Green Fireball UFO

UFO Forensic Files

ADVANCED UFO and PARANORMAL RESEARCH: SYSTEMS Upgraded is now: Hyper Full Spectrum Infrared ISO 204800 through ISO 4 Million/Hyper Full Color Night Vision ISO 409600/

Hyper-Hyper Full Color Night Vision Next Gen: ISO 3.9 Million (Effective 4-13-2018). I have substantial Results.

This is an active website. Pictures along with links, are linked to other chapters and website's.

This is a Scientific website. The Forensic evidence presented has no religious connotations.

Dr. Wilbur G. Allen, PhD (Advanced Imaging Systems: Hyperhubble)

Washington DC research has been concluded. I'm now focusing on events in Deep Space and Lunar surface.

Orion Telescopes CelestronLunt Solar Systems

For this capability I've partnered with Orion, Celestron Telescopes and Lunt solar systems. With the ability to see beyond the limits of my close proximity

technology, I needed technology comparable to NASA. Thank You Celestron Telescopes for your Support.

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Updated 9-18-2022

Avid Media Composer 6.5

AVID Media Composer 2021.6 64 Bit Digital Editing Mastering, Motion Picture production.


Boris Fx Continuum 2019

Nikon DSLR Autodesk 3dsmax

In this body of work, the image samples have no optical distortions associated with them. This indicates

without doubt, that the anomalies imaged, are well within our atmosphere.

Air Force 1

The White House/Air Force One/Marine 2, Engineering contract: Wilbur Allen

Page 37

Photography/Publications/Art Direction/Designer/Motion Pictures (35mm)/U-HD Digital Video AVID

Editor/W.G. Allen 1982-2022

I Know What I Saw AMAZON Prime

FIR_1074C Solar surface

Lunt Solar Systems

Coast to Coast 2021

Wilbur Allen on Coast to Coast with George Noory 9-05-2021

Coast to Coast 2021 B.jpg

Wilbur Allen on Coast to Coast with George Noory 9-05-2021

Coast to Coast 5 3-29-2018

Coast to Coast With George Noory 5 3-29-2018

History channel H

Body Snatcher 17

"Missing in Alaska" is available on Amazon downloads

Missing in Alaska:Alaska's Body Snatchers

Missing in Alaska 2.jpg

Missing in Alaska-Mount Hayes; Friday 8-07-2015 on the History Channel (click to Enter). We have been taken

down, but is available for download, on Amazon.. Missing in Alaska is built upon Intellectual Properties

"Missing in Alaska" is available on Amazon

History channel H

Glacier trek

Mount Hayes UFO Base: A most unusual expedition to an ET Base. (click to Enter)

Missing in Alaska A UFO Over Mount Hayes  S1  E3 History

Missing in Alaska A UFO Over Mount Hayes S1 E3 History

We're now more advanced and offer Hyper Full Spectrum Infrared imagery in UFO Analysis.

Wilbur Allen YouTube channel B

Wilbur Allen YouTube: Subscribe to get the latest UFO documentation in 4K HD

UFOs the Lost evidence

UFO's the Lost evidence. Program Content Provider:

UNICUS Robert Stanley B

UNICUS Robert Stanley

Other Side of News

The Other Side of Midnight News, with Richard C. Hoagland.

1952 US Capitol UFO Flyby Film Analysis

July 16, 1952. The first documentation of ET in Washington DC. Robert Stanley of UNICUS Magazine has extensive Washington

DC research. 1952 US Capitol UFO Flyby Film Analysis . In 1952 from an optional vantage point, an individual with a 16 mm Bolex

camera filmed the UFO flyby @ the US Capitol. In the 360 frames of analysis materials, 358 axial corrections had to

be made for drift associated to being "hand held". It is an impossibility that this footage is an animation. Those that

claim its animation are absolutely clueless and can't tell you what program rendered the 3D (?) animation.

1952 US Capitol UFO Flyby Film Analysis 1952 .jpg

CIA analysis 1952. I was able to match with 100% certainty, the monochromatic visual on this sample, to the 16

mm bolex motion picture above (in the monochromatic analysis). This sample served as a forensic verifier.

Click on image to enter chapter (Washington DC Final Analysis)


The anomalies within this research study have obviously been here for a while. Each anomaly on this tapestry has

an U-HD representative.

The Tracie Austin Show - UFOs, Wormholes and the ISS Pt 1 Ep10

The Tracie Austin Show - UFOs, Wormholes and the ISS Pt 1 Ep10 featuring Wilbur Allen

Bible Mothership HD

Objects in Invisibility

th (3) c enl

Advanced ET Organisms c

5-04-2014 UFO Beam of Light Entry Analysis

Washington DC Final Analysis

We are not alone, and this is how they enter and exit P-53 Restricted Airspace

9-05-2020 UFO Red Cylinder Cigar 1 Portal Entry Hyperstar 470nm IR RGBYCM Tracker Analysis

Anomalous Activity: Warps and Repeats in Time.

Meteor List

The American Meteor Society and the inconsistencies in the anomalies (Band of Light) I'm getting.

UFO Virginia-RIP

Deep Space and Lunar Surface

11-22-2017 UFO Band of Light 4 SM WARP Analysis

11-22-2017 UFO Band of Light 4 SM WARP Analysis, the forth of 7. We are no longer in P-53 Restricted Airspace.

AC DC Realize

AC/DC Realize

Chapter Page 36

Condensed Research, Chapter 36

wwwtheothersideofmidnight .jpg While being interviewed by Richard C. Hoagland, my cameras

were documenting extraterrestrial spacecraft entering into my fixed pool of analysis. (Basis of Discussion)

LifePixel Infrared Conversions

The basis of my technology is built upon LifePixel IR.


Part 2 of my discussion with Richard C. Hoagland.

DC Eclipse 8-21-2017 Time Warp (IR Super Blue)

DC Eclipse 8-21-2017 Time Warp (IR Super Blue). Filmed 950nm IR @ ISO 4000 using 1/8000th of a second shutter

speed at f/22. The 200 mm lens is totally closed down. Though (visually) through the lens, nothing is seen (950nm) is

totally black (to the human eye), the camera D4 FSIR experienced superheating, and required shielding from the Sun.

The 1/8000th of a second shutter speed is designed to perfectly freeze action (high velocity objects), using f/22

(totally closed down), everything within the subjective focus is in 100% focus.


Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field  Portals Map B

Spatial Portals and Anomalous Manifestations in our Airspace

DSC_2018 UFO Band of Light closeup WARP SDM Analysis 2_000117

Japan Airlines Flight 1628-The Third Object (Forensically Authenticated UFO Files)

Page includes an must see analysis of JAL Flight 1628 by Scientific Associate: Dr. Bruce Maccabee (click to Enter)

1-05-2017 UFO Cylinder SM SDM Full Tracker Analysis 1

Band of Light and Luminous Cylinder UFOs

The Forensic Authentication of Extraterrestrial Spacecraft (Click on image to Enter).

9-18-2019 UFO Band Of Light Hyperstar 470nm IR Analysis PC

Band of Light 2

US Navy Video frame

US Navy Solar Observatory image sample

A more defined page associated with the Band of Light UFO anomaly (Ultra HD Hyper Color IR ISO 4 Million)

Grumman 1960 B.jpg

Grumman 8-12-1960

UFO Comparatives The UFOs of Part 1 Band of Light Spheres

UFO Comparatives:

The UFOs of Part 1 Band of Light/Spheres. With several forensic comparatives in which to form a study, I've taken

like files, and placed them together. The final results are absolutely amazing!

Wilbur Allen Coast to Coast 3-03-2016

How ET Enters and Exits Our Airspace-NASA confirmation of Spatial Portals (click to Enter)

Wilbur Allen on Coast to Coast 3-03-2016 12 midnight -2:00 AM-Click image to read discussion

Frame prior to manifestation of anomaly

Built upon empirical evidence, this page examines Spheres and Luminosities based on HD examples.

UFO Spheres and Luminosities

Discovery Science

(click to Enter)

NASA Charlie Bolden

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and the New Explorers (New Horizon's Pluto Probe Pluto Flyby success.)

Pluto New Horizons.jpg

NASA Johns Hopkins APL Pluto HD samples. (click to Enter)

Country Music Television and Wilbur Allen

Animal Planet.Discovery

UFOdc on the Weather Channel (TBA)

Tornado Alley: Twisted Believers

Tornado Alley-Twisted Believers Wilbur Allen UFO

(click to Enter)


(click to Enter) NBCUniversal AVID workflow

My Networks: on Discovery Science

The Tsunami generated by John B. Wells (Coast To Coast) CRASHED

The Mothership. (Thanks John)

John B Wells on Coast To Coast

John B Wells on Coast To Coast (click to Enter)

Wilbur Allen: Coast to Coast


John B. Wells

Wilbur Allen and John B. Wells on Imaginative Worlds (click to Enter)

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC

The Search for ET Portals and Bases: AREA 51/Sedona/Washington DC. This film short is a combination of locations

showing the same anomalies in each area.


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The wave of data generated from the silence, is extensive. I will mention events,

however; not show them in order to maintain the proper flow of information. The massive

amounts of hits generated by Brother John B. Wells and Coast to Coast, will now be dealt

with appropriately. Though this page may load slowly, it's well worth the wait!

Seam Anthony: Wilbur Allen interview

Sean Anthony: Wilbur Allen interview

For those that want to capture UFOs with your DSLR cameras, I have explained in detail, my procedures.

Understanding I'm using extreme technology (Nikon D4/D4S), the technical data can still be translated down to

an appropriate level usable by your cameras. It is a matter of mathematics to be able to scale down from my

settings, and apply them to your cameras. The catch however; you must have a camera with ISO sensitivity

greater > than 6400 ISO. 25600 is the starting point to full color Night Vision. (click to Enter)

Extraordinaria Evidencia OVNI captada por Wilbur Allen

Evidencia OVNI captada por Wilbur Allen - UFO Evidence collected by Wilbur Allen

"Gracias Jaime Maussan para una excelente periodismo y documentación"

Spiritually Naked Radio

Spiritually Naked Radio on the BBS Network.

Wilbur at WHUT TV.jpg

Wilbur Allen at WHUT TV (click to Enter)

James A Porter Colloquium

Howard University James A. Porter Colloquium, the creation of Dr. Floyd W. Coleman. Howard University does not

support its own events, and has not paid me for the creation of this body of work? Academically, they're 10 years

behind the curve, and will take you to a bill collector regardless of the fact they can't pay for what they asked me

to create? It is not academically enriched, and its advised that you not send your children or give money to this

apathetic (Obama) institution. This body of work was created entirely by Wilbur Allen without Howard University

assistance, or technology (which they do not have).

Dr. Wilbur G. Allen, PhD (Advanced Imaging Systems)

Wilbur Allen on Discovery

Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet: Primetime December 30th and 31st 2013: Check local listings for

viewing times*Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/Discovery Science/American Heroes Channels (click

to Enter)

Warner Brothers Discovery

I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Warner Brothers Discovery's Animal Planet/

Discovery Science/American Heroes (click to Enter)

This version of Uncovering Aliens is enhanced with actual HD digital footage. It may not be advisable for children*

Sunday 12-15-2013 @ 11 PM EST on Animal Planet

The timeline is reversed. My current data is at the top of the page, and time flows backwards. The actual beginning

is all the way at the bottom of this page, in the film category. My initial captures are film (RMOS) based technology.

RMOS (retired) was my film lab technology which used low voltage radiation to process color film. This work is the

direct result of Alien contact in the UK as a child.

Wilbur Allen National Geographic


Wilbur Allen, Engineering: Air Force One/The White House

High Definition Motion PIcture Technology

This is a scientific study. There is no religious value associated to this work. It is based on

physical evidence (HD photography). US Military photographic training. My Father was PMEL (USAF)

Supportive discussions by Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14). My lectures with Dr. Mitchell can be found below.

Welcome CMT/MTV/BBC/Discovery/Tom Arnold/Huffington Post/CBS News Washington/Fox News.

The Weather Channel: UFO.

This evening with Scott Pelley B UFOdc

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley 9-29-2016

wmnight UFOdc

wmnight UFOdc

NASA Apollo 14 Mission Footag EVA 1 UFO Pairs and Band of Light SM SDM

NASA Apollo 14 Mission Footage EVA 1 UFO Pairs and Band of Light SM SDM (Ultra HD Remaster)


Hyper-Hyper Full Color Night Vision


Full Color Night Vision at the Motion Picture level: 60 FPS with unlimited shutter speeds and optical depth (ISO 3.9



NIght Vision as a new standard in Broadcast and Motion Picture production

Welcome to the New Era in Motion Picture Imaging..

FIR_4174 c.jpg

Hyper Full Spectrum Infrared 760nm (UV glass in widows generated the extreme mirror effect)

FLIR UFM_4166b.jpg

Hyper FLIR

FIR_5440b3 HU.jpg

Hyper IR

FIR_5440b2 LR.jpg

Hyper IR Super Blue


My Big Redneck Vacation: Wilbur ALLEN AREA 51 Redneck Expedition

Thank you, again; WUSA 9 News (CBS News, Washington)

Timeline generally starts at the top of each chapter. As the sample progresses downwards,

we reach the beginning chapters, and my 35 mm film UFO research 2002-2008. However; all

samples on the study, are Nikon HD 35 mm full frame digital, starting with Nikon D700, July 28,

2008 Video image processing and analysis using AVID Media Compose 7 and Boris Fx BCC 8.2

64 Bit technology. This research is built on Advanced Technology

Avid Media Composer 6.5

AVID Media Composer 8.8.1 64 Bit Digital Editing


Boris Fx BCC 11

India/China UFO

China/India UFO Match* based on comparative analysis. Click on image to enter forensically authenticated Green UFO

UFO Denver 11-08-2012. This Denver reports are a match to what I have been reporting for the past 2 years, in DC.

The events described in Denver, are matched by events imaged on video, at the Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona 4-2013.

Please go to the POLITICO chapter for this extraordinary update. is a Professional Research and Production organization.

I use advanced imaging technology developed by Nikon. To my associates, however; I defer queries regarding other

technology*. For that, I use Dr. Bruce Maccabee, whom in part, is responsible for the work presented in this research

sample. Scientific Professionals

Our associates include esteemed Astronauts, NASA Scientist, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and others.

Using Nikon advanced terrestrial (D4/D4S/D5) NASA grade*

scan technology to analyze the skies, I am able to see what the human eye does not. Capturing a fraction of a

second sequentially, in a series of frames, using high definition optical technology. I forensically show the validity

of each documented sample. Windows 10 64 Bit supporting software/AVID/Adobe/Autodesk/Sony.

Access to videos in some chapters requires a subscription to UFOdc Wilbur Allen YouTube HD Premium channel*

YouTube User ID: uqTPV--riy8EYrLGSo26fg YouTube channel, has video analysis and supportive data relative to each sample, if applicable.

Please subscribe to this extraordinary UFO Forensic Files YouTube Channel ($3.99). Files are closed to Non

Subscribers. (click to Enter)

Channel updates daily depending on the weather channel*

UFOdc on the Weather Channel (TBA)

If there are UFO's, I will find them. We will come to You. Let us capture your UFOs! Based on funding*

Contact us:

*NASA uses D3S Nikon onboard the Space Station. UFOdc uses D4-D4S** Nikon on Earth

**D4S with wireless telemetry

Nikon Cameras USA

Thank You Nikon NPS

Nikon Professional Services USA

Sedona 4-05-2013 Findings will appear in

the Sedona chapter below. What I imaged can only be described as Extraordinary! It's also imaged in Idaho 2013**

We Are Not Alone!

Pocatello, Idaho 7-2013* Please go to Sedona Chapter for this extraordinary match**

Washington Monument 2-14-2011

Washington Monument 2-14-2011, The basis of Analysis*

This 2011 sample is reflected in this work. Taken by an automated U.S. Park Service video camera.

How ironic, that this anomaly would be a significant contributor to this study.


UFO Sudden Manifestation/Sudden Dematerialization. I'm documenting events which show airborne objects

(UFOs), suddenly appear into the image frame and or disappear from the image frame, explaining how objects

suddenly appear on Radar, and then a short time later, suddenly disappear without a trace.! My examples

clearly illustrate the conditions in which these objects enter into our airspace, undetected until manifestation

5-04-2014 UFO Beam of Light Entry Analysis

into that designated airspace. I say designated because they enter at will, and generally in an area where

Non-relative conditions exists (Vortex's/spatial/portals). These know areas of non relative conditions

have yet to be defined by scientific analysis. However; this portal/vortex is spatially located directly

above the cameras constant POV location.

I must also point out the fact that I have imaged essentially the same object(s) encountered in AREA 51

in 2012, in every location I imaged the skies. With the start of an event known to have begun in the

desert of AREA 51 Groom Lake, I can show through examples, the very object(s) imaged in AREA 51

now over my home nightly.

However; geographically 7 blocks from the White House, the frequency of samples indicates a strong extraterrestrial

presence in our AirSpace. I would be correct to say that there may indeed be extraterrestrial bases, right in front of

our noses. (click to Enter)

The White House on UFOs 2013

The Obama Administration stance on UFO's (click to Enter)

NBC News

NBC News

1952 US Capitol UFO Flyby Film Analysis

(click to Enter)

1952 US Capitol UFO Flyby Film Analysis . In 1952 from an optional vantage point, an individual with a 16 mm Bolex

camera filmed the UFO flyby @ the US Capitol. In the 360 frames of analysis materials, 358 axial corrections had to

be made for drift associated to being "hand held". It is an impossibility that this footage is an animation.

5-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Flyby SOUND analysis Complete

(click to Enter)

5-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Flyby SOUND analysis Complete. I've never heard anything quite like this? My only

description is "Terminator Time Sphere" meets "Ultraviolet Bug Zapper", when insects fry upon contact with

electrodes. (Forensic sample). 100% match to the objects that flew by the US Capitol Building Dome July 16, 1952.

Jason Hawes.jpg

Jason Hawes: Ghost Hunters interview with Wilbur Allen on 12-28-2015 11:00 PM Eastern

(click to Enter)

Washington DC: Cylinders

Connecting the dots: AREA 51 NV/Sedona AZ/ Shreveport La, all showing the same things.

Washington DC UFO

Washington DC UFO are most extraordinary! (Click to enter) Chapter Updates daily! (click to Enter)

7 Blocks from The White House. I now have Proof that these are UFO's going too or Dropping

Out of WARP (4-09-2014 UFO @ WARP) This chapter represents state of the art Full Color

60 FPS (Frames Per Second) Night Vision Technology. All analysis rendered in AVID/Boris Fx

Technology. (***Weather permitting)

Enter Washington DC Chapter

Washington DC UFO is now it's own chapter (Click on image to enter chapter) On a nightly basis after completion

of an expedition into AREA 51, I have been imaging UFO's which are initially referenced and documented in AREA 51,

over my Home. Note this sample and the sample imaged in Shreveport while filming for "My Big Redneck Vacation"

Country Music Television.

1-06-2016 UFO Sphere Cylinder SM WARP SDM Analysis 3 IR .jpg

1-06-2016 UFO Sphere Cylinder SM WARP SDM Analysis 3 IR

Shreveport LA UFO's (Cylinder) CMT (click to Enter)

Shreveport Cylinder UFO

Shreveport LA UFO's (Cylinder*) Click on image to enter. (click to Enter)

Enter Washington DC Chapter

*This frame is the begriming to what is being imaged nightly, over my home, 7 blocks from the White House.

Sedona Arizona UFO's 10-26-2012*/4-07-2013

(CMT/BBC/Discovery) Cylinder

10-26-2012 are full frame digital still samples, 4-07-2013 Nikon HD Video is used.

My research is now founded on HD video samples, as seen on my Youtube channel

Sedona Arizona 4-10-2013

Sedona AZ Starfield

Sedona Arizona UFO

Enter Washington DC Chapter

Sedona Arizona UFO (click to Enter)

Sedona Arizona UFO were most extraordinary. This sample shows a UFO dematerialize as it warped out.

First HD Video examples of UFO Sudden Manifestation and Dematerialization from Sedona Airspace.

AREA 51 Groom Lake Nevada (CMT) UFO


AREA 51 Groom Lake UFO

AREA 51 UFO imaged from remote POV Groom Lake 10-2012 (click to Enter)

Enter Washington DC Chapter

Indianapolis UFO 2013/2014

Tornado Alley: Twisted Believers

Indianapolis UFO

UFOdc and The Weather Channel, We are now live on the Weather Channel. Check your local listings

for air time: "Tornado Alley" (click to Enter)

The Weather Channel

Richmond Virginia

Richmond Paranormal and Ken Ballos Rip

The examination of Paranormal/UFO events (ISO 102400/204800): The Edgewood Plantation

(click to Enter)

Richmond Paranormal and Ken Ballos Rip

8-13-2014 UFO Cylinder Green tail WARP Analysis

New Jersey UFO Paranormal Consciousness

Conference 2014: Wilbur Allen & Jaime Maussan (click to Enter)

UFO Wormhole entry.jpg

Einstein Rosen Bridge Wormholes: ET Portals

to Earth and Beyond (click to Enter)

Proof was but a matter of time, and I documented how ET enters and exits our realm. An analysis

and study initially implemented onboard MIR International Space Station in 1990.

History Channel

Apollo Missions UFO's (Green UFO) &

The US Capitol Building (Introduction)

The basis of the US Capitol Green UFO Research

Apollo 7 green sphere leaving Earths atmosphere 1968

Apollo 7 Green Fireball UFO 1968

This sample shows without doubt, the exact anomaly encountered at the US Capitol Building July 16, 2002, however in Space as

imaged by Apollo 7, in Earths orbit. This sample indicates that NASA had knowledge of this anomaly in 1968* The anomaly is a 100%

match to that which was captured at the US Capitol Building July 16, 2002 using Nikon HD Film/Digital technology.

Apollo 11-US Capitol UFO Comparative Analysis

Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11: Click on sample.

Imaged outside the Command Module by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during Apollo 11 in 1969

US Capitol/Apollo 11 Green UFO Comparative Analysis (2002/1969). This comparative analysis implies

100% consistency with that which I imaged at the US Capitol Building on July 16, 2002. Interestingly,

the Apollo 11 sample, which is 16 mm motion picture film, is also 100% consistent with the US Capitol

UFO anomalies, imaged too HD 35 mm film, and scanned to digital via direct film scan technology. The

forensic comparative analysis, based on physical examination of "like" image samples submitted from

various locations around the World and in Outer Space by NASA JPL Apollo Moon Program Files. We Are

Not Alone!

*UFO anomalies imaged 4-08/13/14/15/16/17-2012 @ 1/8000th of a second*

Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Will Allen 11:00-12:30 PM Today*

Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Moon Landing Apollo 14) Apollo 14 Launch and Lunar Landing

Apollo 14

Apollo 14 liftoff and landing, ground mission footage lunar surface: Click on Image above*

For those that were there, you were all treated! How kind of Edgar to answer all your questions. Thank you Dr. Edgar Mitchell

for your time and friendship. Thank you most of all for being there.. W

My associate Dr. Edgar Mitchell and I lectured on abstract realities which

I have sectioned off, below. To doubt the validity of this UFO Forensic research sample, is to doubt

the credibility of those astronauts represented in my research. Here's too those that said to me that

NOBODY would confirm my data! Nobody would be relegated to those small minds unable to process the

Unknown. Small minds have big mouths, and a big mouth says Nothing! I say that the samples are

forensically consistent with the images taken onto film July 16, 2002 at the US Capitol Building. To further

the validity of the imaged samples, I defer to NUFORC July 20, 2002 @ the US Capitol Building

Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Alien Wormhole technology

Highlights of our lecture included discussion of Alien Wormhole Technology:

Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Plasma based Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

Alien Plasma based spacecraft technology:

Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Green Fireball UFO

My lecture is most conclusive, and based on forensic physical evidence:

Buzz Aldrin Wilbur Allen

Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong photographed Green anomalies outside the Command Module

during Apollo 11. After assembling the facts, one can safely conclude my samples are far from

"Lens Flares", as believed by the unenlightened.

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July 16, 1952

An interview with a witness to the 1952 UFO Flyby at the US Capitol* 2012. His recorded statements confirmed

my forensic presentation, which has not been widely accepted by doubters incapable of accepting the truth.

2012 On my way home from a New Years Party at Lincoln on Thomas Circle, I noticed 2 luminous orange objects

flying against the wind* Supportive physical evidence based on HD samples in a comparative analysis* I also question

the negative comments on my Amazon page in regard to this work and "lack of physical evidence" as insinuated by those

who's sole purpose is to hold you in the lie that you live.* The fact of the matter, based on the physical samples:

We are Not Alone. You may continue to regard this work as bogus; your stupidity will be your downfall.

Dr. UFO's Great UFO/ET PARA/META Congress

Dr. UFO's Great UFO/ET PARA/META Congress

Conference 2012 and Ted Phillips*-Alan Hynek associate (RIP 2020)

Note the Orange UFO Objects in Ted's presentation, match the anomalies encountered in Mount Vernon New York by

Melvin Harris July 4, 2008, and in Baltimore Maryland, August 3, 2008

2 luminous orange anomalies imaged using 10 mm Fisheye @ 12,800 ISO. Object flew against the wind slowly and were

100% silent* (Continued) with physical samples.

The 4th of July @ The Washington Monument

Electrical Storm Cloaked UFO anomalies (HD close proximity samples)

The return of the cloaked and vectoring anomalies.

Transformer UFO Updated HD Video

This site is active*. The links are supportive data, some of which may require membership (Facebook HD Video)

and UFOwga You-Tube HD channel

© WG Allen VAu000621288

Will Allen UFO

*UFO Color Texture Bitmaps for Motion Pictures Special Effects and 3D Game Development

UFO Color Technology for 3D: Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps ETCTBmp

I Cannot give you the meaning too that which is unknown. I can however show (Forensics), facts
relevant to the events I experienced in the creation of this work.

Thank you: Stephen W. Hawking

Thank you: Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Albert Einstein

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”
-Albert Einstein

Lee Spiegel

Lee Speigel: Huffington Post

Coast to Coast with George Noory featuring Wilbur Allen

Thank you George Noory & AM Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast with George Noory featuring Wilbur Allen

Wilbur Allen: AM Coast to Coast April 10, 2012

AM Coast to Coast April 10, 2012


Fox News 5 and UFO Expert Will Allen

Will Allen: Fox 5 News

Baltic Ocean UFO

Baltic Ocean anomaly slid to rest, upon entering the water with some velocity

The samples in this research study are extraordinary forensic samples, based on comparative analysis

Fox News Radio with Alan Colmes

Fox News Radio/Alan Colmes: UFO expert Wilbur Allen Fox News Radio © Fox News 2010

Fox News Radio: © Fox News 2010

I have been experiencing some rather extraordinary events and objects* (UFO).

First I can safely say that I am being monitored by unknown advanced technology. I am documenting objects

which are repeating anomalies of the past. The US Capitol UFOs from 1952, 2002, The Orange UFO and Teardrop

Mothership from Baltimore 2008 (Orange Objects) imaged again, in 2011.

However the extreme events show a cloaked disc saucer and translucent Orange anomaly which force a stationary mounted

camera too move from a locked position:, and
A cloaked disc, illuminated by the back light of a lightening storm, fly through and make a 90 degree turn!
These objects are parking in front of me and my home.

***UFO's at the Washington Monument July 4, 2011***

NASA and private image samples*, Florida October 2010* The Florida samples are the icing on the cake.

On July 4 & 16, 2002, I documented airborne anomalies in Restricted Airspace P-53 (P-51 referenced in this sample*).

I am clueless too the origins or agenda's of these objects; however, I can show you physical samples supportive of

reports posted by secondary witnesses (NUFORC) web reports database. Reports are relative too: Time, Date, and

Location of events.

I am not here to tell you stories, I simply show the facts. Regardless if you acknowledge my data, the facts remain

there are some that feel this level of information dangerous too society. The facts of the matter are left to your

interpretations. However; I have attempted to be as thorough as possible in assembling a forensic map and perspectives

of these anomalies. The facts of the matter are presented in this comparative analysis. There are many samples of

UFO and USO anomalies, on HD Film and HD 1080 I Digital* (The Worlds first HD Digital UFO samples in close

proximity) 8-03-2008 Baltimore Maryland (NUFORC/NASA authenticated*)

*NUFORC NASA samples are image and written reports based on location and time of physical samples, NASA

Shuttle Missions files image data* 1991

4-02-2011 UFO Upper Marlboro Maryland, outside of Andrews AFB*. Anomaly is similar too that which was imaged

July 4, 2010*

4-06-2011 in the air above my home, I imaged a luminous Green anomaly (during daylight hours) along with

the "White Winged Anomalies like those imaged with models during a fashion shoot* (Micro/Macro UFO Anomaly HD). An

Orange anomaly consistent with August 3, 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland.

4-07-2011 I imaged a pair of luminous spheres, exactly as those which buzzed the US Capitol Dome in 1952,

5-22-2011 Luminous Blue Sphere Anomaly @ 1/8000th of a second in daylight

5-30-2011 and earlier 5-22-2011 UFO HD image samples updated

June started off with a Bang! From June 1 -3, each day, has provided an extraordinary sample! Chapters updated

will have update dates indicated upon open.

Buzz Aldrin  Apollo 11

Buzz Aldrin reports of Green UFOs outside of Apollo 11 Spacecraft

This physical confirmation by the crew of Apollo 11 of the validity and authenticity of my physical documentation

July 16, 2002 at the US Capitol Building P-53 Restricted Airspace

ufo forensic files

HD RGB Analysis of Green Sphere UFO Anomaly and the After Effects of Alien Contact

HD VIdeo Analysis

First Contact TV

UFO Forensic Files I-Pad e-Book(s)

UFO Forensic Files on Demand:

US Capityol Building  July 16, 2002

UFO Forensic Files: HD Film (35 mm @ 64 Bit HD)/HD Digital @ 1080 P (64 Bit sample)

Lower US Senate Park, The US Capitol Building: July 16, 2002 @ 01:30 AM

The basis of my research are film samples captured in 2002, however; I am now HD Digital and the samples

are captured in multiple sequential frames*

UFO at the US Capitol Building 2012* You must see this footage*

11-12-2010 UFO Samples New Jersey* Updated visual files*, comparative analysis of DC/NJ UFO Anomalies

11-28-2010 UFO Samples: Washington DC*


The many faces of ET:

Unicus Radio Hour with Robert Stanley

Unicus Radio Hour with Robert Stanley

 August 24, 2011,

Green anomaly 2011

2011 sam360web.jpg



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Library of Congress, US Capitol Division Copyright Office
This work cannot be used, in any way, without written permission.*

National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic

Wilbur Allen NGM Gallery 2

Lower US Senate Park/Apollo 7-Apollo 11

Apollo 17 NASA JPL Files

US Capitol UFO was encountered in Space by Apollo 7 and Apollo 11

US Capitol UFO's. Initially imaged in close proximity July 16, 2002 on 35 mm film

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US Capitol UFO Anomalies July 16, 2002

Forensic documentation of a "Close Encounter of the 1st through 4th Kind"

Lower US Senate Park/Peru 2007/ Oklahoma-Washington DC 2010 samples

Lead right spherein formation of 4 at the US Capitol Building July 16, 2002

© VAu000621288

The After Effects of an Alien Encounter

 Forensic documentation of a "Close Encounter of the 1st through 4th Kind"

Lower US Senate Park/Peru 2007/ Oklahoma-Washington DC 2010 samples

The Reflection Pool, US Capitol July 16, 2002

Frame 2 of 2 taken from POV US Capitol Reflection Pool

Note the Green & red streaks at the rear of the park, the USO and UFOs in motion. These could

not possibly be due too refraction or distortion attributed to ground based lights. This is further

documentation of the UFO landings at the US Capitol Building July 16, 2002 (July 16, 1952*)

(35 mm film)


The US Capitol Reflection Pool July 16, 2002 (Wilbur Allen/Stanton Friedman/Richard Dolan)

The US Capitol HD samples/Micro anomalies Infrared/HD/Stanton Friedman/Peter Robbins/Richard Dolan

Micro Sphere UFO's 11-2002/2008

Object discharged from US Capitol UFO Anomaly , imsged 4 months later on DC street

Micro UFO spheres are believed to have been discharged by objects @ the US Capitol Building

(35 mm film)


Micro UFO Anomalies Barney and Betty Hill: The Betty Hill samples*1961/Cydonia Mars HD

On November 11, 2002 I encountered Micro UFOs. I believe they were discharged from the

anomaly I encountered in Lower Senate Park. July 4 & 26 2002/Apollo 16 Moon Anomalies


The Washington Monument UFO's (4th of July)

 Washington Monument scan showing flight trajectory of aircraft on takeoff vector from Reagan National Airport, Washington DC 11-30-2012 NGM reference file*

Washington Monument scan showing flight trajectory of aircraft on takeoff vector from Reagan National Airport,

Washington DC 11-30-2012. 85 mm F 1.8 Perspective using 100 ISO and 30 second exposure.

July 4, 2010 UFO Event @ The Washington Monument is the second imaged by me at this location*

July 4, 2011 UFO Event @ The Washington Monument is the third imaged by me at this Location*

July 4, 2011 UFO Event @ The Washington Monument There were 2 objects in the air*, Cloaked. One

Washington Monument UFOs (HD Digital UFO Encounters)

July 4, 2011 @ The Washington Monument * (HD Video).My Fourth Encounter at this location

Washington Monument UFO


frame with 2 luminous spheres imaged before the start of the show* (Inside). July 4, 2013 had

No unusual (UFO) activities recorded in this current video sequence.

Comparative Analysis July 4, 2002 @ The Washington Monument

July 4, 2010 Full Analysis*!/video/video.php?v=404645309194 Video of 7-04-2010 UFO*

UFO's @ The Washington Monument, July 4, 2010. 1140 frames were taken from a stationary platform at the base of the Monument.

In 1 frame were 2 luminous anomalies. They appear in this single frame, at the same altitude but different locations in the sky.

Samples featured on MSNBC (NBC) below*


NBC Washington DC

WRC NBC News Washington DC


NBC News:Wilbur Allen© NBC News 2010 (Click image to Enter MSNBC)

Lighting Storm UFO Anomaly

Lighting Storm UFO Anomaly 3(6-22-2012)

June 20, 2010: During a thunder storm, a single luminous anomaly exited an electrically charged cloud, Video:*!/video/video.php?v=401222009194 *

Dr. Alfred Webre


UFOs imaged at 1/8000th of a second

UFO imaged @ 1/8000th of a second, in a sequence of images taken 5-28-2011.

Enhanced and additional image samples inside* this POLITICO Chapter



Printed Version* Hyper Velocity (1/8000th of a second) UFO's

Politico: © Politico 2010

Micro/Macro UFO Anomaly HD

Sphere Anomaly with wings

Micro/Macro UFO Anomaly HD Updated* 5-30-2011


Micro/Macro UFO Anomaly HD

A most spectacular micro/macro UFO anomaly imaged 6-10-2010 and 7-01-2010 in Washington DC (HD forensic samples)

Super Model Rissa Richards in white dress*!/album.php?aid=188106&id=783309194

Multiple documentation of this luminous white winged anomaly, sampled @ 1/8000th of a second*

Updated samples from New Jersey which match imaged anomalies from this session

All images © WG Allen VAu000621288 Registered Intellectual Properties

AVID technology

Media Composer 6.5

 July 20, 2010: I imaged a slow moving UFO pulse through the sky, then fire an energy beam which extended from it"!/video/video.php?v=409874839194

Plasma Beam UFO: Dr. Bruce Maccabee

7-20-2010 UFO Anomaly over the White House

July 20, 2010 HD composite of 10 frames taken in sequence.

In the sample are red and blue spheres which moved in tandem. There was also another anomaly,

considered Non Corporeal, being pursued by a Red anomaly as the luminous object discharges a

plasma beam. Analysis by Dr. Bruce Maccabee

Video created from imaged samples


Note the echoes (red and blue) all match. The anomalies flew in tandem*

July 20, 2010 UFO Anomaly

10 frame composite of UFO Anomaly imaged July 20, 2010 (Analysis: Dr. Bruce Maccabee)!/video/video.php?v=411229034194!/album.php?aid=185795&id=783309194

Unicus Radio Hour with Robert Stanley

Unicus Radio Hour with Robert Stanley

Jaime Maussan

Jaime Maussan and Alfred Webre:

Alfred  Webre

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Baltimore Maryland/Mount Vernon NY 8-2008

8-03-2008 Baltimore Maryland

Mount Vernon, New York (Melvin Harris) July 4, 2008 and Baltimore, Maryland (Wilbur Allen)

August 3, 2008. Both samples match.

Orange Vectoring Anomaly:

Addition Digital sample obtained 2010. MUFON

Additional imaged sample 4-07-2011 during Daylight hours


HD 1080 i UFO Files

The Worlds First HD 1080 i UFO samples: Baltimore Maryland. This extraordinary sample shows

the Mothership imaged at high warp* over the skies of Baltimore 08-03-08


Transformer morphing UFO anomaly

Whatever it was, it changed shapes constantly while being imaged at a constant shutter speed

(1/80th of a sec)



Storms and UFOs

Storms and UFOs

Click on image to enter chapter

1952-2010 US Capitol UFO's HD Analysis

1952 -2012 UFO analysis

Analysis of 1950-52, and objects 2002-2017 @ the US Capitol Building (35 mm film)

Please rent the download to this film


1952-2010 US Capitol UFO's HD Analysis

HD 1080 Samples obtained in 2010 show these 1952 anomalies have not gone away. I am imaging the same

anomalies except now they are at hypervelocity. Imaged @ 1/8000th of a second and still blurs..

My film was trashed by Howard University*. HU is corrupt and criminal. Do not send your children there!

UFO Films/Systems

  Motion PIctures Special Effects 


UFO Colors: ETCTBmp

UFO Extraction Colors: Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps (RMOS) Applied to 3D UFO creation in HD environment

The byproducts of HD UFO samples: Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmap materials applicable too 2.5-3D Applications

Mike Pataki. The byproducts of Direct ET Contact.

UFO Event Timeline: NUFORC

UFO Colors

Sampled Extraterrestrial Color Texture Bitmaps for 3D Motion Pictures Special Effects and 3D Game


BorisFx visual effects

UFO Colors: Motion PIctures Special Effects and 3D Game Development/Boris Fx-AVID

64 Bit Color Texture Bitmap Applications in Static and Motion file formats, extracted

from the Worlds Best UFO images. 2D, 2.5D, 3D applicable HD UFO bitmap materials.

We will also feature custom color textures from Established Artist*.

*Established Gallery Artist.

Video Analysis UFOwga


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UFO Forensic Files on

UFO forensic Files

UFO Forensic Files



UFO Forensic Files DVD on Well before the USS Nimitz, (2002), the USAF encountered "Blue

Tic Tac" anomaly near Andrews AFB, in Maryland.

Peter Woronoff (RIP)

by Peter Woronoff,A.T.R, B.C. (Author),  Karin Marcattilio (Author),  W. G. Allen (Illustrator),  Pat Marcattilio (Introduction)

Peter Woronoff: Alien Abduction Therapy on (Rest in Peace Dear friend)

(Book cover designed by

SW Hawking

Thank you Stephen Hawking

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, my associate, LEM Pilot Apollo 14

Thank you: Dr. Edgar Mitchell

MOM, Lina Germain Lutz Allen 11-21-32/9-27-2020

On 9-27-2020 My Loving Mother Lina Germaine Allen went Home to the Lord. She was my Best Friend and loyal

supporter of my work and research. Rest in Peace Dear Mother.. You will always be Alive in my Heart. Wilbur

9-27-2020 11:50 AM

To My Loving Mother which parted Earth on this Day.

Nikon USA/Japan


Avid Media Composer 6.5

AVID Media Composer 2019 64 Bit Digital Editing



My Big Redneck Vacation

My Big Redneck Vacation

Bens Chili Bowl DC 2013

Ben's Chili Bowl

Implant 2

3D Restorative and 24 Hour Emergency Dentistry: Dr. Larry F. McNair DDS

DR. Larry F. McNair DDS.

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The 27th James A Porter Colloquium on African American Art

The 27th James A. Porter Colloquium on African American Art: Produced by Wilbur Allen (Ph.D.) & Olivia Drake (Ph.D.)

Howard University Department of Art. This production is filmed entirely using existing light. With nocturnal lens

and high ISO, I was able to record the entire event in the conditions in which it was produced. Using 3dsmax2016,

ProTools 11 (Audio components), and AVID Media Composer 7.0.4. All files mastered DNxHD145 Avid Workflow.

This is an Educational Tool and has been produced for Educational purposes.

The James A. Porter Colloquium on African American Art is the creation of Dr. Floyd W. Coleman

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Green Fireball UFO


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