UFO Spheres and Luminosities

Close Encounter at the US Capitol

July 16, 2002 at the US Capitol Building in Washington DC, Extraterrestrials landed on the grounds and on the roof House side

the US Capitol. What was witnessed and documented were Green Fireball UFO's in a quad formation. This 3.5 minutes exposure

showed that the lead formation of objects had the ability to fold space, and appear in multiple locations in the sky, prior to

entering a self generated Stargate Wormhole.


NASA JPL sample taken December 25th 1999 23.03GMT during deployment of X-Ray Sat. Note the 2 luminous Green

anomalies match that which I imaged in 2002*


Taken from Space in 1991, these anomalies match those that I encountered @ The US Capitol Building July 16, 2002


JPL footage: Click on image for video analysis.

A 100% match to objects imaged by Apollo 11 and objets imaged at the US Capitol Building July 16, 2002

Forensic match to Apollo 11/US Capitol UFO JUly 16, 2002. What I did not have in 2002 was Full Color Night Vision.