AREA 51 Nevada UFO's (CMT)

Dr. Wilbur Allen, PhD

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This data is built on AVID DNxHD 200 workflow. Ultra HD Video standards

Avid Media Composer 6.5

AVID Media Composer 8.8.1 64 Bit Digital Editing


Boris Fx BCC 11

Nikon DSLR Autodesk 3dsmax

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What I witnessed, felt, and imaged at AREA 51 was not consistent with technology I am familiar with*.

Based on all "known" levels of technology, I am safe to assume that, that which I imaged (below)

was not humanly possible, perhaps extraterrestrial. Thank you Gianni Lo Giudice


I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/

Discovery Science/American Heroes

Thank you CBS News*

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

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CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation

Wilbur Allen's My Big Redneck Vacation

Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet

I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet

This version of Uncovering Aliens is enhanced with actual HD digital footage. It may not be advisable for children*

Robert Stanley's UNICUS Radio Hour

..Nikon Cameras

WilburAllen on Coast toCoast 11-12-2012

Coast to Coast 11-12-2012 (Click image to enter)

Wilbur Allen and John B. Wells on Imaginative Worlds

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC (National Geographic)


POV base camp of A Cowboys Dream, in Nevada. 5 Stars

A Cowboy's Dream in Nevada: Click on image* Base camp of during AREA 51 Expedition (Click on image)

A Cowboys Dream

A Cowboys Dream is absolutely extraordinary! was here! My Big Redneck Vacation on CMT

AREA 51: was Here! During my initial visit, I documented several airborne anomalies,

one of which registered in the image below as a swirl. For this to happen in a 2 second exposure,

this object would have to move at an extreme velocity.

At the Gate of AREA 51, I was communicated too by the objects I was imaging above my head. The

telepathic contact spooked me consummately! It was telling me to pack my gear and get out of the

area! If not for my associates, which witnessed my personal demeanor change while filming at the

perimeter of the base. I was not concerned with the facilities of AREA 51, the base, however;

more in the airspace above AREA 51, which I captured. In each region I ventured in AREA 51,

each was Restricted airspace and devoid of aircraft, that I could visibly see or capture. I was

also examined based on physical injuries I sustained while filming in the desert in Sedona.

Unnerving even more, while imaging in Sedona, as a large object drops out of warp, and stops

directly above my head, in the silence, all the coyotes and dogs started howling. I was then

ready to go! I got messages from these objects, and had them respond to my wish for them

to been seen, on video and by request or command of that which I imaged.

Was this an Omen for things too come? Photo by Alexa Poletti

Was this an Omen for things too come? Photo by Alexa Poletti

Outside AREA 51 and the begining of thigs to come

NGM reference file

In the upper left region of the frame, a luminous streak, which vanishes in the very next frame, taken in high speed

mode. 10 mm Fisheye (DX) perspective, Nikon D4, 102400 ISO.

Map of anomaly

Map of anomaly. In the very next frame taken in high speed sequence mode, the anomaly is gone. Its the same

type of image taken in Sedona and Shreveport, in regard to the consistency of the luminous cylinder anomaly

Enhanced image area

Enhanced image area showing luminous vectoring anomaly . Anomaly is a match to objects imaged an hour later in

AREA 51 proper and in a sample obtained in Sedona, imaged above in the Sedona chapter.

Next frame fired in sequence

In this frame taken a millisecond later, the streak/ anomaly is gone. Generally, I would have this anomaly in several

frames, however based on this sequence, it appears in 1 frame only? Nevertheless, it is consistent with samples in


Unknown anomaly imaged in2 second exposure from remote POV AREA 51

At a remote location in the desert, I programmed a D4 Nikon, to fire an image, every 10 seconds.

In this stream of images were 2 frames, which showed an orange anomaly, pulsing in the airspace

above the remote camera POV. A luminous object would have to enter within the POV image field to

be imaged as such. I have attempted to recreate this image using CGI (Autodesk 3dsmax) technology.

To do so, my 3D recreation would require the same specifications (shutter speed 2 seconds per exposure).

I create a 2 second video with a pulsing orange luminous anomaly. Within the 2 seconds, I tried to recreate

the pulse pattern, using this original as a template.

I could not replicate this event?

The object moved at an extreme velocity. To look at this frame, I had to enhance it optically. My enhancements:

Enhanced scan

NGM reference file

These are 2 second exposures, programmed to fire every 10

seconds. In this one of 2 frames, sampled from 250 images (programmed), is an etching anomaly

(orange) which pulsed, quickly through this frame. For this frame to exist, indicted that this

object moved quickly through the duration of the exposure (2 seconds) It is most difficult to

recreate this event using Autodesk 3dsmax technology. Considering the duration of this exposure,

I would have to create a 3D object, and track this created object over the trajectory imaged in the desert

sample. I am sure the recreation would show that whatever this object is, it moved quickly to be

registered as such.

Enhanced scan 2

The anomaly exited into space and moved at an exceptional velocity to register as such in a digital exposure. The

object appears within the span of the exposure, to be pulse propulsion technology. A technology discussed by my

associate Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Samples of our lecture are posted below, in the Green UFO section. The sample object

output luminescence, and could not have been illuminated from light sources around the cameras POV. I have this

object in another sequence of frames, flying in a straight trajectory. I'm still processing information relative to this

event, and have never generated such a large output of physical data, as in these expeditions.

What I imaged here, was perhaps imaged a few moments ago, as I performed my random

period scan of the night time skies over my home at 04:00 AM 11-11-2012.

Blue frame imaged in sequence taken at remote POV

I cannot explain this one frame. My camera POV was away from any and all possible light sources, and the camera

rear curtain (eye piece) is closed. There is no possible light entrance into the camera other than through the lens.

I created video of this frame event by adding 2 frames before and 2 frames after, to show continuity. For this to

happen, indicates, based on the levels of intensity, that an object with light levels in ultraviolet, generally difficult

for humans to see and process, if such an object would pass in front of them. Based on this sample, the object

passed from left to right, extremely close to the lens (20 mm 2.8 Nikkor) at a high rate of velocity. Are UFOs now

in a light range, obviously non recognizable to the human eye? My data indicates this is the case! Again, physical

documentation adds to the equation, variables yet unconsidered in regards to UFOs. I did a further analysis of this

frame, however looking at it in terms of the sequence of frames taken. After this flash of ultraviolet light, an object

enters into the frame from out of nowhere? I generated video from the entire sequence

Blue streak imaged in Sedona AZ

Ultraviolet blue streak imaged in a sequence of frames in Sedona Arizona indicates that whatever I imaged in

AREA 51, was indeed an extraterrestrial anomaly, however, moving at high velocity and in space. This frame clearly

(though in the ultraviolet range) shows an airborne anomaly that has consistency with the POV frame (blue) imaged

above in AREA 51. Ultraviolet anomaly sample, enhanced below.

Enhanced sample

An enhanced frame (brightness) showing the diagonal blue streak imaged in this extraordinary frame in Sedona.

Though enhanced, the anomaly to some, would be difficult to see under these circumstances. How then can humans

be so non assuming, if we don't see it, it's not there? It's what we don't see that's most disturbing! The "unseen".

AREA 51 Rachel Nevada

Rachel Nevada; terrestrial scan. All terrestrial scans are performed autonomously, programmed for a duration of

time, and generally captured in HD video format. Some samples on these pages are HD video frame extracts. The

utilization of NASA grade technology in the analysis of UFO activities. Nikon D4

No Fly Zone AREA 51 Rachel Nevada

NGM reference file

Modulating red/white anomaly flies through a sequence of frames, programmed to fire every 10 seconds. This is

Restricted AirSpace, and there should be nothing in the air, yet there is? What I imaged was other worldly, as

demonstrated by these samples, which defy relative conditions. Imaged in the starfield what is referred to as the

Dark Rift. It shows as Nebula matter in these extraordinary samples. How extraordinary, to have another

photographer ( Italian fashion photographer and UFO researcher) Gianni Lo Giudice, take the same objects

with his cameras, at the same time this sample was being imaged by my cameras. His images are a 100%


Che cosa straordinaria, di avere un altro

fotografo (fotografo di moda italiana e ricercatore UFO) Gianni Lo Giudice, prendere gli stessi oggetti

con le sue telecamere, allo stesso tempo, questo campione era stato ripreso dalle mie macchine fotografiche.

Le sue immagini sono al 100% corrispondono.

Again, Gianni's images, which are an independent point of view, confirm samples taken by my camera sampling Restricted Airspace

AREA 51. Gianni and his Super Model wife, stayed in A Cowboy's Dream as guest. I was most impressed in his Crop Circle research,

which based on his discussion, substantiated facts regarding cellular deformations inherint to authenticated crop circles. Plants within

these circles, showed deformations at the molecular level, consistent with microwaved pop corn

Anche in questo caso, le immagini di Gianni, che sono un punto di vista indipendente, confermano campioni prelevati dalla mia macchina fotografica di

campionamento dello spazio aereo limitato

AREA 51. Gianni e sua moglie Super Model, ha soggiornato in Sogno di una Cowboy come ospite. Mi ha colpito molto nella sua ricerca Crop Circle,

che sulla base della sua discussione, fatti documentati relativi a cellulare inherint deformazioni di cerchi nel grano autenticati. Le piante all'interno

questi cerchi, ha mostrato deformazioni a livello molecolare, in linea con microonde pop corn

Composite of airborne anomaly in No Fly Zone

Composite of airborne anomaly in No Fly Zone. Click on image sample to access terrestrial scan of AREA 51. The scan

shows objects being tracked throughout the sample, then suddenly vanishing. It also shows an object being discharged

from a cluster of objects stationary with the frames. Click on image sample above to see video from frames taken.

Looking at the physical samples, from a left POV perspective. The object is moving from left frame to center, and passes

behind a small mountain. However, it never comes from behind the mountain? There are no bases or airports in

This restricted NoFly zone airspace.

Enhanced sample

Enhanced sample showing airborne object in No Fly Zone. While filming, I felt watched, though I knew I was totally

alone. I setup my camera to film video. In doing so, I said: "Show it to me". Within 15 seconds of my command, the

object (cloaked), did indeed, show itself to me. This video is proof there exists telepathic communication between

these objects and those they choose to communicate with. The streaks become longer as the object approaches

the rear of the mountain. However, there should be a streak associated to the rear light, yet this is not the case

as this object decelerates.

AREA 51 AVID Media Composer 6.5 template

AVID Media Composer 6.5 ASREA 51 sequence template. In the case of extreme low light, a sequence of stills

fired in rapid succession, animated and accelerated in AVID 64 bit advanced editing technology, adequately

demonstrates motion activity within the programmed duration of images. Generally, autonomously fired from

remote POV's, in any given sample location. Click on POV 6 Media Composer image above for the video associated

to this AREA. Duration of imagery: 1 Hour compressed to 20 seconds.


Boris Fx BCC 8.2 applied to all UFOdc HD Video (+25800-204800 ISO NR) Secondary POV of air traffic in Restricted airspace taken by Gianni. How then does

one not conclude based on these physical samples, that extraterrestrial technology is indeed in this airspace. POV secondaria del traffico aereo nello spazio aereo limitato presa da Gianni. Come poi fa

non concludere sulla base di questi campioni fisici, che la tecnologia extraterrestre è proprio in questo spazio aereo. Gianni's extraordinary physical documentation of objects in AREA 51

Straordinaria documentazione fisica di Gianni di oggetti in AREA 51


Ramani's blog

Ramani's blog

UFR_7713 UFO Sphere and AREA 51 Anomaly SM SDM Analysis complete_ Hd B 000058

An event in which this anomaly appears and then vanishes instantly, while other spheres slowly transverse the

image area. Click on image for entire event, as it transpired. 5-26-2015. The anomaly is a 100% match to that

which was imaged below, outside the perimeter of AREA 51 Groom Lake Base.

This data updated, with similar events and anomalies captured in Washington DC.

Compositeof anomaly 1 imaged over gate of AREA 51

Area 51 airborne anomaly* (Click on image)

Imaged over AREA 51, a luminous anomaly, which I witnessed imaged during investigation of this airspace. At this

point of sampling, I received a telepathic communication from one of the 2 objects, slithering in flight above my

head. It told me to: to "Pack my shit" in those words! I complied immediately upon receiving the command! Within

1 minute of returning to my crew van, an unmarked US Government van jetted out the main gate, doing about

60-70 mph. If I had still been at my POV, and dressed in black, I would have been hit by the fast moving van! I was

with Riley Martin, Eron McCauley and Gianni Lo Giudice. Gianni took pictures. His images are considered a continuation

of what I had been imaging, however; Gianni's images are from his POV perspectives in some cases. In most instances

our images are taken from generally the same POV's. We have established forensic credibility in the documentation of

unknown airborne anomalies in the Restricted Airspace designated as AREA 51. (UFO) We are dealing with forensic

documentation. Digital data: metadata digital information embedded into the imaged samples. This indicates authenticity

of the image file, and a lack of augmentation (modification) in Photoshop or any other image altering program. Hopefully

removing all doubt, the facts speak for them selves.

Ripreso su AREA 51, un'anomalia luminosa, che ho assistito ripreso durante l'indagine dello spazio aereo. a questo

punto di campionamento, ho ricevuto una comunicazione telepatica da uno dei 2 oggetti, scivolando in volo sopra la mia

testa. Mi ha detto di: a "Pack mia merda" in quelle parole! Ho rispettato immediatamente dopo aver ricevuto il comando! entro

1 minuto di tornare al mio furgone equipaggio, un marcato governo degli Stati Uniti van schizzava fuori il cancello principale, facendo per

60-70 mph. Se fossi stato ancora il mio POV, e vestita di nero, che sarebbe stato colpito dal furgone in rapido movimento! sono stato

con Riley Martin, Eron McCauley e Gianni Lo Giudice. Gianni ha fatto delle foto. Le sue immagini sono considerate una continuazione

di quello che era stato l'imaging, però, Gianni immagini sono dalle sue prospettive POV in alcuni casi. Nella maggior parte dei casi

le nostre immagini sono prese dal generalmente gli stessi di POV. Abbiamo stabilito la credibilità forense nella documentazione di

sconosciuti anomalie aerei nello spazio aereo limitato designato come AREA 51. (UFO) Abbiamo a che fare con la medicina legale

documentazione. I dati digitali: le informazioni sui metadati digitali incorporati nei campioni sotto forma di immagini. Questo indica autenticità

del file di immagine, e la mancanza di aumento (modifica) in Photoshop o qualsiasi altro programma che modifica altra immagine. fiduciosamente

la rimozione di ogni dubbio, i fatti parlano da loro stessi.

Enhanced sample of 5 frame composite taken at gate of AREA 51

Area 51 airborne anomaly* (Click on image), imaged at the gate perimeter of AREA 51. After the command to move

my gear, sent by one of the objects, an unmarked US Government van exited AREA 51, and sped past my moved POV.

If I had still been in that spot, I most certainly would have been hit by the speeding van! Did this anomaly save my life?

As a child, my father was stationed at Lowery AFB in Colorado. He was redeployed to Vietnam via Castle AFB in California.

To get to Castle, we drove through the area in Nevada which was known as AREA 51. I saw a white dot, zig-zagging

in space! When I mentioned it to my father, he stepped on the gas, and accelerated his speed to an uncomfortable

level, to get out of Dodge, quickly! How odd, I should capture that anomaly (s) in this expedition into AREA 51.

Frame 1 of 5 taken from gate of AREA 51

This object did not conform too conventional aircraft, and is consistent with what I imaged over Baltimore Maryland 8-03-2008

NASA supportive data associated to this sample, please click on image. What was imaged in space is imaged in the air over

Rachel Nevada. I have samples which shows objects suddenly appear or break formation fly forwards then vanish. With

supportive physical samples to substantiate my claims. I must note that this is not the first time I witnessed the zig-zagging

luminous white anomaly. My first encounter was as a child in 4th grade, leaving Denver Colorado and traveling to Castle AFB

in California (SAC).

Metadata associated to images imaged in AREA 51

It was brought to my attention, that there would be an issue validating the imaged samples, due to advancements in 3D/CGI

technology. However; my files were generated with a D4 Nikon, which included the technical specifications too all the imaged

samples taken from the gate perimeter of AREA 51. For the sake of argument, it is required to show the validity of the imaged

files taken directly from AREA 51. In this query, frames UFE_8109-8113. 5 frames taken in sequence from film location, POV

AREA 51. Based on information provided by Stanton Friedman, the slithering anomaly is no secret to those around AREA 51*

I note the flight characteristics of these anomalies, and that of the Teardrop Anomaly imaged over Baltimore Harbor in 2008.

Metadata profile of images taken on AREA 51 front gate/staging area locations

The samples highlighted in gray are frames showing the luminous object slithering through the air. Object zig zagged as did an

object imaged in 2008 over Baltimore. Nevertheless, the images have their exposure data, and system signature, embedded as

Metadata profile. All professional digital images have the system impression, embedded within its image data profile. The images

are indeed, Authentic. The anomalies flight characteristics (zig-zagging) is common among UFO's. That's clearly indicated in my

Baltimore 8-03-2008 samples of the Teardrop Mothership imaged over Baltimore Harbor.

Frame 1 of 5 taken from Gate of AREA 51

Frame 1 of 5, full frame perspective of vectoring luminous anomalies over AREA 51. The 2 objects moved

perpendicular to each other in perhaps an intercept course with each other. Whatever they are, they are

a pair. Objects paired were imaged over the US Capitol Building July 16, 1952 and July 16, 2002 (below)

Frame 1 object enhanced

Object vectoring through space, in 1 of 5 exposures taken 90 degrees looking up from ground POV, AREA 51. This is an

enlarged section, roughly 5-10% of the imaged area, containing this anomaly. I of 2 objects in flight, sampled on all frames.

I created a frame analysis of this lead object, as it slithered through space during this imaged duration. Click on image.

I have a large volume of physical data, which indicates that these objects enter and exit through self generated wormholes.

Flow of Wisdom

On the link above ,  be sure to tell your followers to click on "March 2013" then yesterdays date and then click on Hour 2.

My analysis based on continuous frames, imaged every 10 seconds for 2 hour intervals. My cameras were placed in

various POV's and programmed to fire autonomously. In much of this research, I was not present during time of some

exposures. However, this sequence of frames taken from the gate of AREA 51 are manually taken. I stopped immediately

upon receiving command to leave the area! (Note: When you receive a telepathic message, comply, then leave quickly!)

Object 2 of 2 objects vectoring through Space

Object 2, vectoring at a different angle, however; registered in all frames imaged in this sequence. Object also demonstrated

a slithering forwards flight trajectory, headed in our (crew) POV.

Composite frames AREA 51

Sample showing 2 luminous objects vectoring in flight above my head, at POV Gate location, AREA 51. Both objects shown

demonstrated the slithering forwards flight characteristics of these objects. I imaged this object on another occasion, however


taking 500 frames in the sequence. I was not alone, that night; Riley Martin and Eron McCauley were with me, on this expedition.

CMT's: My Big Redneck Vacation featuring Wilbur Allen, Riley Martin and Eron McCauley (TBA)

Wilbur Allen: Riley Martin Interview AREA 51

Riley Martin first sighted the UFO in our van headed to AREA 51. I filmed most of the trip, as Riley watched a luminous anomaly in

route to the site (AREA 51). Along with Riley and Eron, was Italian fashion photographer and UFO researcher Gianni Lo Giudice. He

took pictures in AREA 51 and the staging area where the film crews met at the end of the filming. Gianni's images are from a second

person POV and taken at the same time and location as my samples. They are a 100% match and confirming data to this research.

Insieme a Riley e Eron, moda italiana fotografo e ricercatore UFO Gianni Lo Giudice. Ha preso le foto in

AREA 51 e l'area di passaggio dove le troupe cinematografiche incontrati alla fine delle riprese. Gianni immagini sono di una seconda persona

POV e presa allo stesso tempo e luogo, come i miei campioni. Si tratta di una corrispondenza del 100% e confermare i dati di questa ricerca.

Gianni Lo Giudice

Gianni Lo Giudice

10 ‎12 ‎2012 AREA 51 Nevada  ‏‎2222 PM Show it To Me

10 ‎12 ‎2012 :AREA 51 Nevada ‏‎22:22 PM Show it To Me. In AREA 51, aliens communicated with me telepathically. Initially, it scared

me terribly. However; the reason was obvious: ET was warning of AREA 51 security which was about to intercept me at my filming

location, in a restricted zone.

10-12-2012 UFO Tic Tac Portal Entry AREA 51 Nevada

10-12-2012 UFO Tic Tac Portal Entry AREA 51 Nevada

Addition files from AREA 51 showing object maniferstation into airspace, where there was no object.

the same video with AVIID Boris FX BCC NR and Timewarp App location (HD Video) 2013*

Additional samples taken in AREA 51 shows the luminous object manifest into a stream of images, from out of nowhere! This

is a composite frame of 14 samples in this sequence. For this to happen, indicates this object moved at a constant and controlled

velocity. This clearly illustrated the ability of these object to enter into our airspace freely and undetected. We do not have the

technology to detect wormhole events, though NASA is familiar with these events, based on information provided by my

associate Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14) on "Alien Wormhole Technology"

Enhanced sample shows this object deviated from its flight trajectory in a controlled manner

Enhanced sample shows this object deviated from its flight trajectory in a controlled manner.It deviated from its

trajectory in frame 8, and I cannot account for why it did so? VIdeo from frames to be uploaded shortly*. Update:

A closer look at this sequence shows a second object emerged from the same area as the first, however in a

different flight vector (direction)

Gianni's samples are 100% consistent with samples I obtained during this expedition. Though a slight difference

in technology, his image samples nevertheless show exactly what I imaged during this event. Note the streaks

and the red/white pulsing anomaly beneath them. All is consistent with samples taken at this time. Though this

shows samples in 1 frame which I obtained in several frames taken by my camera(s). However, his single frame

shed significant light on that which I imaged, for they are one and the same.

Wilbur Allen intro

Play video: Thank you Sir for your excellent introduction... W

The Truth Denied featuring Roxy Lopes

The Truth Denied with Roxy Lopez: Thank you Roxy!

Teardrop Anomaly 8-03-2008 Baltimore Maryland

8-03-2008, Baltimore Maryland Teardrop Anomaly, zig zagged at high velocity, out of the frames. My references to this flight

characteristic are signified by the samples taken at AREA 51, 10-14-2012. The first sample of alien flight technology, shows

the same flight dynamics as that imaged over AREA 51, however this is 5 years ago 2008

My hat's off to Gianni! Please note, this sample and the POV reference consistent with POV of D4. My samples are

10 mm Fisheye. Gianni's perspectives fill in the blanks to the images I took, and again are 100% consistent .

Il mio cappello è spento a Gianni! Si prega di notare, in questo esempio e il riferimento POV coerente con POV di D4. I miei campioni sono

10 millimetri Fisheye. Gianni prospettive di riempire gli spazi vuoti con le immagini che ho preso, e di nuovo al 100% coerenti.

Frame one of staging ground encounter, Rachel Nevada, AREA 51

I made video from the sequence of images taken from the staging area (crew meet location) in Rachel.

AREA 51 staging area, Rachel Nevada. Frame composite of 4 frames taken upon returning from AREA 51 gate.

On all imaged files shown, there is metadata impressions on all photographs. That means the images have the

physical conditions of the shoot, inclusive of camera used, shutter speed, aperture, and geometric specifics

(angular definition) of each imaged file. These are not CGI/faked imagery; however, actual photographic samples.

Video composite shows the objects flight characteristics are maintained even at low altitudes.

CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation

The Whole Agenda: Wilbur Allen

The Whole Agenda: Wilbur Allen

Enhanced frame

The object imaged is in a No-Fly Zone, AREA 51 Nevada. The object(s) followed us back to base camp. The flight

trajectory of this sample indicates it is "slithering"/zig-zagging in a forwards trajectory. Sharks swim in this manner

as do al predatory aggressors in the wild.

Stage 2 of object approach. Sample shows object as a series of 4 white spheres

UFO AREA 51 Crew Staging area Rachel, Nevada. In the air a slithering UFO. These are the first recorded (camera)

samples of this anomaly during this AREA 51 Expedition.

Enhanced frame sample

UFO consistent with later samples showing this luminous object slithering through space over AREA 51. The object up

close resembles a series of spheres connected. This is consistent with the images taken from the gate POV of Area 51

frame 2 in sequence

Frame 2 of UFO encountered at Staging area during AREA 51 Expedition. Object based on these samples,

maintained flight characteristics (slithering)through the sky.

Frame enhanced

Frame 2 anomaly enlarged and we see the object is now curved, which is consistent with the slithering flight

characteristics imaged on this evening and location, AREA 51.

Frame 3 of secod stage images taken from staging area Rachel, Nevada  AREA 51

Frame 3 of UFO Encountered during AREA 51 Expedition. Ironically, from this point forwards, I felt "creeped" out!

Composite frames

NGM reference file

Composite frames of UFO Anomaly which followed us back to camp ground

Composite frames of anomaly shows the objects flight characteristics

Composite of frames taken from staging area Area 51. Additional frames indicate that this object became less luminous

vectoring away from the POV base camp in Rachel Nevada. The additional frames which come after these frames show

this object leaving the area at a moderate rate of velocity. These 2 objects followed me to my hotel, 100 miles away from

AREA 51. I have definite proof of wormhole technology in use over AREA 51 immediate airspace. To demonstrate these

claims I use composite frames, which the event frames, layered on top of each other. All composited frames are matched

and filmed in sequence. When layered we can see the flight trajectory of the objects sampled in these continuous frames.

Rachel Nevada AREA 51 staging grouind composite sample with zig-zagging UFO

UFO tracked in several frames imaged in 10 mm fisheye in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51). Based on samples, object

maintained a straight however, zig-zagging trajectory away from POV campgrounds.

Enhanced sample showing composite frames imaged from Rachel Nevada staging grounds. Object zig-zagged out of frame based on this composite frame analysis

Enhanced frames showing zig-zagging anomaly leaving POV staging area Rachel Nevada. This anomaly followed me

100 miles to my hotel where I imaged it exiting a distortion in space, though to be a wormhole.

Frames connected, AREA 51

Frames connected, these two composites represent the flight trajectory of an anomaly in Restricted AirSpace AREA 51

Cloud Anomaly, staging grounds, Rachel Nevada. I cannot explain this cloud mass?

Autonomous fire: 1 frame every 10 seconds. D4 Nikon, 100000 ISO

Cloud Anomaly, staging grounds, Rachel Nevada. I cannot explain this cloud mass? I created video from the frames

to show the event, which to some, is insignificant? However; the cloud mass manifests in the sky and not on the

ground? If this was attributed to ground traffic, then the cloud mass would originate from ground level, not the sky?

AREA 51 UFO Anomalies

AREA 51 UFO sequence! Click on image to access this extraordinary file.

Objet encountered imaged to film during what appeared to be a UFO landing in Rachel Nevada   AREA 51

The far left of screen is a luminous white streak. This streak is an unknown anomaly, which could be meteor or UFO related.

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Green Fireball UFO


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