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I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/

Discovery Science/American Heroes

I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet

This version of Uncovering Aliens is enhanced with actual HD digital footage. It may not be advisable for children*

Discovery's Animal Planet

Wilbur Allen and John B. Wells on Imaginative Worlds

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC (National Geographic)

Shreveport and AREA 51 2012 I focused primarily on HD full frame stills. Instead of Time lapse which I use now

in video format, I programmed HD Full frame still images using Nikon D4 technology. The 2012 samples are

expeditionary imagery based on my CMT contract. I lead expedition into Groom Lake AREA 51 for My Big Redneck

Vacation. I never realized this anomaly matched UFOs imaged in AREA 51, that literally started showing on film nightly.

Shreveport, Louisiana 11-01-2012

NGM reference file (Click on image). Please note Metadata section of page.

Shreveport, Louisiana 11-01-2012. In a 550 frame sequence taken at 00:41:45 AM, we have 1 frame which shows a

luminous object and contrail, as it ascends into Shreveport. Atmospheric conditions in Shreveport are poor. There is

excessive light and air pollution in this immediate area. I matched this frame sample to video footage taken in

Japan 11-15-2012.

UFO Washington DC 2013

How ironic that this anomaly is now prevalent over my home in Washington DC? Washington Cylinder UFO with

green energy contrail, associated to objects propulsion technology.

Shreveport, Louisiana 11-01-2012 enhanced sample, shows object and contrail

Shreveport, Louisiana 11-01-2012 enhanced sample, shows object and contrail. Frames are taken spaced 5 seconds

apart, and 550 frames total from start to finish. Matching footage filmed in Japan 11-15-2012. Click on image sample

below to access Japan matched footage. Note: The images look 100% alike, however mine is in Shreveport, not Japan

I generated video from the frames. The video has 2 frames before and 2 frames after the event. Video generated in HD

Enhanced frame sample used to match Japan sample

Enhanced frame sample used to match Japan sample. A change in brightness in my sample, shows exactly what is

imaged in Japan 11-15-2012, however in Shreveport. This indicates that whomever operates these anomalies is

based both in Japan and Shreveport Louisiana. Both samples indicate the objects trajectory is ground based. Even

odder, the samples show this object in the same angular flight trajectory. However; what's extraordinary is what

appears after this cylinder flies by! An Orange sphere which cloud like consistency, manifests into the frame, and

flies through the sample while doing a 180 degree turn. I created video and a composite frame to show this UFO

anomaly as it manifested during this sequence of frames.

ShreveportCylinder and Orange Anomaly

The faint Orange dots are the anomaly as it manifested into the frames, during the sequence. I created video to

show this anomaly as it flies through the frame. Click on image for HD video analysis. The anomaly, based on the

HD physical samples, manifests into the image area, from out of nowhere? It suddenly appears! Nevertheless, this

object registered digitally on several High Definition TIFF formatted image samples. Note: There are several luminous

Orange anomalies registered on this very unusual image samples. D4 is programmed to fire autonomously, a frame

every 7 seconds. This orange anomaly moved slowly, based on these forensic samples. This image is a composite

of 22 HD image frames taken in this specific sequence. The entire sequence has 1100 frames associated to this


A 100% match to the anomaly I imaged in Shreveport LA

Note: The images look 100% alike, however mine is in Shreveport, not Japan. What are the odds that an image taken

in one part of the world, be taken again, almost 100% exactly the same, however 15 days and thousands of miles

apart? 2 exact physical samples showing exactly the same thing..

Japan UFO December 2012

Japan UFO 2 December 2012

Metadata, Shreveport, 11-01-2012

Metadata Shreveport, shows UFO anomaly in sequence of frames with a contrail 11-01-2012

The Russian Prime Minister and "Aliens living among us"

"Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special 'top secret' folder.

This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet," Medvedev answered playfully.

It is my opinion that the Russian comments are correct; We are not alone, and aliens are amongst us.

US Capitol Building Cylinder UFO composite 2009 sample

Haunted Shreveport Louisiana

Haunted Shreveport Louisiana; An abandoned apartment building without windows, power, or running water, yet

there is what appears to be a Black & White television set on in one apartment, without tenants or furniture?

Starfield 70 miles outside of Shreveport

Shreveport Starfield.* POV 45 miles away from Shreveport City proper. Shreveport has photonic pollution

Spatial scan technology programmed to scan every 3 seconds. (Click on image to see spatial scan)

Starfield 70 miles outside of Shreveport was very much like that imaged at AREA 51. Nikon technology used exclusively

in the creation of this work. All Nikon 35 mm film samples are scanned in Nikon Coolscan direct film scan technology.

All HD digital imagery Nikon Advanced DSLR camera and Lens technology. Film rated @ 1600 ISO, processed in RMOS

irradiated film development technology 2000-2008. Film research division has transitioned to large format HD Digital.

Film research is exclusively Infrared film orientation. I shoot 35 mm high speed infrared and developed in chemistry

engineered for the specifics of the shoot. Film technology used only upon special request*

Welber, The UFO Expert on My Big Redneck Vacation

Welber, The UFO Expert on My Big Redneck Vacation: Shreveport party (Click on image for episode). Hosted by

Tom Arnold

AREA 51 episode. Tom Arnold: My Big Redneck Vacation Host

Big Redneck Vacation and (Welber)

My ( Big Redneck Vacation, pass me a beer! "Welber". CMT & I. Nikon Video @ 51200-102400 ISO

CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation

CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation: "Shootin' Yur Aylien Frenz Wellber?" (Click on image ) Nikon Video @ 51200-102400 ISO

My Big Redneck Vacation is hosted by: Tom Arnold

Avid Media Composer 6.5

AVID Media Composer 7 64 Bit Digital Editing


Boris Fx BCC 8.2


Downtown Shreveport showed obvious signs of economic downfall and a crunched economy. In the past, known

for industrial oil companies, there are few if any still in the area?


Architecture of the 1800's and 1920's

Haunted Shreveport

The most unusual is this powerless, abandoned high rise, disconnected from water and electricity, yet there is a

Black & White television, on in an apartment with no windows, power or running water! Note: Shreveport is HDTV

Digital compliant, and a tube B&W television set would not work in this broadcast environment. My only conclusion

is that this represents a Paranormal event. Shreveport is the site of a massive population kill, due to parasitic

disease (1800's)


Shreveport is a giant movie set*


Sedona Arizona UFO's 2012-2013