFO 3 Green Beam SM WARP SMD Analysis

The data associated with this Cylinder UFO is forensic. I have shown the possibilities associated with this UFO anomaly

with various levels of documentation. The object Entering the airspace, the object in several fly through's, the object

in levels of materialization and dematerialization. All samples obtained from a fixed region of Space. Sounds are the

additional perks relative to this data. The UFOs have mechanical sounds, though nothing I can immediately identify.

12-14-2014 UFO 4 Green Beam 2 SM WARP SDM Analysis

The various degrees of the anomaly includes directional variations, however most trajectories maintain consistency.

12-14-2014 UFO 12 SM WARP SDM Analysis

The various degrees of the anomaly includes directional variations, as shown here. It's the same as the sample

above it, however; its flight trajectory is 180 degrees different than the first video sample showing the same


12-13-2014 UFO 8 SM WARP SDM Analysis

The sample are quite specific, and easily categorized based on overall object (UFO) definitions.

12-14-2014 UFO 17 SM WARP SDM Analysis

Samples imaged showing the Cylinder UFO well beneath cloud levels, as the clouds as its background. This indicates

altitude proximity (not in the outer atmosphere). I'm using 24 mm f/1.4 @ 1/250th of a second shutter speeds. The

higher shutter speeds are attributed to the cloud background luminosity. At night, street light reflectance enhances

overcast cloud coverage.

12-14-2014 UFO 19 SM WARP SD Analysis

Clouds as its (UFO) background. This indicates altitude proximity (not in the outer atmosphere). If this transpired

in the outer atmosphere, the examples would not have physical definitions, however optical distortions associated

with the atmosphere.

5-04-2014 UFO Portal 2 WARP Flyby Analysis

Having scientific grade data to form an analysis, we can see this anomaly is truly extraordinary and exceeding that

which we use in technology.

12-14-2014 UFO 11 SM WARP SDM Analysis

Altitude proximity, the clouds are well above this object and its flight trajectory.

12-12-2014 UFO 2 Green Beam SM WARP SDM Analysis

These 2 samples (below inclusive), are of the same object, however one is larger due to proximity to the lens. The

lens configurations preclude this technology from seeing outer atmosphere events. For outer atmosphere 400 mm

would be required. However, long lens do not have light gathering capabilities at greater than f/2.8. Light gathering

capabilities are diminish considerably in pure nocturnal environments, requiring light gathering abilities that can only

be achieved with a faster lens (f/1.4/1.8/2.0/2.8). Beyond these levels, in nocturnal environments, the lens is totally

useless unless used for duration imaging (Time Exposures).

12-12-2014 UFO 3 Green Beam SM WARP SDM Analysis

Each showing the same things under different time conditions, the area of analysis is relative (fixed).

11-21-2016 UFO Cylinder SM SDM WARP IR Analysis

2 samples of a Cylinder UFO both coming and going, this sample going..

11-21-2016 UFO Cylinder WARP SDM Analysis

2 samples of a Cylinder UFO both coming and going, this sample coming.. both along the same yet opposite


12-04-2014 UFO 2 SM WARP Analysis

All samples are imaged in a fixed region of Geo-space, though space changes due to orbital rotations, the events are

all fixed geographically by the ground coordinates of the imaging systems.

12-01-2014 UFO SM WARP SDM Portal 3 Analysis

Depending on the objects forwards velocity, some samples show what is the objects propulsion matrix contrail. Its

generally Green*

UFO 8-05-2013 (return)

The Green Propulsion Matrix Contrail.

11-21-2016 UFO Cylinder Green Beam WARP Analysis

The Green Propulsion Matrix Contrail. Proof is indeed in the pudding, with this extraordinary sample (IR) showing

the Nuclear Green Propulsion Matrix Contrail associated to the Cylinder UFO (Going to WARP).

Depending on the objects forwards velocity, the contrail is most apparent at maximum WARP* as shown in the

event documentation These samples do not meet the definition associated with a "Shooting Star".

Definition: a small, rapidly moving meteor burning up on entering the earth's atmosphere. These files do not meet

the definitions associated with a Shooting Star?

(They're not entering into the atmosphere; they're materializing into it)

9-17-2014 UFO Green Beam SM WARP SDM Analysis

The propulsion systems onboard these craft must be Nuclear to achieve Quantum WARP (Teleportation) of the

entire craft and its occupants, through Space. The objects "materialize into the airspace", not "fly into it, as

a "Shooting Star".

8-15-2016 UFO Cylinder 2 Green Beam SM WARP SMD Analysis

8-15-2016 UFO Cylinder 2 Green Beam SM WARP SMD Analysis. (Note: This is an exact match to 8-14-2015)

8-14-2015 UFO Green Beam WARP SDM Analysis

8-14-2015 UFO Green Beam WARP SDM Analysis. How is this possible? 2 exact samples, exactly 1 year apart and

essentially on the same date. Both samples show the exact same things!

Cylinder 1 of 2 imaged in camera  POV

8-15-2013 and the return of an unusual UFO anomaly and its Nuclear Green contrail

These are repeating objects and events. Where indicated note the dates associated with each comparative (where

indicated) Is there a temporal anomaly associated with this region of Space known as my Pool of Analysis? How am

I imaging events with exactness, though on the same day on a different year?

5-19-2014 UFO Portal 4 SM WARP SDM Analysis

The example clearly shows the UFO anomaly materializing into the airspace. There is a distinctive difference in an object

that flies into the airspace as compared to an object which uses Quantum materialization to enter into the airspace.

12-16-2014 UFO 6 Green Beam SM WARP SDM Analysis

Matching objects and the frequencies associated with exact events, we can draw a conclusion from the plethora of

evidence obtained nightly from a fixed Pool of Analysis (90 degrees straight up over my roof 4 blocks from the White


1-10-2015 UFO 2 SM WARP SDM Analysis

The size differentials may be attributed to the altitude relative to the anomaly at the time of capture.

12-26-2014 UFO SM WARP Analysis

The possibility may also exist, that these objects do vary in size and displacement. That these smaller examples

may be scout ships (small Bands of Light).

12-20-2014 UFO Green Beam SM WARP SDM Analysis

Consistencies associated to these samples, and the repeating levels of action within my fixed pool of analysis, have

demonstrated with certainty, the validity associated to UFOs and the truths associated to Spatial Anomalies (Portals)

as demonstrated by this sample, concludes a strong extraterrestrial presence within the Washington DC airspace.

1-21-2015 UFO WARP SDM Analysis

How they exit the airspace, especially when the exit portal is within the cloud layer which is fog like. The diffusion

associated with this event are clear indicators of altitude proximity.

The White House on UFOs 2013

Well we know who most certainly is not truthful! If this ET did not exist, and I am in the same Airspace as the

White House, then how do I explain the work within this research? We voted these people into office!


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